You will need
  • Pay attention to specialized tools for skin care of various textures and dressing. Be careful: compositions intended for cleaning products from smooth leather cannot be used for suede, nubuck and other textures.
If you decide to clean your skin at home, we You will need: a skin cleaner (can be found in various stores at various manufacturers), impregnation, conditioner or ordinary glycerin. Before proceeding with the procedure, choose a comfortable well-lit place in the apartment. Use only clean sponges and soft tissues. Put a little cleaner on the product’s turnover and check the composition . If no reaction follows, continue boldly. Follow the instructions. As a rule, the remnants of the product after rubbing must be removed from the surface with a soft cloth.
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Cannot get out in store - do not despair. Here are some tips for cleaning leather products improvised means. sleeves faded , places on your knees are worn out? Rub them with fresh orange peel. Need to clean a thin leather product? Mix turpentine with milk at the rate of 1: 1, treat with this composition first the most contaminated places, then the entire product. But if patches of suede coat are covered up, milk with soda will help (1 teaspoon of soda per glass). Wipe the problem area with this solution, wait for drying and use a rough brush to revitalize the natural pile.
Cleaning leather products requires careful attention and attention. Never wet the product in water or dry in front of aggressive heat sources. This will lead to wrinkling and coarsening of the canvas. And remember that it’s much easier to treat the new leather item with glycerin before use than to fight for its restoration after rain and snow.
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