Menopause in men: age, as manifested

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Menopause in men: age, as manifested

Manifestations of menopause in men are not always noticeable. Usually they merge with signs of aging, and only a small percentage complain of menopause. In men, it occurs over the age of fifty due to a decrease in male sex hormones - androgens, namely testosterone.

Women have menopause in men

For information

Menopause in men or menopause is a natural physiological condition characterized by certain clinical manifestations and complaints. If this condition occurs before the age of 45, then they speak of an early menopause, and after 60 - a late one. With the manifestation of complaints, changes from the cardiovascular or other systems, they talk about the pathological course of menopause. Such conditions are always accompanied by neurotic disorders.

What is menopause

In the body of every man there is a gradual decline in sexual function, caused by a decrease in the level of the main male hormone - testosterone. This period is called menopause. It is characterized by the completion of age-related physiological restructuring of the body.

Testosterone regulates the functioning of the testicles, seminal vesicles, prostate and other organs of the system. It affects sperm production, and also determines sexual arousal, orgasm.

Menopause in men causes

When it comes

In most cases, menopause in men occurs on average between 50 to 60 years old. This is the time when a feeling of inferiority arises in connection with a weakening erection. Focusing on this condition exacerbates the situation, and moral discomfort causes psychoneurotic consequences.

How often does it occur

Menopause in men occurs quite often - about 80 percent. It manifests itself as a decrease in attraction, a weakening of potency. Sperm production is dying out. Because of this feature, men over the age of 65 lack the ability to conceive, with rare exceptions.

Causes of the onset of the condition

The causes of menopause in men are very different. Most often, this condition occurs due to the aging of the body. However, menopause can occur as a result of diseases of the reproductive system, in case of disturbance of the blood circulation of the testicles, in the presence of toxic substances, alcoholism, after surgery. author = "Photo:"> Menopause in men symptoms

Clinical manifestations of menopause

As in women, menopause in men is manifested by a variety of symptoms. This is due to the fact that androgen deficiency affects the course of various physiological functions, including metabolism. The most significant changes occur in the reproductive, cardiovascular, nervous system. Less commonly, the physiological state causes changes in the musculoskeletal system. According to statistics, by the age of 40, approximately 8% of men experience symptoms associated with changes in the hormonal background.

The first thing you always pay attention to is changes on the part of the reproductive system. In men, an erection is disturbed, spontaneous morning erections disappear, and sexual dissatisfaction arises. During intercourse, sensitivity decreases, premature ejaculation with a decrease in fluid volume is noted. Perhaps the development of urination disorders, which is not associated with an adenoma. This is manifested by frequent urges, weakening of the stream, urinary incontinence, night trips to the toilet.

The manifestation of menopausal symptoms in men is associated with emotional experiences. The extinction of sexual function worsens mood, depression occurs, sleep is disturbed, irritability is observed. During menopause, physical activity decreases, fatigue, weakness increases, memory worsens. Men begin to analyze the information received worse. The characteristic manifestations of the disease are increased sweating, hot flashes, constipation, redness of the face.

At any age, the onset of menopause in men is accompanied by changes in the cardiovascular system. During this period, fluctuations in blood pressure are observed, arrhythmia, heart attacks occur. Androgen deficiency is accompanied by an increase in blood cholesterol, which leads to atherosclerosis of the coronary, cerebral arteries. The likelihood of myocardial infarction, stroke increases.

As a result of the occurrence of hormonal changes, disorders of mineral, lipid, carbohydrate metabolism can form. This causes a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in adipose tissue. As a result, men begin to suffer from obesity, diabetes, gynecomastia. Menopause in men can also manifest as progressive aging: sagging skin, wrinkles appear, and the amount of hair decreases. If mineral metabolism is disturbed, there is a risk of osteoporosis, bone fractures.

Menopause in men as it manifests itself

Diagnostic methods

Signs of menopause in men are similar to manifestations of other pathological ailments. Usually this condition is hidden under concomitant somatic manifestations. Because of this, men turn to cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists. But the therapy prescribed by highly specialized specialists brings temporary relief, and does not help get rid of the true problem. Therefore, every man over 40 years old should undergo a parallel examination by a urologist or andrologist.

