LH in men: norm, pathology, diagnostic features and treatment

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LH in men: norm, pathology, diagnostic features and treatment

In this article, we consider the rate of LH in men.

Such a structural unit of the brain as the pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone. For representatives of the stronger sex, its role is very important, especially if it concerns the activity of the reproductive organs, in particular in adolescence. It is difficult to overestimate its effect on health, because the hormone controls the system of “testicles-hypothalamus-pituitary gland”, and therefore sexual activity. To determine the concentration of the hormone in the bloodstream, you need to visit a doctor.

lg normal for men


This luteinizing hormone (lutropin) is synthesized by the pituitary gland, is responsible for the activity of the sex glands. In a man’s body, under his influence, the synthesis of testosterone is stimulated by affecting Leydig cells in the testes. That is, lutropin directly affects the function of childbearing.

Many people are interested in what is the norm of FSH and LH in men?

The function of lutropin in the male body

The main condition for production Testosterone in the required quantities is an adequate level of lutropin in the body of a man.

The hormone directly affects:

  1. Sexual health.
  2. Building muscle.
  3. Sperm production.
    luteinizing hormone in men

The production of luteinizing hormone (LH) is stimulated by the brain, which focuses on the concentration of testosterone in the blood . If it is not enough, the amount of LH increases, if a lot - begins to decline. Thus, LH production is cyclical.

Norm of LH in men

Normal indicators of lutropin in the body of a man depend on his age:

  1. 8-18 years old - 0.1-6.
  2. 18-70 years old - 1.5-9.3.
  3. Older than 70 years old - 3.1-3.4.

In addition, the level of the hormone may depend on external factors:

  1. Time of day. In the morning, there is a peak in the content of lutropin in the blood. In the evening, its concentration is at a minimum level.
  2. Seasons. The maximum concentration of lutropin is observed in the summer, the minimum amount of hormone by the male body is produced in November-December.

The norm of LH in men is necessary for sperm maturation and maintenance of normal testosterone production. The hormone concentration reaches its maximum value by the age of 12, and practically does not change until old age.


An important indicator in the male body is the ratio of LH and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). Before the onset of puberty, hormones are in equilibrium proportion - 1: 1. In adult men, the ratio of LH and FSH is 1: 1.5. That is, FSH slightly prevails over LH.

Causes of deviations from normal indicators, consequences

Why are there deviations from the norm of LH hormone in men?

If concentration indicators Since the hormones in the blood change up or down, it can be judged on the presence of pathological processes in the male body. Short-term abnormalities may be associated with certain physiological processes.

An increase in lutropin level in combination with a decrease in testosterone concentration may be due to impaired testicular function. The pituitary gland tries to compensate for the lack of testosterone by increasing the synthesis of LH. Normal levels of LH increase by half, and in some situations by a factor of three.

The most common reason for increasing the concentration of luteinizing hormone in men is:

  • malignant neoplasm of the scrotum:
  • radiation, chemotherapy;
  • viral infections (usually viral hepatitis);
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome.
    luteinizing hormone norm in men

With autoimmune pathologies and the use of certain medications, a borderline level of PH can be observed.

Some experts tend to associate a slight increase in the concentration of lutropin with celiac disease (intolerance to gluten or gluten). In this case, a gluten-free diet contributes to normalizing LH levels.

Is lowering dangerous?

LH below normal in men can be dangerous for the reproductive system. The seminal fluid contains a small amount of viable sperm. This situation often causes the development of complete infertility.

Among the reasons for the decrease in lutropin, the use of androgens (anabolic medications, testosterone) is also highlighted. Lutropin deficiency is most pronounced in men taking steroid drugs.

The next reason for the decrease in the concentration of LH is pathologies and conditions that affect the activity of the pituitary gland:

  • The use of drugs.
  • Anorexia.
  • Delayed sexual development.
  • Atrophy of gonads against infectious diseases: mumps, gonorrhea, brucellosis.
  • Autoimmune pathologies.
  • Head injuries.
  • Excessive synthesis of prolactin.
  • Stressed.
  • Malignant tumors in the adrenal glands.
  • Neoplasms in the brain, pituitary gland.
  • Inheritance venous pathology (Kalman syndrome, Prader-Willi).
    lg below normal for men

The borderline level can be observed if a man has a temporary hormonal imbalance provoked by a passion for alcohol and excessive physical exertion.

How to detect abnormalities of the luteinizing hormone in men?


To determine the level of LH, examine blood samples. Biological material is taken at the peak of hormone synthesis, that is, in the morning hours.

For a reliable result, a man should follow certain recommendations before blood donation:

  • Stop smoking for 3 hours.
  • Exclude psychological and physical stress per day.
  • Refuse thyroid and steroid medications in two days.
  • Do not eat for 12 hours before analysis .

If abnormalities were found during the laboratory examination of blood samples, a specialist may call achit additional inspection in hardware diagnostic techniques, ultrasound. This will allow to identify pathologies that provoked deviations.

Minor abnormalities of LH can occur in men suffering from diabetes mellitus in the presence of insulin resistance, insufficient production of it.

lg hormone

Correction of deviations

The treatment of deviations is carried out by using drugs based on estrogen or progesterone, as well as androgens. To increase the level of lutropin, such medicines as Goserelin, Nilutamide, Mestranol, Phenytoin can be used. In order to reduce LH, Megestrol, Danazol, Stanazol, Dopamine are used.

Hyperprolactinemia is treated using ergot drugs. As a rule, Cabergoline or Bromocriptine is used for this. In addition to hormones, men are recommended to take sedatives, vitamins, and drugs that can normalize blood circulation.

It is important to eliminate the cause

It is important to understand that artificial reduction or increase in lutropin level is insufficient. Normalizing the processes of LH production in the body is possible only by eliminating the cause of the deviation.

The independent use of hormonal medications can lead to irreversible changes in the body, so a doctor’s consultation and a full examination are required. In the absence of pathological processes, to normalize the level of LH, it will be enough to review your diet, reduce physical activity, which must alternate with rest, and establish a sexual life.

We examined the rate of LH in men. Have you checked the level of this hormone?



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