Penis Enlargement Cream for Enlargement: Drug Review, Efficiency Reviews

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Penis Enlargement Cream for Enlargement: Drug Review, Efficiency Reviews

There are currently many creams that can help if a man wants to enlarge his penis. Next, we consider the most popular tools that receive positive feedback in the process of their application. Many of the creams for penis have a warming effect and, although they do not lead to incredible organ growth, as any advertisement often promises, the penis during sex actually grows larger due to the maximum level of erection.

penis cream

A variety of ointments and gels, which are also called pen-building agents, usually contain natural ingredients, which makes their use safe for your health Zhine. We are talking about:

  • Pectin.
  • Protein hydrolysates.
  • Horse chestnut extract.
  • Ginger root.
  • Cayenne pepper extract.
  • Elastin and collagen complexes.
  • Japanese quince extract.
  • Essential oils.
  • Tannins .
  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Zinc.

Also, the composition of most popular creams for enlarging the penis is dimethicone. This is a silicone oil that has a beneficial effect on the skin without causing irritations and allergic reactions.

Overview of penis enlargement drugs

So, the most popular penis creams that are used by modern men on Today, the following are: Persian Shah, HOT V-Activ, Philips Nipple Cream, Ambulance, Guardian, Big Pen, XXL Power Life, Penis XXL, as well as Titan Gel and PRIUP. We will talk more about them later. Immediately before using any of these tools, it is advisable to consult a sex therapist first.

Means "Persian Shah"

This penis cream is different domestic production. It can warm tissues well, enhancing blood flow, which makes it great for warming up. Also, the use of this tool helps to relieve fatigue, and, in addition, to increase male sexual tone. Among other things, it should be noted that the claimed drug moisturizes the organ well, it tones up, the libido rises and the erection intensifies. The composition contains an extract of ginseng, ginkgo biloba, notoginseng and horse chestnut. In addition to these ingredients, there is also prickly needle, ginger oil and other components.

HOT V-Activ

This penis cream is also good, according to consumers. The penis is perfectly toned by them, blood is accelerated throughout the organ, while the burning effect is not present. With this tool, the level of erection is reliably increased, libido is enhanced. According to the manufacturer, applying this cream for fifteen to twenty minutes before sex, a man will reach a maximum level of erection. This composition is a good option for use with the extender. An increased level of blood supply will help warm up the penis just before stretching the organ and relieve fatigue after it. Also, the drug takes good care and softens the skin of the penis.

I must say that this penis enlargement cream contains a large number of useful components and extracts, for example, in the form of wheat germ oil, camphor, capsicum, benzyl nicotinate, vitamins “E” and “A”, ginkgo biloba and others.

Philips Nipple Cream

This tool is originally intended for the healing of nipples during breastfeeding. But it is very well suited for the treatment of penis microtraumas, as it acts as the best healing cream for extender exercises, as well as for enlarging the male organ. This hypoallergenic preparation does not contain dyes in its composition, it also lacks flavorings and preservatives. It can not be washed off during use, as it is very well and quickly absorbed into the fabric. It contains lanolin along with coconut oil and aloe extract.

Cream "Ambulance"

This drug is good for the treatment of various microcracks, bruises and abrasions. But it is also excellent as a preventative. It should be rubbed into a member immediately before having sex. It is well absorbed, protecting the organ from damage and warming it. With the use of this composition, the penis is rapidly increasing in size. The cream contains dimethicone along with olive and sea-buckthorn oils, vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants. Which penis cream is best is not easy to solve.

" Guardian "

This means improves regeneration and tissue relaxation is achieved within the breaks between sex. It can be used as a penis enlargement cream. It contains naphthalene minerals in combination with sea buckthorn and corn oil, the essential components of lavender and eucalyptus, as well as vitamins "E" and "A" and various auxiliary substances. During use of the product, there is an additional tangible warming effect. Everyone wants to find the best penis enlargement cream.

Big Pen Cream

According to many men, this is a great tool for enlarging the penis. The main active ingredients, as in the preparation XXL Power Life, in this composition are horse chestnut with ginger and ginseng. True, this drug differs from its competitor in the basis. The fact is that Big Pen cream is rather oily. Which works well when applied, allowing you to use the product as part of some effective penbuilding exercises. True, it is noted that this drug is not so convenient for continuous use because of its fat content, because it is absorbed for a long time, leaving spots on clothes.

But, nevertheless, men are in no hurry to write it off, because, according to them, for jelking or massages, such a fatty composition will be very convenient. In any case, as consumers write in the reviews, as part of the enlargement of a member, Big Pen gives an excellent result. Today it’s quite possible to enlarge the penis with cream.

Titan Gel

This tool is one of the oldest, long known abroad. Moreover, it is very popular today. I must say that many adherents of this drug note that they not only feel a good increase result, but also believe that such a consistency is best suited during use.

