You will need
  • - antibiotics;
  • - prescription drugs.
First, you need to determine the cause of the inflammation of the lymph nodes. This will require the consultation of a doctor who will carefully examine the child , will assign all kinds of analyzes and x-ray of chest . Please note that you cannot warm the glands before going to the doctor, this can lead to suppuration or infection.
Often, a more thorough laboratory examination is required, for this the doctor with a special needle takes part of the tissue of the inflamed lymph node and sends it for examination. This procedure is short-lived and painless, as it is done using local anesthesia . Based on the results of the tests, the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment.
Often the lymph nodes in the armpit area become inflamed in the child, this may be due to injury to the skin in the shoulders and arms. The most common cause of inflammation of the gland is cat scratches, which become the gateway to infection. Treat the scratch immediately with iodine or brilliant green. Soon the node will decrease in size and the pain will stop.
If the baby’s lymphadenitis started as a result of infection, antibiotics will be effective, which should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor and under his strict supervision (observe the dosage and do not self-medicate). Thanks to antibiotics, the glands return to their normal sizes in the shortest possible time, blood counts improve, soreness goes away.
In case of inflammation, feed the baby through force in large portions, let's take a little. A balanced and healthy diet is very important for recovery. If necessary, offer soft foods (cereals and mashed potatoes). Make sure your child is drinking enough fluids.