Is it worth saving a marriage for a child? Help Center for Family and Children

02.09.2019 Love, Marriage
Is it worth saving a marriage for a child? Help Center for Family and Children

Is it worth saving a marriage for the sake of a child? It is generally accepted that the divorce of parents negatively affects children. Of course, it is common for a child to suffer when mom and dad stop living together. But the worst situation is when the children grow up in an unfavorable environment, where the conflicts and quarrels of parents become commonplace.

Together or separately

Opinions on whether to keep marriage for the sake of the child are divided . Some believe that children need to live with mom and dad, no matter what happens. The rest are of the opinion that unfavorable relations in the family negatively affect the child and may form his misconception about family life.

Unfavorable situation in the family

In life, there are various situations where spouses have to divorce. However, children are not always happy with this outcome. Almost every child wants his mom and dad to be together. And absolutely all children want to grow up in a full-fledged family.

Possible problems with divorce

Many have to endure for the sake of each other's children. Of course, it’s good for children to live in a family where understanding and harmony reigns. If parents regularly curse, then the child will feel miserable. In children, the strained relationship between mom and dad causes enormous stress, which can have a negative impact on their development.

I live with my husband for the sake of the child

As a result, most parents decide that it’s time to get a divorce. The child most often remains with his mother. And the man does not fulfill his paternal role in raising joint children. And if it does, then not to the full extent. The role of mother is very significant in the life of every child, but without a dad it is quite difficult to raise a real man from a boy. Unfortunately, a woman cannot always cope with such a difficult task.

It is common for some parents to divorce a child against each other after a divorce. In such a situation, it is very a pity for children who, not wanting to do so, become judges of their parents.

Decide on the preservation of the marriage

Many men sometimes have to live with an unloved child. Unfortunately, children are unplanned, but they should not suffer because of this. Parents who decide to maintain a marriage bond should understand that this is a serious job. To begin with, it is necessary to establish relations between spouses. And only after that there will be an opportunity to raise a child harmoniously.

According to the life stories of various families, it is much easier to maintain real relationships than to build new ones. The new family will need to do the same work in order to build a full-fledged relationship with a new husband or wife. And if you fail to do it again, there will be a big risk of repeating everything again.

I live with my husband for the sake of the child

Often women cling to the fragments of the fragile happiness of marriage. And often children are the main link in this process.

Mom with a child

Women most often try to save a marriage for the following reasons:

  1. Financial dependence on spouse.
  2. Fear of being alone with children.
  3. Hope that relations can be restored.
  4. Fear of being guilty in the eyes of a daughter and son for failing to save the family.
  5. Subconscious choice of the role of the victim.
  6. Search for reasons so that everyone leave as before.

Often spouses forget that there is no one guilty in a relationship. This is solely a “merit” of both parties.

A child as a cover

Preserving a marriage for the sake of children is sometimes just an excuse to cover up your unwillingness to divorce your spouse. In such a situation, a woman should understand the true reasons for her desire to save her family. Sometimes the fair sex does not want to lose their comfort zone. In addition, there is a fear of loneliness. As a result, the cover of the child leads to the path of the victim, and then to a standstill.

Unfortunately, the continuation of relations between spouses in further may negatively affect children. A woman in an emotional impulse can reproach the child for sacrificing her happiness for him. And the worst thing is that she herself begins to believe in it.

Torture for children

Is it worth saving a marriage for the sake of a child? Psychologists say that children are very difficult to endure regular quarrels and conflicts in the family, as well as problems that are hushed up under the fake smiles of parents. Babies, like teenagers, have a very subtle sense of pretense and deception.

Often children tend to feel guilty because for the quarrels of mom and dad. For this reason, children are inherently locked in themselves. Often they become nervous and irritable.

The value of marriage for a child

Is it worth living with a husband for the sake of a child? It is very important for children to realize that they have a mom and dad. The stamp in the passport for them plays a secondary role. The child should feel that his parents love him and take part in his life with pleasure.

In most full-fledged families, children see their dad exclusively on weekends, since most of the time he disappears in the office and works. This means that he is not always aware of the lives of children and their interests.

When the family is on the verge of a divorce, interest in the child’s life becomes less. Therefore, sometimes it happens that divorce can make a difference. But only if parents can competently agree on further participation in the baby’s life.

