Light bulbs in the ceiling: classification and installation features, photo

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Light bulbs in the ceiling: classification and installation features, photo

Repair is a responsible matter. A good repair will be a decoration of your apartment. The problem is that most Russians still live in old-built apartments, where the main difficulty is low ceilings.

This is a situation where a chandelier is chosen not according to preference, but according to circumstances. Fortunately, now there is a solution to this problem - these are light bulbs in the ceiling, that is, spotlights. The question is very relevant and extensive.

Stretch ceilings with bulbs

There are many photos of examples of such works, only a few are given in the article. Today stretch ceilings are becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons, because such a solution is stylish and economical, moreover, defects of the ceiling surface can be easily hidden under this option. In addition, such a ceiling can help you out if you are “flooded” by a neighbor from above.

The ceiling itself can be plain or colored, its surface can be matte or glossy, and as light sources, so to speak, light bulbs in the ceiling, use spotlights. Recently, most of these lamps are LED. If the ceiling is multi-level, then it can be supplemented with LED strip. In addition, if there is only one level, it is sometimes also "circled" around the perimeter by an LED strip. I must say that the purpose of the tape is more decorative than practical. The tape gives not too much light.

The location of the light bulbs on the stretch ceiling is thought out before the start of work, as they are installed directly during the installation of this type of ceiling. This is worth considering, otherwise you can redo the same work several times, but this is not very good.

Lighting around the perimeter of the room

Plastic ceiling

This is a kind of suspended ceiling. It represents a solid surface, which is assembled from individual PVC panels. Very often, such a ceiling has spotlights . Light bulbs for suspended ceilings are no different from those discussed above. It is better to think over the arrangement of bulbs before starting work, as you need to lay out the wiring for each lamp, and this is convenient to do before installing the panels on the ceiling.

Plastic ceilings are often found in bathrooms, latrines, corridors and other similar rooms. Plastic panels can vary significantly in price, most often this is due to the quality of the product (expensive options are stronger, a cheap panel can be very fragile). Everyone chooses the best option for himself.


This is the most massive ceiling, which still holds the competition of the tension analog. In the version of drywall, bulbs in the ceiling, that is, spotlights, are also very often found. This is the case when the result looks much more expensive than the money spent on its creation. In general, it is necessary to recognize as a stylish solution with light bulbs on the ceiling of drywall. Photos of such options will be an excellent confirmation of this fact.


This version of the ceiling came to us from Europe. There, people love everything that is environmentally friendly and of high quality. An array of ceilings is exactly the option when it’s beautiful, environmentally friendly, and for a long time.

A feature of European private houses is their relatively low ceilings. It stands out especially in the northern countries of Europe. In these areas, people care about heat, so warming up a high sub-ceiling space simply does not make sense. It is in these cases that it is optimal to make light bulbs in the ceiling, that is, organize an option with spotlights.

Using an array is not the cheapest option, but the result justifies all the costs. It is noteworthy that natural wood fits very well into any style of interior decoration, and also blends very well with other materials.


It is worth saying that if you have no problems with electricity, if everything is done, wired and connected correctly, and also there are no surges in the electric network, the light bulbs in the ceiling can easily serve up to three to five years without replacement. But this will be the case if you choose good lighting fixtures. Bulbs in a suspended ceiling are not worth the cheapest. Better to heed the advice of specialist consultants in the store. Or buy lamps from renowned manufacturers so as not to confirm by your own example that the avaricious pays twice.

It is important to know that all bulbs for suspended ceilings can be classified into two large groups:

  • “Cold”
  • “Warm.”

“Cold” light is a white shade. A “warm” lamp has a yellowish hue. Light bulbs in the suspended ceiling in terms of the color of the glow are selected according to personal preferences.

Example spotlights

Multi-level ceilings

It does not matter what material the multi-level ceiling is made of. What is more important is that it is with this option that you can very successfully use multi-colored lamps, which will be discussed below. Also, sometimes ceiling niches are beaten with LED strips, which, by the way, can also be completely different colors.

It should be borne in mind that a multi-level ceiling makes sense only in rooms where there is a significant ceiling height. If they are low, they will become even lower. And this will visually put pressure on people, which is a very unpleasant mistake in the repair process.

Replacing the lamps

How to change the light bulb on the ceiling? People sometimes ask this question, so you can not omit this moment. Everything is simple. You just change the spotlights, the ceiling is not affected or disassembled. Replacing a spotlight is a matter of minutes.

If we are talking about a classic spotlight, then most often there is a special "retaining ring", removing which you can remove the bulb from the structure. After replacing it, the ring is replaced. No tool is required for such manipulation. You will only need a stepladder or its equivalent to get to the lamp.

A few words about halogen lamps

First you need to list the types of bulbs in the ceiling lamp. We have already talked about LED lamps, but there are other options. For example, halogen lamps. At one time they were popular, but a thing of the past, because they could not compete with analogues that sometimes consume ten times less electricity.

Although there are still people who basically buy halogen lamps, they explain this by the fact that they like their glow more. This opinion is subjective and not substantiated by anything. Most likely, this is some kind of conservatism or a fear of everything new and modern.

Glow of lamps

It has already been mentioned that there are two main colors of the glow of ceiling lamps of any type (warm yellow and cold white ).

In this case, the color of the glow of the lamps depends on the temperature (in Kelvin): the higher the temperature in the lamp, the whiter it gives light. But, besides this, there are decorative lamps of all possible existing colors. In this case, the color is created by coloring the lamp - everything is ingenious and simple. Multi-colored lamps are made more often for spotlights.

