How to use MoDo-king enuresis alarm clock

14.04.2020 Medicine
How to use MoDo-king enuresis alarm clock

Why do I need an enuresis alarm clock

As a rule, night troubles occur because that the child cannot wake up in time, and often this problem is solved by timely awakening. An enuresis alarm clock is designed to develop a conditioned reflex to waking up when you want to use the toilet at night, i.e. it is needed in order to wake the child at the moment when he begins to write.

How to use the MoDo-king enuresis alarm clock

MoDo enuresis alarm clock -king is very easy to use:

  1. Put the cuff with the alarm clock on the child’s hand, and put the wire over the child’s back so that it doesn’t interfere. You can put the cuff of the alarm clock on the toy with which the child is sleeping. In this case, the wire will not bother, but it may be difficult to feel the vibration of the alarm when it is triggered.
  2. Attach the alarm sensor to your panties as close to the urine source as possible, but so that it is comfortable for sleeping.
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How the MoDo-king enuresis alarm clock works

The principle of the MoDo-king enuresis alarm clock is as follows. While the panties are dry, the sensor contacts are open and the alarm clock is silent. When the panties even get a little wet (just one drop) in the place where the sensor is located, the electric circuit closes, and the alarm starts to vibrate, beep and glow at the same time. This is the maximum possible number of impacts, and as a result, the child wakes up. The alarm will stop emitting signals when the sensor contacts open. Gradually (in 30-90 days) a conditioned reflex “I want to wake up writing” is developed, and the child stops writing when he sleeps.

Sometimes there are “malfunctions” in the work, and the sensor is triggered (or does not work) false. This happens when, for example, drops of sweat appear at the sensor attachment site, and it triggers falsely. And it happens that a child pisses past the sensor in this case, the bed and underpants will be wet, and since everything is dry in the sensor, the alarm does not work.

Effectiveness of using the MoDo-king enuresis alarm

To use the enuresis alarm to give the desired result, it is extremely important that the child himself very much wants to get rid of the night problems, and had a strong desire to wake up, to go to the toilet on time. If the child doesn’t care whether he is wet or not, as a rule, nothing happens, and the child simply earns himself a chronic lack of sleep. Therefore, before using an enuresis alarm, make sure that the child himself needs it very much.

It happens that the child has a weak motivation for nightly waking up in the toilet, then he can be helped in this way . In the morning after the “wet night”, reward the child with something pleasant. It is desirable that this was not another sticker in the magazine (which, incidentally, can also be given), but the desired prize, which gives joy. It is also very important that the reward is immediate, and the reward is permanent. This is necessary for the brain to realize the event for which a reward is given, as very important. Some time will pass, and the brain will establish a connection: “wet night” is an event worthy of attention. Do not worry if, against the backdrop of the award, the child begins to regret the “dry nights”, continue to reward him as before. When the brain pays attention to “wet nights”, their number will begin to decrease, and the child’s desire to wake up dry will become more stable. This is a good moment to start using the MoDo-king enuresis alarm clock and complete the solution.


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