As miniature bread makers for the house were introduced, many housewives thought about the quality and variety of the baked bread for their family, because the store version is often far from ideal. Facilitates the process of baking homemade bread and the fact that all the necessary ingredients can be purchased today. Although the most traditional products are used for bread: flour, water, yeast and salt, you can try cooking more healthy rye bread with malt .

What is malt and why is it needed

Malt is obtained by grinding germinated cereal grains. Most often from rye and barley. Barley is used for making beer, and rye is used for baking bread. Rye malt is fermented and non-fermented. The first is distinguished by a red tint, and the second is light yellow. To get one and the other, the grain languishes in water from 4 to 6 days, after which it is either immediately dried and grinded (unfermented), or else heated at a temperature of 50 oC for several days, and then it is also dried and crushed. The result is fermented malt of a dark brown color. It is such a dark malt that is present in all traditional recipes making rye and rye-wheat bread. It gives the bread a natural dark color and a specific flavor. Light malt also finds application in baking . It is used for saccharification of tea leaves, which improves the quality of flour. Malt activates the fermentation process, gives the dough splendor, elasticity and increases the shelf life of the finished product. Attractive rosy crust with a "lively" shine is also a merit of malt. In addition, it has all the nutritional qualities of sprouted grains, which means it is good for the human body.

How to use malt for baking bread

Malt is produced in the form of syrup and powder. Fermented rye malt is added at the rate of 30-35 grams per 700 grams of flour as part of other ingredients in dry form. However, you can use another method of its application - pre-brewing. To do this, pour the indicated amount of malt with boiling water, wait for it to cool to room temperature and only then pour the contents into a container for bread maker . Fermented red malt is used to bake Borodino bread, amateur, custard. It also appears in the recipe of wheat varieties: tea, Karelian- Finnish . Light malt is used to make Riga bread. In big cities, you can find ready-made malt flour for sale. The use of malt at home for baking bread does not require special skills, but not every flour reacts to its addition properly. The result is a very coarse crumb due to a change in the gelatinization of flour with soft gluten. Durum wheat flour requires an increase in the amount of malt. Typically, the recipes attached to the bread maker indicate the required amount of malt for baking a particular type of bread. On average, the recommended rate ranges from 1.5–2% of the volume of flour. Liquid malt concentrate can be taken 1-3%. True, there is a difficulty in acquiring it, since it is a seasonal product (summer). But you can stock up for future use, because the shelf life is 1 year. If the recipe requires the use of a liquid extract, it is quite possible to replace it with dry malt, but still brew it first.