Married getting married in a dream: interpretation of dreams

31.08.2019 Dream book
Married getting married in a dream: interpretation of dreams

What are dreams? Scientists still can not give an answer to this question. Are they really able to predict the future for us? Or is it just a game of our imagination? It’s hard to say how things really are. That is why you should listen to dreams. Today we offer to talk about what a wedding can mean in a dream. To marry in night dreams - what is it for? We’ll tell you right now

What the interpretation of this dream depends on

The wedding that you celebrate in a dream can have several meanings. So, this may indicate that you need to make a serious decision. Perhaps in front of you are waiting for cardinal changes that are related to your personal life, career. The interpretation of the dream depends on:

  • the place where the solemn ceremony takes place;
  • from the emotions that you experience in the dream;
  • those clothes, who are wearing you;
  • people who attended the celebration.
to marry a married woman in a dream

Positive interpretations

Many girls are wondering: what is it to see in a dream that you are getting married when in real life the dreamer is already officially x relationship. Here are 5 positive interpretations of this dream:

  1. If guests are having fun at the wedding, good news awaits you.
  2. Do you know the groom? Your faith in yourself will be strengthened, you will understand that you are incredibly attractive.
  3. If you see the wedding ceremony from the outside, you will have a happy life.
  4. Groom is older, much more? In real life, you will have an influential patron.
  5. A married woman marries her brother in a dream? This may indicate that in fact strong love awaits you.

Negative interpretations

This dream also has negative interpretations. So, getting married in a black dress - to an unfavorable period in life. Is the dreamer - a married woman - married in a dream to a boyfriend or husband of her best friend? This is evidence of an overwhelming feeling of envy. Do you tie the knot with a person who in real life is extremely unpleasant for you? There is too much falsehood in your personal life. The groom with whom you stand at the altar, the widower? Your good friend will make you some kind of proposal that is simply dangerous for you. The dead man with whom you communicated well when he was alive is engaged to you? You are in danger of betrayal.

dream of your wedding

Miller's dream book

If a married woman had to get married in a dream, according to the dream book Miller is a sign that her real husband is not paying her proper attention. In the event that at the solemn ceremony the dreamer marries her husband, she will have a renewed relationship and a happy personal life.

Freud's dream book

What does this dream book tell a married woman? Marrying in a dream a former lover is a sure sign that you are too often immersed in memories. Such a dream may also indicate that you are dreaming of changes in your personal life. Maybe you should spend more time with your spouse, or your relationship needs more serious changes. In a dream, do you throw a bride’s bouquet? Your financial situation will soon improve. If you are married and pregnant in real life, and you are married in a dream, tiring chores await you.

Female dream book

If the wedding celebration you see in a dream is fun and noisy, in real life, your beloved will be faithful to you. In the event that the wedding procession passes by the cemetery, the dreamer will have a short life together: perhaps the spouse will die, or maybe just decide on a divorce. Do you sit at the festive table as a bride and don’t eat anything? In fact, you have made some very successful purchases.

Moon Dream Book

If a married woman dreams of her own wedding, at which her chosen one dances with another girl, in reality she will experience unreasonable jealousy. And if the dreamer is literally driven away from her own wedding, in real life all sorts of troubles will end, only positive events will remain.

Wangi's dream book

To dream of your wedding, according to this dream book, is a difficult choice , which a married woman in real life has to do. If in your dream someone close to you is in a dark outfit, in fact one of your family members may get sick. Dancing with the groom is a pleasant experience.

If you marry your spouse, this portends good developments. But the exchange of rings in the registry office is a sign that you can quarrel with your other half, right up to a divorce

Sonnik Tsvetkova

Your wedding ceremony says that you have to cope with sorrows and troubles. If a married woman gets married in a dream, dances and has fun, in reality she may face problems with her husband. Conversations with guests - to difficulties in resolving work issues.

Dream interpretation of Loff

In the event that your wedding ceremony, which you see in your night dreams, brings you joy, in real all your problems will be solved in life, success in the business sphere awaits you. Relations with her husband will also improve.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Dreaming about your wedding, according to the authors of this dream book to troubles and quarrels. True, if a large number of guests take part in the celebration, changes in your family are expected for the better. The conflict or fight that you see in a dream at your wedding predicts an unpleasant misunderstanding.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

This dream book says that the wedding is a good sign. The triumph indicates that in all your affairs - both workers and personal - you will be lucky. Consider your wedding dress and understand that this is not the one in which you got married in real life? You may have to face difficulties, but you will successfully overcome all of them. To marry a married girl in a dream, provided that she clearly distinguishes her sister, mother or grandmother among the guests, to the fact that her relationship with her relatives will actually worsen.