It is not very difficult to guess that yellow warm lamps and cold white are used in everyday life. All other multi-colored options are suitable for creating some features in the interior and nothing more. It’s hard to imagine an apartment where the main lighting is red or blue, although everything is possible

Types of socles

We list the most common options:

  • GU 5.3.
  • GX 53.
  • GU 4.
  • GU 10.

This is a kind of marketing move from manufacturers, it cannot be said which option is better or worse. There are no better ones at this moment, there is only a more mass version, it is the GU 5.3 base. Why is it bought most often? This can not be explained. Perhaps, at one time, lamp manufacturers with such a base were better at advertising or offering goods at a bargain price.

But this does not mean that you should definitely take lamps with such a base. You can analyze everything yourself, go to the store and decide there, based on prices or consultants' recommendations, which device to buy.

Lamp type GU 5.3


At first it seems that the lamps do not depend on the type of room, but this is not so. The lights in the kitchen ceiling should be very bright. It is comfortable to cook when the light is bright and everything is visible well.

It is recommended to buy powerful and bright lamps with a cold glow for the kitchen. This is a recommendation, not a rule. You have the right not to heed this advice and act as you see fit.

Bathroom and toilet

In these rooms it is necessary to take into account humidity, which is often elevated here. This also applies to the choice of the type of ceiling, and the choice of lamps for it. It is also worth considering where to place the lights. You need to choose a place where the lamp will give maximum light, but this will exclude the possibility of splashing water on it.

Usually no more than three “points” are installed in the bathroom, although it all depends on the area of ​​your bathroom and your preferences in terms of lighting solutions for it.

Lamp location

How to arrange light bulbs on the ceiling? This is an important point, which is always decided individually, taking into account the characteristics of each room. If we are talking about spotlights, then they can be placed around the perimeter of the room at a distance of one or two meters from each other in all directions, depending on the height of the ceilings and the power of future lamps.

If installed in the room, For example, a massive cabinet, then it makes no sense to install a lighting device above it. This is worth considering. The same applies to other bulky items in your room. For this reason, the location of the light bulbs on the ceiling is individual for each case.

Spots (overhead lamps)

Sometimes the height of the ceilings is so critical that it cannot be lowered by a centimeter. What to do if this is your case, and you really want a spotlight? There is a solution, and it is quite simple. Such a decision would be a spot invoice. It is the same spotlight, but its “body” protrudes above the surface of the ceiling.

There are many types of spot design, they all look very stylish and modern. In this variety of options you can always find what you like and what suits your room.

Bedroom Spot

False ceiling and fluorescent lamps

This is an office option that can be seen in most institutions. The ceiling consists of "squares" of polystyrene foam, and between these plates there is a cassette with rows of lamps (the cassette also has the shape of a square).

It is unlikely that you have met such a solution in a house or apartment, although sometimes it occurs (in corridors , hallways and other rooms of a similar type). In principle, this solution can be called popular, but purely because of its mass in office and other non-residential premises.

Other places

It should be noted that spotlights are also found in shopping centers , and in other rooms of a similar type. This is due to the fact that the option is very stylish, modern and helps to achieve some home comfort, which is important especially for high-end retail spaces.

But it’s still considered that light bulbs in the ceiling are an option for the home, but already then - this is a way of registering any non-residential commercial space.


This option is also acceptable if you are the owner of a large landscaped area near the house. In this case, you can experiment with ceiling lights in your yard. It is only necessary to take into account that these should be special devices with the necessary class of protection against water.

Such lamps can be installed under the ridge of the roof of different rooms. You can, on the contrary, mount them in garden paths and paths around the site, but in this case, you still need to make sure that there is protection against mechanical damage to the lamp. There are many design options, you just need to connect your imagination and not be afraid to try something new. This is exactly how new trends in style arise, perhaps it is you who on your site will offer a novelty for the whole world


This is also important. It is worth saying that both spotlights and bulbs for them are not too cheap. What can not be said about chandeliers. Sometimes their prices simply amaze and exceed all reasonable numbers. Prices for devices and designs depend on the model and design, as well as the materials from which the items are made.

How much does it cost to build a ceiling? As for the materials, everything is the same here, because before you hang the chandelier you like, you trim the ceiling with plasterboard, or arrange a stretch ceiling in the room. Prices for these materials are not very high. However, it is also worth considering the work of specialists, as well as the strength of the materials used and the manufacturer. Sometimes, people just overpay for the brand, while you can buy inexpensive building materials from a little-known company.

For this reason, the ceiling with spotlights is a budget option, and it looks much more expensive than the cost of it. This, of course, can be attributed to the advantages of this option.

Multilevel ceiling

A few words in conclusion

Spotlights actively used in everyday life. The Russians fell in love with this option of lighting because of its relative simplicity and cheapness. Also, this option was liked by those people who live in apartments with not the highest ceilings, and any chandelier visually makes a smaller room lower. Modern solutions of designers will help to create a ceiling with built-in bulbs in almost any room, regardless of the style of its design.

And remember that the best repair and a way to save money is to do it yourself and with your own hands. In order to make a quality repair, you just need to understand the process well and believe in your own strength.

Of course, sometimes it will be necessary to purchase some specialized tool, and this is the cost, but the tool remains with you and come in handy in the future. It’s worth starting repairs yourself if you have some basic skills.

If you are sure that the repair is not yours and you can’t even insert the lamp into the lampshade, then you should contact the professionals of this area. Everything is very individual. This also needs to be taken into account.



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