To correct male menopause, it is necessary to undergo an examination. It includes determining the total level of testosterone and other hormones in the blood. Questionnaire questionnaires are used to assess symptoms: a scale of age-related androgen deficiency, erectile function, urinary tract obstruction, etc.

An important step in the diagnosis is the exclusion of pathologies of the pelvic organs. For this, a digital examination of the prostate is carried out, ultrasound, ultrasound of the vessels of the penis, PSA blood and other measures are prescribed. In some cases, it may be necessary to conduct an examination of the cardiovascular system, study metabolism.

Differential diagnosis of hormonal deficiency with secondary hypogonadism caused by inflammatory processes and tumors of the hypothalamic-pituitary region of the head injury, various types of endocrine pathologies is carried out.

Methods of treatment

To reduce the pathological manifestations of menopause, drug and non-drug therapy is performed. Menopause treatment in men is aimed at normalizing the amount of testosterone hormone. For testosterone therapy, various forms of the hormone are used: tableted, transdermal, injectable. A replacement treatment is carried out strictly under the supervision of an endocrinologist, andrologist.

With the right hormonal therapy, physical activity increases, depression decreases, and the quality of sexual life improves. In some cases, patients are prescribed hCG-stimulating therapy, which enhances the synthesis of endogenous testosterone.

Homeopathy, psychotherapy, osteopathy, exercise therapy, hirudotherapy, and phytotherapy are widely used to relieve symptoms of menopause. Positive results are shown by therapeutic baths, a contrast shower, mud therapy and other balneotherapy procedures, as well as physiotherapy, ozone therapy, massage. In some cases, drugs are prescribed that normalize the work of CVS. For example, a drug such as Doppelherz for menopause allows you to cope with the ongoing changes in the cardiovascular system.

Menopause in men causes

Forecast, consequences

Male menopause is a natural process that cannot be prevented. However, it is possible to improve the quality of life through the use of modern medicines. The key to health and a successful fight against the problem is a preventive visit to a urologist or andrologist at least once a year, as well as weight control, refusal of bad habits, physical and mental activity. Postpone menopause allows regular sex life. Preventive measures can delay premature aging.

In the event that the pathological condition has already manifested itself, there is a change in the structure of the prostate, a violation of its function. A serious menopause of men is an enlarged prostate gland. The first signs of pathology can occur after 30 years. Over time, menopause develops into an adenoma, which is detected in about 50% of men over the age of 55.

Endocrine disorders are manifested by sagging muscles, skin, female obesity, impaired thyroid function.

Menopause in men onset age

How to be

Hormonal restructuring of the body is a natural phenomenon. Usually it goes smoothly. During this process, other internal mechanisms are activated, providing a gradual adaptation of the body to changes. Because of this, in most men, restructuring occurs without a pronounced effect on working capacity and well-being. And considering that menopause is a temporary process that lasts from two to five years, then usually there are no serious consequences.

If changes in the body suddenly appear, then you should understand that this is a menopause. He should not be afraid, because this is not the end of a full life. During this period, it is important to maintain emotional balance. This is a great way to maintain normal relations between a man and his loved ones. You should also adequately relate to ongoing changes in the body.

Despite the safety of menopause, there are cases when existing pathologies become aggravated. Because of this, doctors advise all men to undergo preventive examinations, and if you feel the slightest change, immediately seek help.

What the doctor will do

A specialist will conduct an examination to determine the cause of ill health. At the same time, he prescribes a variety of diagnostic methods - instrumental and laboratory. After confirming the diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment is selected, which allows to alleviate the patient's condition. An individual diet is necessarily selected for weight correction, a mode of motor activity is determined, medications are prescribed. If necessary, sedatives, antidepressants, biogenic adaptogens, hormone therapy are prescribed.

If all the recommendations of the doctor are followed, the man easily tolerates menopause, almost not noticing it. Hormone replacement therapy allows you to normally transfer menopause. There is evidence of the use of gonadotropin, which causes an increase in the production of testosterone.



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