Dreamwalker Longo

Do you see your own wedding, at which you sit at the festive table and eat up treats? In fact, you have to meet a friend, and you can be sure that this meeting will disappoint you. If during the celebration you dance, an acquaintance awaits you, which will benefit. To marry a loved one in a dream - to improve the financial situation.

Russian dream book

The compilers of the dream book say: a wedding that sees in its night dreams married woman, portends her serious changes in life. Do you shed tears during the celebration? Most likely, in reality you will find a large number of domestic problems or illness. If you drink a lot of alcohol at your wedding, in fact you will soon be offended by your spouse. In a dream I had to marry a stranger - beware of fraud on the part of relatives.

Muslim dream book

The wedding ceremony that you see in a dream, according to the drafters of this dream book, indicates that You are on the right track. That is why luck will accompany you.

A modern dream book

A dream in which you feel deeply unhappy or crying during your marriage ceremony can talk about problems with your husband. If she had a chance to marry an elderly man in a dream, it was slander and gossip that would appear in her life. If in a dream your parents do not support your choice, disagreements await you in real life. Own triumph may also mean that you will learn not very good news.

Ukrainian dream book

The magnificent wedding that a married young lady sees in a dream can predict her improved relationship with her spouse in reality. Dancing with a stranger during a wedding in the night dreams means that cheating will happen in your life. At the same time, it is worthwhile to understand that both the dreamer herself and her other half can change.

Dream Interpretation Cananita

According to this dream book, any dreams related to the marriage portend the dreamer quarrels and discords . Married gets married in a dream and talks with guests during the wedding? Most likely, in reality she expects a confusion in working matters. If in the night dreams you are dancing with relatives from the groom, the man will deceive you, treason is not excluded.

Dream book of Veles

The compilers of this dream book say: if a married young lady sees her own wedding in a dream Friday night on Saturday, sad news, conflicts with loved ones await her. This dream has other interpretations. For example, a wedding with your own husband usually dreams of the imminent loss of one of the family members. In addition, a wedding ceremony can also mean your own illness.

Aesop's dream book

But according to Aesop's dream book, marriage is a symbol of fulfilling the most secret desires. If a lady married in a dream gets married again, in real life everything that she planned will come true. Moreover, almost no effort will be required from her, everything will happen as if by magic.

English dream book

According to the English dream book, a wedding ceremony is not the best sign. Some misfortune will happen in the family of your loved one. If you see your beloved leaving the wedding alone, most likely, in real life, you will be parted with your partner or loss of understanding.

Dreamwalker Dreamwalker

You are married in real life, but in your nightly dreams marry someone else's husband or groom? Such a dream portends a breakdown, a financial crisis. Married women usually dream of having their own lavish wedding for petty troubles, while a wedding in the church portends useful contacts.

French dream book

If in a dream you conflict with a witness or bridesmaids, in real life you will find exhausting chores. Of course, you will overcome everything, but you will need a lot of strength and endurance. In the event that a married young lady sees a dream in which she secretly engages in love with her lover, in reality, she should be more careful: a rival threatens the relationship with her loved one.

Assyrian dream book

Pretty often the dreams we see are somewhat strange. These include a wedding in the cemetery. The compilers of this dream book argue: if a married woman sees a wedding ceremony that takes place on a graveyard, in reality she is afraid of the changes that she needs. If at her wedding she dances with her lover, she will have her dream come true soon. But standing in front of a mirror in a wedding dress and admiring yourself is a sign of a long illness.

Esoteric dream book

You are married in real life, but in your night dreams you bind yourself to marriage then? The esoteric dream book says: this is a sign that you have a desire that is about to turn into an obsession. Communication with guests symbolizes the desire to have children. But if the guests did not come to your celebration, in real life you really lack the support of people close to you and friends.

Love dream book

If in a dream you marry a stranger a man, and your real spouse is present at the celebration as a guest, be prepared for jealousy on his part. Guests in mourning dresses predict problems in marriage. You may have a divorce.