Interior doors “Status”: customer reviews

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Interior doors “Status”: customer reviews

In any living room, interior doors are an integral part. In the market of interior doors today there are many original design and engineering solutions. The most important thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of the organization producing the canvas. In order to maintain its market niche, each company must meet a huge number of requirements. The Status company is one of the young organizations that sells its customers high-quality and modern products. In this review, we will look at what Status doors mean, customer reviews about them and product advantages.

About the company

Despite the small experience in the market, the manufacturer of interior doors "Status" has at its disposal a high-quality material and technical base. One of the main secrets of the company's success is a professional team. Thanks to the creativity and experience of employees, Status doors receive only positive reviews. They have a high degree of strength, excellent quality and modern appearance. Products are very popular among customers.


Company Status regularly analyzes the consumer market. In addition, specialists try not to miss a single fashion trend and follow the latest innovations in the field of new materials and methods of processing. The company is focused on flagships in the field of technical solutions, so the Status doors only get the best customer reviews.

If it is necessary to improve the technological process, the company is required to study the demand of other manufacturers and, based on this information, makes a decision on the feasibility of modernizing the production. This feature is justified by the manufacturer’s desire to produce high-quality doors of various price ranges.

Materials used

Let's dwell on this aspect in more detail. What are the "Status" interior doors made of? Customer reviews confirm the high quality of products sold. When creating interior doors, the company's engineers take into account all the necessary key characteristics that the design must have.

The main requirements for the doors are:

  • resistance to deformation processes;
  • resistance to changes in temperature and humidity;
  • low weight of the frame;
  • environmental friendliness.

To achieve all the stated indicators, in production The method of combined door manufacturing is used. The principle of this method consists in gluing several layers of high quality wood obtained from a solid wood mass using PVA glue. The use of this particular composition is due to the reliability and high level of safety compared to modern polymers.

In the manufacture of paintings, Angora pine can also be used as a starting material. A distinctive feature of this type of wood is the uniform distribution of fibers over the entire surface. In addition, lumber of this breed demonstrate high strength properties.

Structural elements

doors status in the interior

Which can there be status doors? Customer reviews of the company confirm that in the assortment of the manufacturer there are not only deaf canvases. Here you can also find quite interesting designs decorated with various decorative elements.

So, for example, the manufacturer uses:

  • glass;
  • MDF boards;
  • eco-veneer;
  • polymer-containing film.

Let's take a closer look at some of these elements.


This aspect should be given special importance. In the production of interior doors "Status" high-quality Belgian glass "Lacobel" is used, which has not only excellent aesthetic characteristics, but also high strength. In the process of manufacturing door leafs, lacquered or frosted glass inserts can be used. When preparing glasses, one side is painted with a varnish-based coating. This processing method allows you to achieve various color effects. After painting, an operation such as hardening is performed. It consists in heating the element to a temperature of 670 degrees Celsius. Under the influence of high temperatures, the varnish penetrates deep into the product, several times while strengthening the glass. One of the advantages of this procedure is to ensure a high degree of product safety. Glass tempered in this way will not crack or crack.

Some models of interior doors "Status" use glass inserts of increased strength. They have a thickness of 8 mm. For their production, special hardening is used. Glass processed in this way is able to withstand the fall of the cannonball from a height of 1.5 meters.

MDF boards

In the manufacture of Status doors, only proven high-quality materials are used. The main suppliers of the company are PlitSpichProm and Lesplitinvest. All products manufactured by these manufacturers are subject to certification and quality control. The MDF materials used in the manufacture of Status doors meet all international requirements.


doors status from oak

In the manufacture of Status doors, reliable materials from the German brand Kleiberit are used. The choice of this manufacturer is based on the quality of its products. Confirm the uniqueness of the doors "Status" customer reviews. These adhesives also have a certificate of quality. A great advantage is also the absence of harmful substances in their composition.

Manufacturer Kleiberit has received widespread recognition around the world, so the company's management and its employees monitor the maintenance of reputation. All products glued using these compounds have high durability and strength.

Polymer film

This material also ensures the durability and safety of the appearance of interior doors. Due to its unique composition, polymer coating helps protect products from direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to this, the Status doors do not fade in the sun. To apply a protective coating on the door, special equipment is used. As a result, the web is protected from changes in temperature and humidity.


Let's look at what its peculiarity is. Another type of material that is used to decorate door leafs is eco-veneer. It is made on the basis of polypropylene. Thanks to the special technology of preparing the material, a door leaf is ultimately obtained, which is almost identical to wood in terms of visual and tactile sensations. Such a coating also naturally reflects rays of light.


door status nut

Let's dwell on this aspect more in detail. Of great importance in creating a harmonious interior is the choice of doors. Due to the wide range of products from the manufacturer "Status", it is very easy to find the right solution. The most popular lineups among buyers are:

  • Doors "Status Optima": reviews on these designs confirm their highest quality. Models in this line are equipped with satin glass.
  • Doors "Status Version": suitable for fans of minimalism style. Products have a strict appearance. The fittings and finishes come in a wide range of variations.
  • Futura Collection: Offers an ultra-modern look. A large number of glass elements are used in the design of these products.
  • Trend Collection: includes door leafs, most of which are glass panels. Such products are perfect if you want to bring the maximum amount of light into the room.
  • Collection "Classic": has strict outlines and elegant fittings. Such canvases easily fit into the interior in a classic style.


What other features do the doors of the Status Dors have? Reviews often emphasize such a useful feature of products as telescopic frames. Due to the presence of these elements, the door leaf can be mounted in any opening. In the manufacture of platbands, the thickness of the adjacent walls must be taken into account. A telescopic surface is assembled from several extensions. After that, the baseboard and other finishes can be installed.

Entrance doors

entrance doors status

Why do consumers stop your choice is on them? Let's talk about this in more detail. In addition to interior structures, the company also produces status doors. Customer reviews of this product confirm its excellent quality. The product is characterized by a high degree of strength. In addition, these doors are characterized by excellent characteristics of sound and heat insulation. These models also have excellent aesthetic characteristics, and are suitable for installation both in a private house and in a city apartment. Many buyers also note excellent value for money.


Status company products have excellent appearance and high performance. Despite the fact that the company has only been working in the door manufacturing market for several years, it has already managed to achieve good results. The brand is constantly being improved and offers its customers new solutions, whether it is an interior or front door. Customer reviews and trust are the best evidence of a high level of production. Properly structured pricing policy and the breakdown of all products into lines helps the buyer to choose the ideal option for themselves.



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