Obsidian snow stone: magical and healing properties, suitable for anyone

08.06.2020 Medicine
Obsidian snow stone: magical and healing properties, suitable for anyone

Snow obsidian is a stone that people who seek inner peace should think about buying. According to numerous legends, the gem will help reveal the secrets of the universe. But not everyone can take advantage of the properties of the mineral.

In ancient years, the gem was used almost everywhere. In Egypt, bowls were made from it, which were later used in aromatic rituals. The Aztecs from the obsidian snow made ritual daggers. And in Mesopotamia, the mineral was used to create mirrors.

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Used popular stone and in Europe. It could be found in almost any rich person. Mostly worn mineral as decoration.

Snow obsidian is a black stone with white blotches that resemble snowflakes. It has a dense structure. It is recommended to wear the mineral carefully, as it collapses quite easily.

The magical properties of snow obsidian

According to legend, the mineral is able to protect its owner from the negative. With the help of a gem, a person can become more pedantic, prudent and careful. The accumulation and replenishment of energy reserves is another significant magical property of snow obsidian.

The magical properties of the snow obsidian

The snowy kind of stone has special properties.

  1. The gem will help to realize true desires . It should be purchased by a person who dreams of change, but does not dare to take the first step. Naturally, this does not mean that the stone will do everything for its owner. It will simply help you gain energy for decisive action.
  2. With the help of snow obsidian you can cope with the routine. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase it for those people in whom everything in life turns out perfectly.
  3. The magical properties of snow obsidian will help to cope with corruption, evil eye and love spell. All the negativity directed at the person will be reflected from the stone, as from a mirror.
  4. The gem will help in meditation practices. Thanks to him, he will be able to get rid of debris in his head.

It is best to purchase a silver jewelry with obsidian. The energy of such an amulet is more ordered. It can be sent to creation.

The healing properties of snow obsidian

Stone is used not only in magic. According to numerous legends, the mineral is able to protect a person from any disease. In ancient years, infusions, powders were made from a gem. It was applied to those parts of the body that were sick.

What is obsidian for? The mineral has the following medicinal properties:

  1. protects against colds;
  2. helps to remove toxins and toxins;
  3. strengthens the skeletal system;
  4. improves the skin;
  5. helps to cope with rheumatism and gout;
  6. helps restore vision;
  7. has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract;
  8. contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.

To whom snow obsidian is suitable

According to astrologers, the stone is ideal for Capricorn, Aries, Sagittarius, Lions. Representatives of these signs will be able to take advantage of all the properties of the mineral. Sagittarius is advised to carefully use the stone. If you need to deal with excessive shyness and gentleness, obsidian will help. In other cases, he will only do harm by making his owner selfish and callous.

Who should use obsidian snow

Astrologers do not recommend buying a stone for Virgo and Cancer. Snow obsidian can harm, destroy the life of representatives of these signs. Falling under the influence of a gem, a person will become more windy and arrogant, which will negatively affect professional activities and personal relationships.

Snow obsidian will not harm other signs, but will not bring any benefit. It can be used only as a decoration.


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