Lack of ejaculation in men: causes and form of the disease

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Lack of ejaculation in men: causes and form of the disease

In this article, we consider the reasons for the lack of ejaculation in men.

It is believed that good lovers are able to stretch sexual intercourse so that the partner is given the opportunity to get orgasm before. But it also happens that in men, sexual contact is delayed not at all due to special skill, but due to certain physiological problems. We will talk about what kind of difficulties this is and about the absence of ejaculation.

What ejaculation is considered normal?

In sexology, a factor such as delayed sexual contact or even the inability of a man to finish sexual intercourse. In this case, it lasts longer than the partners would like, and it causes discomfort to both.

no ejaculation

Before moving on to the review causes of prolonged sexual intercourse, you need to determine what its duration can be considered normal. Some sources say that the time of intimacy is normal, which allows you to get an orgasm for both a woman and a man. But this is not a completely correct statement, because in this case many other factors are involved.

For example, women for various reasons may not experience an orgasm. Gynecologists believe that normal sexual contact should last from nine to eleven minutes. At the same time, urologists converge on a duration of seven to nine minutes. Apparently, this is due to the fact that among gynecologists there are more women, and among urologists, respectively, men. Thus, in the event that sexual contact lasts up to fifteen to twenty minutes, then this is quite acceptable. When he stretches to forty or fifty minutes, the man tries to finish it, but he doesn’t succeed, it quickly bothers both sexual partners.

Forms of the disease in the absence of ejaculation

This phenomenon in medicine is commonly called anejaculation. The so-called primary form of this deviation is that ejaculation is carried out only in the form of involuntary release, but not through sexual contact.

Against this background, sexual desire, that is, libido, as well as orgasm, can persist. This condition usually manifests itself with the onset of sexual activity. Often, the main reason is psychological trauma along with some congenital or acquired defects of the genital area.

A secondary lack of ejaculation can be expressed in the fact that ejaculation does not occur in a man who has not encountered such a problem before. In this case, you can overcome the problem with ejaculation by using targeted stimulation of the penis (for example, masturbation).

treatment for the absence of ejaculation

Complete absence of ejaculation

A particularly complex form of anejaculation is the complete absence of ejaculation. This may occur as primary or as part of secondary anejaculation. The absolute absence of ejaculation, as a rule, turns into a factor of deep stress for men.

Cortical form of pathology

The basis of this form of lack of ejaculation is a dysfunction of the central system. The consequences of its occurrence include a failure of an erection, in which ejaculation is carried out with a long delay. Often men against this background are deeply depressed. Their excessive semen in the body leads to continuous long excitation. A man with such a disease has quite normal sexual desire and erection, but sexual contact occurs without orgasm with a strong delay in ejaculation.

Also, doctors describe the cortical form of lack of ejaculation as an ailment accompanied by impaired erection. In men with this diagnosis, a headache with an abnormal sweating volume is observed. Such patients are tired and weak.

Spinal form

This includes damage to the spinal center, which is responsible for ejaculation. Causes include spinal cord injuries along with depletion of the spinal center. The latter is often associated with frequent and prolonged masturbation of men. The presence of nicotine intoxication and alcohol poisoning can be attributed to the development of the spinal form of the disease.

Causes of lack of ejaculation

Most often, a similar situation is observed in men after forty or forty-five years, they the volume of testosterone decreases with age.

During this period, the average concentration of this hormone decreases by one percent per year. Young men may also have low testosterone levels.

erectile dysfunction and lack of ejaculation

This element is a male sex hormone that enables sexual attraction with an erection to maintain. When the amount of testosterone decreases, erotic mood decreases in parallel with excitability, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases. First, in such patients obstructed ejaculation is observed. It is difficult for them to complete sexual intercourse in order to achieve orgasm. As a rule, for this, a man needs to change his position or dream, for example, that he is with another woman and so on.


With an even greater drop in testosterone concentration, erectile dysfunction and lack of ejaculation are often observed simultaneously. In addition, sperm volume directly depends on the amount of testosterone. Normally, the ejaculant that is secreted from the urethra should be from three to seven milliliters, if the hormone level decreases, the semen volume decreases to 0.5 or 1 milliliter, or even disappears completely.

The reasons for the lack of ejaculation men must definitely find out.

Often it is difficult for men to complete sexual intercourse with a constant partner who has bored him and which he no longer wants. A similar phenomenon is noted when the partner is used to restrain ejaculation in order to give an opportunity to enjoy his woman. As a rule, it is not difficult to cope with such deviations. It is enough to either change the position or partner.

