Spain is deservedly famous for its traditional technologies for growing and processing olives, so one of the most fertile provinces of this country, Seville, was chosen for the production of Ideal oil. Here a special kind of olives ripens, from which a truly unique oil is produced with a characteristic soft bitterness. Today, like thousands of years ago, oil is produced by cold pressing, without the addition of preservatives or impurities. Real olive oil is produced in several stages: collecting and storing olives, grinding the fruits into a homogeneous mass, kneading and pressing. The final process is the separation of oil from water in a special centrifuge. Olive oil is created by experienced experts. Thanks to their enthusiasm and sincere attitude to their work, Ideal oil gets to your table of the highest quality.

Produced taking into account the many years of experience passed down from generation to generation and using the best modern technologies, Ideal olive oil will give anyone I have a Mediterranean “sound”, making them not only tasty, but also healthy.

Sea breeze, clean air, bright sunshine and delicious food are memories of the summer in every drop of Ideal olive oil.

About Ideal

The IDEAL brand is launched by Bunge, a leading agribusiness and food company founded in 1818.

Ideal vegetable oil has been on the Russian market since 1994. Today, as 10 years ago, the IDEAL brand tries to follow the desires of its customers and offers only proven, high-quality products. The IDEAL range includes sunflower and olive oils.

IDEAL sunflower is a rich history oil. It began to be imported to Russia from Argentina more than 10 years ago.

Since 2008, IDEAL oil production technology that fully complies with the international standard has been successfully replicated at the Bunge plant in Voronezh, so IDEAL is now produced in Russia. Due to the constantly high quality of oil, stylish packaging, as well as the international history of the brand, IDEAL is the most popular brand of sunflower oil in the premium segment (according to Ipsos research agency for 2012).

IDEAL olive -This is oil born in Spain. This country is famous for its olive groves that go beyond the horizon, in which ripe juicy fruits grow. The highest quality IDEAL olive oil is obtained from these fruits.

Ideal olive oil, imported from Spain, is obtained from selected olives exclusively by mechanical pressing.