How to take a smear from the urethra in men: preparation and algorithm of the procedure, how to avoid discomfort

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How to take a smear from the urethra in men: preparation and algorithm of the procedure, how to avoid discomfort

We’ll figure out how to take a smear from the urethra in men. Usually it acts as a mandatory diagnostic procedure for conducting a quality check of the state of health. In the event that the patient feels a series of changes in his own behavior, this study will certainly help establish the causes.

What helps to identify the analysis?

A smear on the urethra flora in men allows you to establish the following information :

  • The general condition of the microflora, in what quantitative ratio these or other elements are.
  • Establishment of factors for the development of a pathogenic, inflammatory and purulent process, which usually occurs due to the multiplication of bacteria and harmful microscopic organisms in.
  • The presence of inflammatory processes.
  • The development of a sexually transmitted disease or the presence of a pathogen.
  • The appearance of fungal and viral infections.
how to take a smear from the urethra in men

Preparation for the study

Immediately before taking a smear from the urethra in men, preparation should be carried out in a mandatory okay. It is advisable to refrain from sexual contact for two days. On the evening before, you are required to take a shower. And in the morning before analysis, do not urinate for at least two hours. The fact is that urine is washed off the microflora from the surface of the urethra along with pathogenic microorganisms and cells. Within a few hours, their number increases again, and in the urethra, a sufficient amount of secretion is accumulated, which is necessary to take the material for analysis. Next, find out how this procedure goes.

Algorithm for conducting

How is a smear taken from the urethra in men? Immediately before taking the biomaterial, the doctor will ask the patient to complete the toilet of the genitals of the external organs. That is, using water and soap to clean excess microflora from the surface of the penis head. Next, the genitals are wiped with sterile saline and dried with a napkin. From now on, microscopic organisms should not get into the biomaterial from the skin surface.

Special tool

Men take a smear from the urethra using a special tool that is carefully inserted into the urethra, usually at a distance of only a few centimeters. A pair of rotational movements allows the probe to collect a sufficient amount of biomaterial for the study. As indicated in the laboratory rules, the movements must be gentle, but at the same time intense enough.

male urethral swab hurts to write

How is it taken smear in men from the urethra, it is better to find out in advance. The probe is carefully removed, and the resulting secret is applied to a clean glass slide. In this form, the substance is sent to the laboratory. In the event that the analysis is taken for genital infections, the collected material is placed in a sterile special container with a transport medium. Many, before passing an analysis, are interested in whether it is painful for men to do a smear from the urethra. During the procedure, according to the patients themselves, the feeling is not very pleasant, but bearable. It depends largely on the doctor’s qualifications, on the instruments used, and also on the intensity of inflammation in the urethra. Naturally, in the presence of urethritis, men will be much more painful compared to a routine examination, since the mucous membrane will already be damaged.

What should you be prepared for?

After taking a smear from the urethra for men for several days, there may be discomfort during urination, ranging from burning and mild discomfort to severe pain. When taking the substance on the mucosa, irritation occurs. When urine enters these microscopic gaps, discomfort appears. Because of this, some try to drink less in order to visit the toilet less often, but this is not the right strategy. The more concentrated urine is formed, the more it irritates the mucous membrane. After taking a smear from the urethra, men should take pain medication and drink plenty of water along with a decoction of chamomile or kidney tea. If there is severe pain during urination, you should take a warm bath. In general, it is better to check with a doctor how to take a smear from the urethra for men.

What are the indications for prescribing such a procedure?

Often, a smear from the urethra must be taken as a preventative measure, as well as for male health examinations. In addition, when there are disorders in the functioning of the genitourinary system, then the biomaterial is most likely to help find the cause of the development of the corresponding symptoms. The main symptoms for this analysis include the following symptoms:

  • The occurrence of itching and intense burning in the genitourinary system.
  • The presence of pain during sexual contact with a partner or ureter emptying.
  • The appearance of uncharacteristic discharge from the urethra.
  • The appearance of an allergic rash on the genitals.
  • Periodic formation of pain without the influence of irritating factors.

If it hurts a man to write, a smear from the urethra must be passed sure.

smear on the urethral flora in men

What the study shows: interpreting the results

Finally, when the worst behind, it remains only to determine the results. For a general smear test, a study of the analysis takes about three days. During this period, the material is delivered to the laboratory, stained and examined under a microscope. The results usually indicate the total number of epithelial cells along with leukocytes, mucus, cocci, as well as any detected foreign cells.


These indicators are considered normal:

  • White blood cells from zero to five in sight.
  • Epithelial cells from five to ten.
  • Moderate mucus.
  • Trichomonas with gonococci are absent.

