Massage the baby at 5 months: sequence and technique

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Massage the baby at 5 months: sequence and technique

Massaging your baby at 5 months can solve many problems and even problems. Especially lazy babies who are reluctant to turn over on their tummy, the procedure stimulates the development of most skills and physical activity. Therefore, parents should not ignore massage at home, but it’s time to learn the technique of its implementation.

What can a child do at 5 months old?

It does not matter for a girl or boy. Children at a young age develop almost identically. At 5 months, the child, lying on his stomach, can independently straighten his arms in the elbow joints and raise part of the body above a horizontal surface. Many children at this age can be held on one straightened arm, and the second can take the toy that lies in front of them.

Many parents are interested in the question of what a child can do at 5 months. Boys and girls of this age category are able to roll on their tummy in both directions from the back. Able to grab a variety of toys and even shift them from one handle to another. By this time, a reaction to sounds has already been actively developed, so the baby often turns around if he hears mom’s voice, music or any kind of noise. Some kids try to raise their heads in a supine position.

Some children at this age manage to crawl in a plastubsky way, someone likes to twirl around his belly button on his belly. Most babies make their first attempts to sit, but often this skill is still developed with support.


How much does a baby weigh at 5 months? According to WHO indicators, the average weight of boys is from 6 to 9.3 kg, and for girls is from 5.4 to 8.8 kg. Boys are between 61.7 and 70.1 cm tall, and girls are between 59.6 and 68.5 cm.

Before focusing on the average norms related to how much a child weighs 5 months, it is necessary to remember that all children are individual. Therefore, small deviations can be considered normal.


It is believed that massage can even cure colds and coughs. And problems such as impaired muscle tone, psychomotor development or movement require the appointment of therapeutic massage.

Preparation for massage

Procedure, performed by a specialist, positively affects the health status of children. Massage promotes the proper development of the musculoskeletal system, is able to stimulate certain parts of the brain, and has a positive effect on strengthening immunity. In addition, a correctly performed procedure favorably affects the work of internal organs and the lymphatic system. Blood circulation throughout the body improves, due to which there is a full oxygenation of all tissues.

Most experts advise mothers to combine home massage with gymnastics. This combination promotes muscle development and strengthens the central nervous system of babies.

Gymnastics at 5 months

Moreover, at the age of 5 months, most children make their first attempts to sit down on their own, so gymnastics is simply necessary. She helps develop new skills. In addition, some pediatricians recommend starting swimming. Of course, it is up to the parents to decide, but you should still get acquainted with the benefits of various activities for the child.

It is important to know

  1. Massage the child at 5 months should not exceed 30 minutes.
  2. Before starting the procedure, you must take care of hygiene. Your hands should be clean, the nails on the handles should be trimmed.
  3. It is necessary to remove all jewelry from the hands (rings, bracelets, watches).
  4. So that the massage does not cause any discomfort during the procedure You can switch to games, sing songs and so on.
    Back massage
  5. During the procedure, crumbs of skin should not be squeezed strongly, and pressure must be applied to parts of the body. All manipulations should be performed with the utmost care.
  6. During the course of the massage, constantly monitor the reaction of the child. Pay attention to the moments that are most pleasing to him. The next time you can start the procedure with them.
  7. Remember that the massage should be done at least 30 minutes after a meal.

Massage the pens

During this procedure, the child should lie on its back or tummy. Since at this age, children already hold their heads well and can easily rest on their hands, you are unlikely to persuade the baby to lay his head horizontally. Therefore, you will have to do the massage, despite the active turns of the head crumbs to the sides and turns on the stomach.

Remember that massage for young children should be performed as carefully as possible. During the manipulation, constantly monitor the reaction of the crumbs. Typically, the procedure begins to be performed from the hands. With one hand, it is necessary to hold the wrist of the crumbs, and the second should be stroking movements. After that, we proceed to rubbing each finger. This manipulation is carried out from tip to base. It is enough to repeat rubbing each finger about 2-3 times.

After that, you can stroke the baby’s hands, pay special attention to the area of ​​the thumb. Once you're done with the baby’s arms, you can move on to your shoulders. Rubbing is carried out from the hand to the elbow, then to the shoulder area. The manipulation is carried out on the inside and outside of the hand.

Next, we move on to rubbing. To do this, between your 1st finger on the one hand and the 2-4th on the other hand, grab the shoulder muscles over the elbow joint on the outer surface. Move forward along the muscle to the shoulder. Repeat the manipulation from 2 to 4 times.

You can end the massage by stroking the entire arm of the crumbs from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers.


In the next step, go to the chest area cells. Stroking is carried out by the palm along the chest in the direction from the bottom up, and then to the shoulders. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Then stroking from the chest area in the direction from the ribs to the sides is carried out. After such manipulation, you can proceed to grinding. Using the pads of the fingers, movements are made in a spiral. Perform manipulation on the chest area along the edges (direction - from bottom to top). Repeat 2 to 4 times.

Tummy massage

The procedure begins with stroking. The baby should be in a supine position. Mom with one or two palms makes circular movements around the navel along the baby’s tummy. Repeat 2-3 times.

Then go to grinding. With one palm, an adult makes clockwise movements. ButUnder no circumstances should you massage the liver region (right hypochondrium).

Now you can do rubbing the oblique muscles of the abdomen. This procedure is carried out towards the navel using the second and fourth fingers of both hands. Repeat 3-4 times.


Massage the baby at 5 months should begin with strokes. The child is supine. Mommy with one hand supports the baby’s foot by the foot, and with the pads of the second and fourth fingers of the other hand, strokes the baby’s outer and back side and thighs from the foot to the buttocks. Repeat 4 to 6 times. Please note that the inner surface of the thigh cannot be massaged.

Next, we move on to rubbing the thigh and lower leg. The child remains in the same position. Pads of the second and fourth fingers are small grinding on the outside of the ankle and thigh. Repeat 4 to 6 times.

Rubbing the lower leg is done with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, the second holds the crumb leg by the foot. Manipulation is an active grinding in a circle in the direction from the foot to the knee joint. Repeat 4-6 times.

Massage the feet

Massage the child at 5 months must include procedures with the area of ​​the foot. There are a lot of active points responsible for the health of the crumbs. Moreover, manipulations with this area allow you to deal with flat feet, clubfoot and other problems.

The child is in the initial position on the back. Mom lifts the crumb leg and holds it by the ankle. Then the thumb and forefinger carry out stroking movements from the tips of the fingers to the heel. During massaging the feet, the fingers of the crumbs need to be slightly extended. Repeat 3 to 4 times.

Then you can proceed to grinding. The child still takes its original position on the back. An adult should grasp the baby’s raised foot with the thumb and forefinger. Then, with the same fingers of the other hand, stroking the back of the foot in the direction from the fingers to the ankle. Repeat the manipulation 4 to 6 times.

Then, stroking and rubbing the foot in the supine position is performed. Mom with the index finger and thumb holds the baby’s foot. With the other hand, using the same fingers, one by one massages each finger on the baby’s leg. Enough 4 timesThen rub each finger (2 times).

The child’s 5-month regimen already includes massage and gymnastics. Therefore, young mothers should take care in advance to master the correct technique.