Happy parents raise happy children

Is it worth saving a marriage for the sake of the child? It is not only about children when the question is about relations between spouses. In no case should you get divorced with minor difficulties that can arise in almost all respects. A person should come to such a decision deliberately and only if he is absolutely sure that he did everything to save the marriage. This is the only chance to save what has been built for so long.

An atmosphere of love and joy in a family teaches a child to be happy person and create positive around you. Of course, there are certain types of temperament, but the ability to rejoice is a skill.

Looking at the unfortunate mom and dad, it is common for a child to adopt their mood. In the future, a child who grew up in such a family will accept unhappiness as an absolute norm, and will also look for reasons for this condition.

How to decide to divorce her husband

Of course, decide Divorce is very difficult, even if there are many reasons for this. Before making such a responsible decision, a woman should:

  1. Think carefully about whether the reasons are really good for a divorce. If the problem lies in the accumulated domestic moments, grievances, or the appearance of attraction to another man, then time is needed in order not to "break firewood." But if a woman has been considering this decision for a long time, and living together with her husband has become a nightmare, then it is probably better to leave.
  2. Visit a family psychologist. Try to tell him everything that bothers you. An experienced specialist will help not only solve your problems, but also give practical advice regarding a possible divorce from your husband.
  3. Do not neglect the advice of an experienced lawyer. It is important to prepare for all the possible difficulties that may arise during the execution of the divorce proceedings.
  4. Discuss your decision with your husband. Explain in detail to him all the reasons that contributed to the emergence of a decision on divorce. Try to disperse peacefully, since you have common children, so you will often see and intersect.
  5. Talk with relatives and friends. Gain their understanding and support, which is so necessary for a woman divorcing her husband.
  6. Before considering information about how to decide on a divorce from her husband, you should build your plans for the future. To survive the breakup, it is desirable that the woman represent all the consequences. It is necessary to clearly work out a picture of what you will do, with whom to communicate and whose help you can count on. Do not be afraid of problems, because even from the most difficult situation there is always a way out.
  7. Remember that there is always a chance to be happy

You can save your family

Together for the sake of the children? Some marriages can be saved, and not only because the family has a child. Many couples have to go through a period of crisis in relationships. And if you do not solve the arising problems and issues in time, then they will become an obstacle to a long and joint life. Until the situation has gone too far, you can find a lot of options for resuscitating relationships.

Upset baby

Psychologist's advice on preserving the family:

  1. Over time, the spouses cease to see each other another person. Over time, the arrangement of everyday life, the solution of current issues, the second half begins to be considered from the perspective of: obligated. A man should take part in raising children, make money and help. The wife must have time to clean, cook, deal with the child and look good. For some time, lovers begin to forget about the existence of common interests and hobbies. It is human nature to experience, rejoice and be sad, and this seems insignificant to the second half. In such a situation, it is very important to realize in time that there is a person next to you with his interests, feelings and joys. It is this approach that will help to save the family in a similar situation.
  2. The ability to talk among themselves both on professional and family topics. No emotions or grievances should interfere with your conversations. You should start a conversation with words such as: “I,” “me,” “me,” etc. You should not immediately demand a response from a partner at the beginning of a conversation. Of course, this is quite difficult, but the result is worth it.
  3. Over time, spouses may accumulate irritation in relation to each other. Try to analyze the human qualities that your spouse lacks. Then remember all the positive qualities for which you fell in love with him. Over time, we tend to stop noticing the good. It is very important to compliment your soulmate as often as possible. Help each other, and the weather in your house will clear up.
  4. If you are sure that you will not be able to cope with problems on your own, then perhaps you should contact a family psychologist for help. This is not a big deal if you are really determined to save your family.

Family and Children Support Center

Everyone, regardless of their position in society or material status, can need psychological help. As practice shows, people tend to look at each other through the prism of emotions, therefore, to solve some problems, a side view is very important. In case of family conflicts, the family and children assistance center can provide serious psychological support. It is a specialist in this field who will help to look at the situation from a different angle and find a solution even when the parties no longer count on reconciliation.

Most people find it very difficult to overcome stress after a divorce. You can discuss all exciting issues with a psychologist and get professional help.

Sometimes children are very affected by negativity in the family. For this reason, difficulties in their upbringing may be observed. The psychologist of the center will be able to help mom in raising children and understanding their behavior. Do not let the situation go by its own accord, and do not try to change everything yourself when this fails for a long time.

Do not be negative about the psychologist. This is not a doctor who will diagnose you. The psychologist will evaluate your situation from the outside and give useful tips for resolving absolutely any problems and conflict situations.