Penile prosthesis: characteristics, varieties and photos

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Penile prosthesis: characteristics, varieties and photos

Everyone knows how men are reverent about the subject of their male pride. When this important organ functions in a normal predetermined mode, its owner experiences great confidence and considers himself a cool, full-fledged person, who justifies the expectations of the fair fairer without any problems. This confidence applies not only to the sexual sphere, but also plays a very important role in career ambitions. Sexual health for men is by no means an empty phrase, but a powerful generator of energy to achieve its global goals.

As well as human health, sexual health is also prone to failures, as a result of which some processes of the male body they cannot fulfill their intended functions in full, and sometimes even stop working at all. Problems of decreasing potency and erectile function in men are not uncommon today. And with timely access to specialists, in most cases you can quite successfully deal with them.

But for men to make such a decision and admit their male bankruptcy is very difficult psychologically, so many are in no hurry to see a doctor, giving the disease time progress. In the early stages of sexual discord, a sexologist, urologist, andrologist can help you. Even at later stages, there is a chance to return to duty, depending on the severity of the pathology and the reasons that caused it. But when conservative treatment does not give the expected results, men give up. And they think their life is over, they get depressed and abandon everything.

However, a way out can always be found. There is he in this case. Again, gaining confidence and becoming a full-fledged man will help you with a high-quality prosthesis of the penis (photos of some models will be presented in the article for clarity). What is a falloprosthetics and how does this process go?

What is a falloprosthetics

Modern medicine does not disregard male problems and offers new opportunities to return lost functions. Impotence is no longer a sentence.

The disease is gradually losing ground, giving way to drug therapy and radical methods of surgical intervention . Today, highly qualified specialists can already make a high-quality prosthesis of the penis, and perform the procedure of falloprosthetics at a high medical level. Prosthetics is carried out when all methods of drug treatment have been tried: pharmacology, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and a positive result could not be obtained. The essence of this procedure is to introduce a silicone prosthesis of the penis into the cavernous bodies of a man’s penis.

In our time, falloprosthetics has become one of the safest and most effective ways to return stiffness to the genitals. This technique is very popular in the treatment of persistent erectal dysfunction. The rapid development of new technologies gave impetus to the introduction of interesting developments with the qualitative composition of various implants, as well as giving them very important parameters and characteristics. Today it is possible to choose for each patient their own prosthesis with those characteristics that are most consistent with its individual anatomical features.

Such a serious approach to solving the problem allows you to install a similar prosthesis of the penis, which practically does not differ from the native flesh either in appearance or in function. He accurately repeats the anatomical structure of the patient's genital organ, and high-quality materials and thorough computer diagnostics allow the man to experience excellent sensitivity, maintain arousal, produce ejaculation, and even experience a full delightful orgasm. The prostheses have an impeccable design and incredible strength.

Results of the operation

According to statistics, 95% of the operated men can have free sexual lifestyle . However, fans of large dimensions should be disappointed - as a result of falloprosthetics, you can’t enlarge the penis in size, so you have to do with the sizes that nature has provided for you. But not everything is so sad - there is a special type of surgical intervention for this, and if you want to increase your dignity, modern medicine is ready to provide you with such an opportunity. Falloprosthetics is not shown to everyone and it is performed only for those categories of men for whom medical indications exist.

Falloprosthetics: indications for prosthetics

The use of genital prosthetics is very important today. The essence of the operation is to give the weak penis elasticity and hardness sufficient to perform the functions necessary during normal sex life. Operations of this kind using artificial material as an implant are shown in such cases:

  • in the presence of Peyronie’s disease;
  • in case of cavernous fibrosis;
  • in case of endocrine impotence - diabetes;
  • in case of sexual hypoplasia penis;
  • if the genital is artifical;
  • for diseases of the reproductive system;
  • for obvious erectile dysfunction;
  • for congenital anomaly of the penis;
  • for complications after surgery on the pelvic organs, prostate gland, bladder, rectum;
  • with ineffective conservative treatment and other conditions.

In addition, for For prosthetics, a thorough medical examination of the patient is necessary to establish the true picture of this pathology, as well as to assess the feasibility of surgical intervention, to assess the degree of risk of complications and the presence of contraindications to such a radical method of treatment.

If the case falls under the above reasons and there are no contraindications for surgery, you can begin to choose a suitable prosthesis.

How to choose a prosthetic penis? Types

The patient is offered several types of prostheses to choose from. They differ not only in the material of manufacture, price, functions. In addition to all this, a very important point when choosing a model is an individual species characteristic of the prosthesis of the penis. Today, prosthetics of the genitals has gone so far that the patient has the opportunity to choose the most convenient and advanced prostheses from different offers.

Today, men are offered the following varieties of penile prostheses that differ in structure type:

  • rigid (rigid);
  • semi-rigid (plastic);
  • hydraulic (inflatable).

By completing, prosthetic systems are divided into one-, two- and three-component ones.