There may be a lack of sperm during ejaculation in people who too often have sex. That is, if you overdo it with sexual acts, then it becomes already difficult to finish them. It is worth noting that alcohol also prolongs sexual contact, and also causes the lack of ejaculation.

lack of ejaculation in men

What should I do in this case ?

If a man complains of lack of ejaculation at the reception of a sex therapist, then first he is examined for the total volume of testosterone, and then appropriate treatment is prescribed. When the testicular reserve functions are still preserved, and they can generally produce testosterone, stimulant therapy is prescribed to the patient. That is, they stimulate testosterone production by the testes. In order to reduce the duration and against the background of difficult ejaculation, testosterone preparations are used to increase the sensitivity of the glans penis and sex drive.

Diagnosis of ejaculation disorders

Diagnosis is based largely on the patient’s sexual history. The doctor conducts a detailed questioning, the specialist tries to determine whether the disorder appears situational or permanent, whether any circumstances affect him, whether it depends on the partner, and so on. For various disorders of ejaculation, there are specific diagnostic methods. The main diagnostic tools are:

  • Determination of the time of ejaculatory intravaginal delay. In this case, the man independently calculates the duration of intimate contact. Doctors are not recommended to use a stopwatch to establish this indicator, it will be enough how the man himself estimates this time. You also need to evaluate how effectively control over ejaculation is given. You can use the scale from zero to four.
  • Use of questionnaires. Of the many options, evidence-based medicine today uses two main ones. One of them is a diagnostic tool for identifying problems with ejaculation. It determines the required stimulation along with the level of depression of the patient and problems in interpersonal relationships. The second method is the Arabic index, which is designed to study male sexual desire. In this case, the sufficiency of an erection for sexual intimacy, the time to a possible ejaculation along with the satisfaction of both partners are determined, the level of anxiety and depression is taken into account. Indicators of seven to thirteen points report a severe disorder.
    no sperm during ejaculation

So what to do in the absence of ejaculation?

Additional diagnostic measures

First of all, the patient in the absence of ejaculation requires a medical examination. First of all, attention is focused on the detection of endocrine and neurological pathologies in order to determine the factors of the problem. These include prostatitis along with urethritis and Peyronie's disease. A set of laboratory tests directly depends on the conclusions of the physician. There are no standard tests recommended for absolutely all patients. Each case is individual. What to do in the absence of ejaculation, it is important to determine in advance.

Diagnosis includes:

  • Conducting a medical examination. It includes a thorough examination of the male genital organs, the doctor can check their general sensitivity to touch.
  • Blood test. With the help of such a study, the level of sex hormones is determined. In addition, the amount of thyroid hormones is established, diabetes and some other pathologies are excluded.
  • Urinalysis. This analysis helps to detect signs of a urological infection, inflammatory disease, and so on.

As a rule, a standard questioning of a man and these diagnostic methods is quite enough. But depending on what caused this pathology, a wider range of examinations may be required along with the consultation of related specialists (be it a neuropathologist or endocrinologist).

Specific test

In order to clarify the diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation, doctors use a specific test that allows you to detect sperm in the urine after an orgasm. Typically, this procedure is performed in a medical facility. In the event that no sperm are observed in the urine, then dry orgasms along with infertility may have other reasons.

What is the treatment for the lack of ejaculation?


Unfortunately, most men do not reach the doctor. This is not even due to their bashfulness, but to the belief that problems with ejaculation are not treated at all. But this is a big mistake, in the case of such pathologies, visits to andrologists or sexopathologists can correct the situation. The main pharmacological methods of treatment in the absence of ejaculation are:

  • The purpose of "Dapoxetine." This drug is approved in many countries and is especially suitable for the treatment of this problem.
  • Use of local anesthetics.
  • Tramadol and type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Currently, the absence of ejaculation in men is rather a deviation than a serious illness. But, nevertheless, in any case it is not worth delaying with his therapy and prevention. Men who are predisposed to such a problem are strongly recommended to additionally undergo a set of procedures with specialists such as a urologist, psychiatrist and psychologist.

reasons for the lack of ejaculation in men

Help from a sex therapist

It is worth, among other things, to seek help from a sex therapist in order to establish a sexual life. Following the recommendations and advice of all specialists, a man will be able to completely overcome such an ailment and become a full-fledged healthy person, capable of further procreation. Pharmaceuticals are considered effective methods of treating and preventing the absence of ejaculation in men, along with exotic therapies such as hypnosis and the placebo effect.



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