How to take vitamins

22.04.2020 Medicine
How to take vitamins

There is a widespread opinion that you should drink a course of vitamins at least twice a year: in the spring and in the fall. However, this point of view, according to doctors, is not entirely true. It is important to take into account all the individual characteristics of a person, the state of health in general, before you start drinking vitamin complexes. Therefore, it is not recommended to prescribe vitamins for yourself. You must first get a consultation with a doctor, undergo an examination to determine exactly what vitamins in the body are not enough and how much they need to be taken. As a rule, a deficiency of certain vitamins is detected after a blood test.

Vitamins are not always safe and do not always bring only health benefits. With excessive use of vitamin complexes, there is a threat of developing hypervitaminosis or an allergic reaction. In this case, the immune system will suffer, overall health will worsen. In addition, a number of vitamins are poorly combined with drugs and dietary supplements in the form of mineral complexes. For example, doctors do not recommend drinking vitamin B12 along with medicines for hypertension or cancer.

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Selecting a suitable vitamin complex, first you need to carefully study the instructions for the drug. And then strictly follow the recommendations in it. On the other hand, doctors strongly recommend that you do not take a daily dose of vitamins at a time. It is better to divide it into two stages: drink a half in the morning at breakfast, take the rest during lunch or dinner. In this case, vitamins in the body will be absorbed better.

It should be borne in mind that not every vitamin can be taken on an empty stomach. So, for example, tablets that contain vitamin C can provoke severe heartburn, pain in the stomach, negatively affect digestion and cause nausea. Similar undesirable effects provoke and vitamins from group B, taken on an empty stomach. Therefore, you need to take vitamins either at the same time as a suitable meal, or after at least a small snack.

Carefully drink vitamin complexes that contain vitamins E, D, A. They must be taken in combination with products in which eat fat. Then these vitamins will dissolve and assimilate better. It is also worth noting that vitamins E, D, A are not excreted from the human body, but accumulate gradually. Therefore, they can not be abused. With excessive amounts, they become harmful and dangerous, turning into toxic substances and worsening well-being.

If the tablets of the selected vitamin complex do not involve resorption or chewing, they should be washed down with plenty of clean drinking water. It is not recommended to drink vitamins, like most other medicines or dietary supplements, tea, coffee, sodas, and so on.


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