Rigid (rigid) dentures

The simplest and most unpretentious models are rigid (rigid) ones. Accordingly, they are the most inexpensive and inconvenient. Their characteristics include low physiologicality, since they are fixed in a constant erectile position, which creates a lot of inconvenience for a man and complicates his social adaptation in society. The holder of such a prosthesis, in addition to moral inconvenience, also feels physical - a rigidly fixed implant exerts constant pressure on the organs of the penis nearest to it, thereby disrupting the normal movement of blood and depleting the organ’s nutrition. As a result, implant rejection may occur. These models are now very rarely used and almost never released.

Semi-rigid prostheses

Much more in demand a semi-rigid prosthesis for the penis is used, reviews say about them that they are more perfect and comfortable. Such a model has the memory of the material, can bend and take various forms without losing its original volume. People write in reviews: a semi-rigid prosthesis for the penis is made of silicone cylinders, inside of which there is a metal rod with a fabric braid. It can be brought into an erect state by simple manipulations and its appearance is more natural and physiologically similar to a living prototype than in a hard version. It is quite affordable and quite acceptable in quality, and there are much less complications when using it. Plastic prostheses with an internal metal rod have a plastic memory, therefore, they can retain the desired position. They have a very aesthetic appearance and a rather high cost - much higher than average.

Inflatable models

Hydraulic and inflatable penile prostheses are even more advanced. Hydraulic prostheses are very similar to real organs. The most complex systems are three-component ones, which include hydraulically filled cylinders, a reservoir with a filler, and a pump. A fluid circulates inside the structure, which, when the pressure increases, gives the body an excited volume, and at the end of sexual intercourse and pressure decrease returns it to a calm state. They restore sexual functions in a very high quality and in full, but financially often prove to be unbearable for the bulk of people requiring falloprosthetics. In addition, the complexity of the design makes this expensive prosthesis often fail.

gh-quality inflatable penile prostheses very accurately reproduce the shape of the penis - both at rest and extremely excited. After such an operation, his sexual function often returns to men completely and he can lead an active and full intimate life without problems. This model does not create excessive pressure on the genital organ and any discomfort. Blood circulation is normal and mimics a natural erection. True, the operation stage is technically complicated and quite expensive.


Before proceeding directly to the operation, you need to decide on the choice of design and implants - it depends on how effective the penile prosthesis will be after installation. Preparation for surgery should be carried out. At the first stage, the doctor should familiarize himself with the tests in detail, study the patient’s history - sexual, medical, surgical, make a careful examination of the patient, conduct testing.

Before the operation, the patient should discuss with the doctor what medications he can take. You may have to interrupt your medication a week before the operation and not take any food or drink the night before surgery. It is quite a difficult task to install a penile prosthesis. Preparation for the operation includes the selection of anesthesia.

How is the operation to install the prosthesis

For such a serious operation, general anesthesia is intended, which is injected into a vein on the arm, and the patient goes into sleep or spinal, when the patient is conscious, but the lower part of his body loses its sensitivity. Spinal anesthesia is administered in the back. After completing the preparatory procedures, the surgeon treats the genitals with an antiseptic to avoid infection and begins to implant the prosthesis of the penis.

The operation is performed taking into account the individual anatomical features of the patient and the species characteristics of the selected prosthesis. The operation begins with an incision on the skin of the scrotum or on the coronary sulcus. So access to cavernous bodies is achieved. A bypass catheter is inserted into the penis to remove urine from the bladder. According to its anatomy in the penis, there are two cavernous (cavernous) bodies on the right and left sides of the penis body. Having gained access to them by an incision, the doctor expands the internal space and installs a prosthesis there - two cylinders that mimic the natural organ.

In the case of severe fibrosis, cavernous bodies are increased in size with special tools. If they put an inflatable model of the prosthesis, then a pump connected to a reservoir containing a special fluid and penile cylinders is placed in the scrotum. This reservoir is placed near the bladder in the pelvic area. The solution is pumped into the tank and the system is tested. The incisions are sutured with absorbable threads that do not require removal. Already by 10-14 days you can inflate and blow out the daily installed system, which will increase the maximum length and volume of the prosthetic penis.


In the postoperative period, attention should be paid to infection protection in order to avoid complications. If after 8 weeks the wounds heal normally and there is no discomfort, you can gradually begin to accustom the prosthesis to the penis. Complications can be intra- and postoperative. The first case includes:

  • perforation - urethral, ​​cavitary, septal;
  • hematoma;
  • bleeding;
  • crossover and others.

Postoperative complications include:

  • prosthetic infection;
  • erosion;
  • prosthetic migration ;
  • hematoma;
  • lymphostasis;
  • glanuloptosis;
  • genital deformity and others.

The most serious complication is a prosthetic infection.

How to use a prosthesis

Using prostheses is very simple:

  • if it is a semi-rigid prosthesis, then to achieve erection, it must be bent up;
  • if inflatable - just press a pump, which is in the scrotum, a couple of times, and the solution from the tank will instantly bring it into a stable erect state.
semi-rigid prosthesis for the member


It is important to understand that erectile dysfunction should in no way plague you disheartened. It can be quite effectively dealt with by prosthetics of the penis with one or another implant. After which it will be possible to continue to enjoy life in all its glory, including sexual.



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