The onion sets are removed at the end of August with yellow leaves. After collecting the onion set, the first thing to do is to sort it out, remove the rotten bulbs or sprouted.
Leave the bow with tops dried on sun . After that, dried leaves are carefully cut away
Onions need to dry for three weeks with heating instruments at different temperatures. The first week to dry onions at a temperature of 20 degrees. The second is 30 degrees. The third is 35 degrees. Such thorough drying will protect the onion set from diseases and rotting.
Sort the onions into different boxes, wrap them in newspaper or canvas bags.
Store in a dark, cool place at a temperature of 16-18 degrees.
Sort the onion set once in month. Throw dry or rotten bulbs. If stored properly, the bow will be perfectly preserved and will not let the arrow go in the spring.
If the onion set is less than one centimeter in diameter, it will be quite difficult to save it. But he will winter very well in the soil and in the spring will give early shoots. Such small onions can be stored in an unheated room at a temperature of 0 to +5 degrees and an air humidity of 85%. With such storage, losses will be minimal.
Violation of the temperature regime can lead to early rifle bulbs. It is good to store onion sets in the refrigerator at a temperature of 1-3 degrees. With this storage, before planting, be sure to warm the onion at a temperature of 20-25 degrees for 20 days.