When choosing an avocado, make sure that its peel is clean, without dark spots and damage. A solid avocado is not ripe, but in a couple of days it will ripen if you place it, for example, on the windowsill.

You can make a lot of tasty and healthy dishes from avocados. When using fruit in its raw form - for example, for salads, it must be prepared. To do this, cut the fruit along the bone, take it out, prying it with a spoon, then peel it and cut into slices.

To prepare a simple salad, in addition to the avocado fruit, you need half the onion, a few lettuce leaves, 100 grams of cheese , 100 grams of cherry tomato, lemon, 6 tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Cut the onions into thin strips, feta cheese and tomatoes - in cubes, chop the salad. Mix all the ingredients and season with lemon juice.

To prepare other dishes with avocado, you must prepare the fruit in the same way. Sprinkle the flesh of the fruit with lemon juice so that it does not change color. To keep it longer, keep the avocado in the refrigerator.

Eating avocados seriously reduces the risk of heart disease. In terms of energy value, this fruit is much superior to meat and eggs.