An increase in the number of white blood cells, as well as epithelium in combination with the appearance of eosinophils, red blood cells and an increase in the amount of mucus indicates -inflammatory reaction. The presence of gonococcus, trichomonas, yeast elements, any other bacteria, as well as intracellular parasites, are signs of the disease. But it should be remembered that only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis and interpret the results correctly.

taking a urethral swab from men

Analysis for latent infections

Such a study is faster. On average, the result is prepared two working days. But if it is positive, then the biomaterial can be delayed in order to conduct a verification control test. Normal pathogens of hidden diseases should be absent. In the event that any study is positive, the doctor may advise taking a repeat analysis with a quantitative method. That is, this not only reveals the presence of microbes, but also determines their number.

If the doctor recommends a man make a smear for a latent infection, the list will look something like this: gonococci, trichomonads, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, herpes simplex virus, as well as cytomegalovirus. After a urological examination, the doctor will be able to narrow this list or, conversely, add other infections there.

It is worth noting that for men, taking a smear from the urethra is an unpleasant, but necessary part of the diagnosis of urological pathologies and infections. Only a smear helps doctors make a diagnosis by identifying hidden diseases and finding treatment. And in order to make this study as painless as possible, it will be enough to choose a qualified doctor and a modern laboratory.

Is it possible to completely make a smear from the urethra in men?

male urethral swab preparation

Sensations after the procedure

Immediately after a smear from the urethra, most men may experience some discomfort and pain. Itching along with tingling, heaviness in the lower abdomen can intensify with urination. Patients feel a similar state during the application of antiseptic drugs to the wound, as well as in case of mechanical damage to the wounded area.

If the microflora is normal, it is usually painful for men to write only the first three times after the procedure, and during some days discomfort disappears. In some examples, additional symptoms may be observed, which, of course, should alert. This includes, in particular:

  • The appearance of yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor.
  • The appearance of purulent fluid.
  • Feeling of incomplete emptying of the bubble.
  • It hurts to write, walk or sit.
  • The discomfort intensifies so much that it can’t be tolerated.
  • The unpleasant sensation does not go away for several days after taking a smear from the urethra in men. The pain can be of different intensities.

Causes of unpleasant sensations

If, after examining the urethra, a man is painful to write for a long time, then he must definitely consult a doctor. Often, pain with discomfort occurs due to the following factors:

  • Contact with a foreign body (that is, an instrument). The fact is that the mucous membrane of the male organ is very sensitive, so it is very easy to injure it. In particular, severe pain after such a procedure is present if there is an inflammatory process.
  • Sexual arousal. It is worth noting that with an erection, the urethra is significantly stretched, in connection with this, after manipulating the biomaterial, this natural process (sexual intercourse) causes pain.
  • The appearance of irritation. It also hurts due to urination of the penis, because urine serves as a strong provocateur of the mucosa (especially damaged by microscopic cracks).

In addition to the above reasons, pain as a result of analysis from the urethra and the time of such manipulation can occur against the background of:

  • Disorders of microflora, the presence of microscopic organisms that damage the mucosa.
  • Excessive sensitivity of the organ channel (acts exclusively as an individual feature of each man).
  • The appearance of injuries of the urethral canal that occurred before the procedure.
  • Hyperemia.
how is a smear taken for men from the urethra

How can I avoid unpleasant sensations?

So, how can I get a smear from the urethra for a man and not feel pain at the same time? To avoid discomfort after the analysis, doctors recommend that you adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Monitor urinary frequency. As a rule, the first trip to the toilet after delivery of the biomaterial should take place no later than thirty-forty-five minutes. The pains while holding this process will only increase.
  • Urination must be correct. First, a man should release only a small portion of urine (we are talking about a few drops). Then, having suffered a wave of discomfort, completely empty the bladder.
  • Good hygiene. It is worth noting that genitals should be washed at least once a day. At the same time, doctors are allowed to use only hypoallergenic products that are intended for washing, or laundry soap along with herbal infusions (for example, chamomile, thyme).
  • Wearing free underwear made from natural fabric and without dyes.
  • Abstinence from sexual intercourse for at least a week after appropriate medical manipulations. In order to avoid pain, it is best to avoid sexual arousal, including.
  • Compliance with a sparing diet. It is worth recalling that alcohol must be excluded from the human diet along with fried, spicy and fatty foods, spices, smoked and sour.


Thus, we examined how to take a smear from the urethra in men. To identify a number of infectious pathologies that occur in the urinary system, often doctors have to take a smear for research. According to statistics, men experience great discomfort during this procedure, and in many situations it can also be painful to go to the toilet over the next few days.

In addition, the fence of a urological smear is one of the analyzes surrounded by myths. Instead of directly asking the urologist, men are interested in each other, sharing their impressions on various forums, asking for advice from friends and even among strangers. In fact, it is better to immediately consult a doctor who will reassure distrustful patients and explain the rules for performing the study. Nevertheless, no matter how unpleasant this analysis may be, it should be understood that it is necessary for examining and maintaining men's health.



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