How to treat prostate adenoma without surgery: the most effective methods and drugs

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How to treat prostate adenoma without surgery: the most effective methods and drugs

In the article we will consider how to treat prostate adenoma. What is this pathology? Prostate adenoma is a benign tumor process in the prostate gland due to age-related hormonal changes in the body. During the development of the disease, the function of urination is impaired or may stop.

About pathology

Many men with this diagnosis are scared by the prospect of surgery. They are interested in all the possibilities of treating this disease without surgery. Conservative therapy of prostate adenoma with medications and traditional medicine is possible if a person has a degree 1 ailment. In the presence of 2 degrees of the disease, there are frequent cases when the operation can not be dispensed with. When diagnosing a prostate adenoma of the third degree, the tumor must be removed. This is the only opportunity to return to a full life for a man. The doctor will tell you how to treat prostatitis and prostate adenoma to a particular patient.

how to treat prostate adenoma in men folk

Regardless of what the patient chose - be treated with drugs or alternative methods - he should get advice from a urologist. With regular examinations, you can evaluate the progress of the therapy process. Also, the doctor will monitor whether prostate cancer has developed, because this pathology and adenoma often have the same symptoms. So, how to treat prostate adenoma glands with drugs?


The doctor prescribes complex therapy aimed not only at eliminating the manifestations of prostate adenoma, but also at getting rid of the inflammation itself. At the initial stages, with prolonged use of medications, positive dynamics are ensured, while a chronic disease without surgery can no longer be treated. If urination is impaired and progressive prostatitis is detected, then the doctor determines the names of drugs and daily dosages strictly individually. How to treat prostate adenoma with medications, it is important to find out in advance.

Use of alpha-blockers

This pharmacological group provides a painless outflow of urine, since the tone of smooth muscles in the bladder is reduced . At the initial stage of prostate disease, such conservative treatment methods normalize the process of urination, the elasticity of this organ increases, and inflammation and hypertrophy of the walls decrease.

how to treat prostatitis and prostate adenoma

If pronounced swelling of the prostate tissue is observed, medications are prescribed from the group of alpha-blockers of the type:

  • "Terazosin", which can be found on sale in the form of tablets. The daily dosage should gradually increase. The active components expand the veins and blood vessels, stagnation is prevented in the pelvic organs. The course of therapy lasts 2-3 weeks.
  • "Alfuzosin." Also available in tablets. The drug is taken for a course of 2-3 weeks (1 pill of 10 mg per day, or 5 mg 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.)

Still how to treat prostate adenoma with medication?

Anticholinergic drugs

They are considered effective agents, and alpha blockers can be taken against their background. Their therapeutic effect is that they block the increased effect of acetylcholine on the smooth muscles of the bladder. In this way, the hyperactive state of the organ is controlled.

In the presence of acute attacks, the following drugs are prescribed:

  • "Prostilen." The medicine normalizes the processes of microcirculation in the tissues, increased swelling decreases, and a bacteriostatic effect occurs. On sale, you can find rectal suppositories, which are administered 1 candle in the anus. The course of treatment is up to two weeks.
  • Atropine injection. Derived belladonna, it helps to fight pain, well, muscle tension in the bladder decreases, swelling of the tissues goes away. Injections are administered intramuscularly in the mornings and evenings, the dosage is negotiated individually.
how to treat prostate adenoma with onion peel

Hormonal drugs

Hormone therapy is appropriate for a complex clinical picture, an imbalance of hormones and purulent secretions, and malfunctions of the endocrine system. It is recommended to take 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors for a long time with individual correction of daily dosages.

Below we’ll talk about effective hormonal drugs like:

  • "Oxyprogesterone", which provides stabilization of the level of hormones of the prostate gland. The medication is administered intramuscularly, 1 injection per day with a course of five injections.
  • "Finasteride." The drug blocks the process of conversion into the active form of testosterone, as a result of which the endometrium ceases to be so active and undesirable to grow. The course of therapy is up to six months, the daily dosage is determined individually.

How to treat prostate adenoma with drugs that are of herbal origin?

Herbal medicines

When choosing reliable medicines for such an ailment as prostate adenoma, many patients prefer herbal medicine. Such drugs have a stable therapeutic effect. The plant components have practically no contraindications, and the risk of adverse reactions of the body is reduced to nothing. In this case, the pharmacological properties of the selected medication are not reduced. The most effective adenoma medicines should be considered:

  • "Raveron." On sale, you can find suspensions and tablets for internal use. The drug is prescribed at an early stage of the pathology, and the natural components in the form of an extract from the livestock prostate are responsible for ensuring the therapeutic effect. The therapy is continued for several weeks, the dosages are individual.
  • Oral tablets "Speman", they contain nine active ingredients that successfully relieve a man of prostate adenoma. Perhaps the development of a side effect - an allergic reaction. The daily dosage is 2 tablets inside twice or thrice a day.
prostate adenoma how to treat with medication

Below tell you how to treat prostate adenoma in men with folk remedies.

