Lazy stuffed cabbage rolls: recipes and cooking tips

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Lazy stuffed cabbage rolls: recipes and cooking tips

There are a number of difficulties with preparing classic cabbage rolls for some housewives. First, cabbage needs to be disassembled into leaves, then wrap minced meat in them so that it does not fall out during boiling of products in the sauce. The cooking process is laborious and tedious. It is for this reason that lazy housewives came up with their own recipe for cabbage rolls. The filling does not need to be wrapped in a leaf, and this same cabbage is enough to simply mix with minced meat. We will talk about how to cook lazy cabbage rolls in the form of cutlets in an article. We’ll definitely dwell on all the nuances of this delicious and uncomplicated dish and don’t forget about useful recommendations.

How to cook lazy cabbage rolls in the form of cutlets: ingredients

For this dish you need to prepare the following products on the list:

  • minced meat - 500 g;
  • white cabbage - 400 g;
  • onions - 150 g;
  • garlic - 2-3 pcs .;
  • rice round - 100 g;
  • sour cream - 250 ml;
  • tomato paste - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • warm boiled water - 2 tbsp .;
  • vegetable oil - 50 ml;
  • black pepper - ½ tsp;
  • salt - to taste.

From the above amount of ingredients should be 24 lazy cabbage rolls in the form of cutlets. Minced meat is preferably used from pork with beef (in a ratio of 1: 1) or with chicken. Cutlets before frying in a pan can be additionally rolled in flour. This will seal the meat juice inside the products.

Now you can directly begin the process of preparing meat and cabbage cutlets.

Minced meat for stuffed cabbage

Cooking minced meat for lazy stuffed cabbage

In a traditional recipe, the filling of chopped meat and rice is wrapped in cabbage leaves. But in lazy cabbage rolls this is not necessary. It is good enough to chop the cabbage and combine it with the meat, after passing it through a meat grinder.

Forcemeat for lazy cabbage rolls in the form of cutlets is prepared as follows:

  1. Chop the cabbage as finely as possible or grate on a special grater, transfer from the board to a deep bowl, pour boiling water and leave under the lid for 10 minutes to make it soft.
  2. Grind with a knife or grate onions. Combine it with minced meat.
  3. Cook rice. To do this, it is good to rinse it, changing the water several times until it becomes transparent. Pour rice into the pan, pour boiling water (200 ml) into it, add a pinch of salt. Bring water to a boil, then cover the pan with a lid and remove from heat. The rice should be steamed well.
  4. Throw the cabbage into a colander and squeeze it by hand.
  5. Add the cabbage and the cooled rice to the minced meat with onions.
  6. Season with salt, pepper and mix. If the minced meat is a little dry, you can add a raw egg to it.

Forming and frying cutlets

Cooking lazy cabbage rolls in a pan

When the forcemeat for lazy cabbage rolls is ready, you can proceed to the next cooking step:

  1. Gather about 70-90 g of ground meat with a tablespoon (you need to weigh it so that the products get the same size) .
  2. With wet hands, form oblong cutlets. At this stage, they can be frozen or immediately begin cooking. Before frying, cutlets from the freezer must be “brought” to room temperature.
  3. In a pan, heat the vegetable oil. Fry the patties on both sides until a light crust is formed. To prevent the products from breaking up in the pan, it is recommended to roll them in flour before frying.

Lazy cabbage rolls are baked in the form of cutlets in the oven. To do this, they should be transferred directly from the pan to a baking dish with sides so that the sauce does not leak out during cooking.

Gravy for cabbage rolls

There are several options for preparing the sauce in which pre-fried meat is baked cabbage cutlets. It can be made from fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, ketchup, adding carrots and onions fried in vegetable oil. After dilution with water, a delicious sauce is obtained.

According to the simplest recipe, lazy cabbage rolls with rice and minced meat are baked in a sauce of sour cream and tomato paste. It is prepared as follows:

  1. In a deep bowl, put sour cream and pasta. Add salt, pepper (½ teaspoon each).
  2. Pour the contents of the bowl with warm boiled water. Mix well with a spoon or whisk until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. It is important that the sour cream dissolves.
  3. Try the gravy to taste. You may need to add more salt or other spices (dried basil, oregano, sweet paprika).
  4. Pour the patties with sauce so that it covers the products to the middle. Otherwise, they may lose their shape.
  5. Leave 6-7 tablespoons of gravy for the last stage of cooking.

Roasting lazy cabbage rolls in the oven

Baking lazy cabbage rolls in the oven

After frying the formed patties and transferring them to the high-sided mold, you can immediately preheat the oven to a temperature of 180 °. While it is heating up, you should make the sauce and pour over the prepared products. Next, you need to put the form in the preheated oven to the middle level.

Lazy cabbage rolls in the form of meatballs are baked in gravy for 40 minutes. During this time, a beautiful appetizing crust should form on top of the products.

While the lazy cabbage rolls are baked, it's time to chop the cilantro and chop the garlic. Combine them with the remaining sour cream and tomato sauce.

After 40 minutes of baking stuffed cabbage in the oven, remove the form from the oven and pour the products on top with sauce and cilantro and garlic. Continue the cooking process for another 5 minutes.

Lazy cabbage rolls served hot as a standalone dish or with a side dish of mashed potatoes.

Secrets of cooking

Secrets of cooking lazy cabbage rolls

Lazy cabbage rolls in the form of cutlets - a dish that, even if you follow the technology, is obtained by beginners. And the following tips will help to avoid the difficulties that sometimes arise during their preparation:

  1. Half-cooked rice should be added to minced meat. If you cook it completely, cutlets can fall apart during cooking in the oven. If the rice is raw, it will absorb all the meat juice, which is why the cabbage rolls will turn dry inside.
  2. Before adding to the chopped meat, the cabbage should be boiled or steamed in hot water. Otherwise, the mince will turn out to be sticky and it will be difficult to form cutlets from it.
  3. You can add more water to the sauce than indicated in the recipe. Gravy should not be small. Otherwise, cutlets may burn during baking in the oven.

Now you know the secret to cooking lazy cabbage rolls. Bon appetit



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