Traditional recipes for the treatment of adenoma

The treasury of traditional medicine recipes can be considered priceless. Along with the prescribed medications, many men use them for adenomas. Consider the most popular ones below.


This remedy can be found in everyone’s house. Therapy of prostate adenoma with soda implies its use inside and out, in the format of baths. Wellness procedures are as follows:

  • One teaspoon of young birch leaves or buds, pour 250 ml of boiling water, warm for 20 minutes.
  • Then the broth is filtered, a pinch of soda is added .
  • The drug is better to drink before meals, four times a day.

And we give one more recipe: 1 tablespoon of soda and 1 teaspoon of iodine are added to a liter of cooled boiled water, everything is stirred and poured into a container of hot water. The bath is taken for 20 minutes.

Propolis therapy

As in the old days they treated prostate adenoma? For this, propolis was used. This is a useful beekeeping product that positively affects the health of the whole organism. If there is no individual intolerance to this substance, you can start with the help of such a unique natural medicine the fight against male disease.

Alcohol tincture is prepared and used according to the recipe: 10 g of propolis is crushed, alcohol is added in an amount of 100 ml. Shake the liquid thoroughly for half an hour. Insist on a dark shelf for 3 days, then shake, place for 2 hours in a refrigerator and filter. They use it for 20 days as follows: take 15 drops of tincture and 50 ml of water, mix it, and drink it 3 times a day 10 minutes before eating. Take a break for 15 days, then repeat the course.

To successfully remove the painful symptoms of prostate adenoma, men can use ready-made suppositories with propolis. They are purchased in a pharmacy or independently made in such a simple way:

  1. Grind 10 g of propolis and pour it with 30 ml of alcohol.
  2. Leave the mixture for 10 days in a dark place, mix daily .
  3. Next, the alcohol is evaporated over a fire until a light brown mass is obtained.
  4. Heat the resulting mass in a water bath with 150 g of cocoa butter or butter until a homogeneous consistency. When it cools down, roll up 10 candles.
  5. Each candle is wrapped in foil and stored in the refrigerator.

New suppositories are made after the previous ones are used, it is not worth long storage admit. You need to apply one suppository before bedtime, inserting the drug into the anus. Such a course of therapy is continued for 1 month. Then take a break for 2 months. Therapeutic measures are repeated 2-3 times. Using this popular method, inflammation is relieved and exacerbation of the disease is prevented.

how to treat prostate adenoma without surgery

How else to treat prostate adenoma without surgery ?

Dead bees will help in the fight against the disease. You can prepare a decoction according to this recipe: put 0.5 l of water on the fire, into which dried insect bodies are added (2 tbsp. L.). After boiling, the death is boiled over low heat, then filtered. The product can be stored for no more than 10 days in the refrigerator. A broth is taken orally 3 times a day before meals, 1 tbsp. spoon, you can eat 1 teaspoon of honey. The therapy lasts 1.5 months, after a break (for 30 days) the course is repeated twice more.

How to treat prostate adenoma with onion husks? To prepare the broth, you will need 1 liter of hot boiled water and a glass of chopped onion husk. The mixture is boiled on fire for an hour. Then she wraps herself up and insists. A remedy of 50 ml is used after each meal. Treatment lasts 30 days. Next, take a break in two weeks, then the therapy can be repeated.

Herbal treatment

Various medicinal herbs are used as medicines for prostate adenoma. Below are recipes:

  • Parsley seeds (4 teaspoons), which are ground into powder, pour hot water, filter the infusion after 20 minutes. Take four times a day for 1 tbsp. l funds a quarter of an hour before meals. The treatment lasts 3 months.
  • For two months (if desired, longer) they drink Ivan-tea twice a day.
  • Three times a day you can take boiled nettle leaves.
  • Eat freshly squeezed celery juice 2 teaspoons three times a day before meals.
as in the old days treated prostate adenoma

Celandine application

How to treat prostate adenoma at home is interesting for many patients. Therapy involves the use of celandine, which is able to slow down the development of the tumor. It is important to remember that the daily dose should never be exceeded - in large quantities it is toxic. The infusion is prepared in such a quick way: 1 tablespoon of celandine is poured with a glass of boiling water, it is best to insist in a thermos, and strain after four hours. Take the drug for 20 days for 1 tbsp. l in the morning and in the evening. We looked at how to treat prostate adenoma.



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