A powerful composition that is distinguished by its natural origin is noted. For example, thistle, which is one of the ingredients of the cream, effectively improves the quality of blood supply to the penis, goryanka contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, Peruvian poppy contains a lot of important vitamins and can also effectively affect the prostate gland.

Among other things, the Titan Penis Cream is well absorbed without leaving any residue, and therefore can be safely applied without any restrictions. Literally, you can use it shortly before leaving the house, and all day the beneficial components of the composition will positively affect the organ. But most creams can be used exclusively at home. Actually, that's why it will be enough to apply it only once a day.

How is the penis enlargement with the Titan cream?

The special ingredients that make up the composition are beneficial for the tissues of the penis, while the latter can stretch harmless to the organ, and simultaneously expand the chambers of the cavernous body of the penis, which contributes to a noticeable increase in length and generally in girth.

penis enlargement cream reviews

Such a cream for penis growth should be applied using massage movements of the hands on the erect penis. To achieve the best effect, the product is used half an hour before sexual intercourse begins. This will certainly give additional stimulation of growth in length and increase the volume of the penis as a whole. As they say in the reviews, when using this tool, the ecstasy of the partner is usually guaranteed. Among other things, the drug manufacturer states the following:

  • When using the cream in question, a man will become an ace in sex thanks to a steel erection and many hours of endurance.
  • Achieving a powerful sex drive. A unique formula increases the production of testosterone in the blood, which is the key to the strength of any successful man.
  • Achieving a quick result without the appearance of side effects. After a few days, you can feel a stone erection, and at the same time experience a powerful orgasm.

When will the result be seen after applying the Titan Gel?

As reported by the manufacturer, two weeks after use, an erection in men becomes longer and harder. In addition, the overall sensitivity of the penis doubles, and the length with the girth of the organ increases to one and a half centimeters. As a result, after three weeks, the penis becomes noticeably larger, and its shape is anatomically correct. At the same time, the duration of sexual intercourse increases by seventy percent.

Then, after four weeks, the penis increases by another four centimeters. The quality of sex is improved several times, and orgasms are felt stronger and last up to seven minutes. For the correct application and achievement of all of the above results, apply this cream along the entire length of the body so that it turns out to be completely moist. It must be rubbed into the skin until completely absorbed, paying particular attention directly to the head. After that, you can enjoy the instant effect.

The popular cream for penis enlargement XXL Power Life

This composition is no less popular today, it is perhaps one of the most famous on the Russian market. This is a very good, and at the same time, high-quality product based on ginseng. Due to this, the basis of the principle of its impact is the improvement of material metabolism in the field of use. Additionally, among the ingredients there are ginger and horse chestnut, which stimulate the blood circulation of the penis.

Thus, this product boasts a safe and natural herbal composition, as well as a good consistency, tasty smell and pleasant sensations. After reading the reviews, we can say that this penis enlargement cream shares the palm with Titan Gel.

Penis XXL

This drug is also designed to enlarge the penis. It includes effectively caring for the penis and stimulating active substances in the form of jojoba oil, vitamin "E" and ginkgo biloba extract. These main components stimulate blood circulation with metabolism in all tissues of the male organ. As a result, the cream accelerates the achievement of an erection and tightens the penis.

Thanks to the use of Penis XXL cream in men, it intensifies and sensitivity increases through sexual contact. Application should be as follows: a thin layer is applied and rubbed onto a clean penis, excluding the head, shortly before sex. The dosage is selected individually. In order to enhance the effect, it is allowed to use the drug with a vacuum pump. I must say that it is fully compatible with condoms.

As for the composition, the cream contains water along with glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, ginkgo biloba extract, Chinese oil, propylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, tocopherol, ammonium acetate. p>

PRIUP cream

What other penis enlargement cream can I buy? Sex therapists with urologists claim that this drug is also one of the most effective means available today. It works this way: just before sex (or masturbation), a small amount of gel should be applied to the penis.

what penis enlargement cream

Next, Men have an unusually powerful erection. After the first use, the patient may feel that the penis literally swells. After applying the cream, the organ instantly increases by three to seven centimeters (each in different ways). Under the condition of regular use (at least one month), the effect of the increase is maintained. The scientific results of the study of this cream demonstrate the following results:

  • Penis size growth (the volume of the excited organ increased by an average of five centimeters). And in this case we are talking about a lasting effect even thirty days after the end of use.
  • Prolongation of sexual contact: the time of sex increases significantly. This is extremely important, because if a man quickly finishes intercourse, then the woman does not have time to get full pleasure.
  • Strengthening an erection, since arousal occurs rapidly. This persists throughout sexual intercourse.
  • An increase in the thickness of the organ. Against the background of a strong erection, a noticeable increase in the penis occurs, which affects the satisfaction of the partner.
  • The quality of sperm, which is ejected during orgasm, improves its quantity too.
  • The presence of vivid sensations. In men, orgasm is significantly enhanced due to an increase in penis sensitivity and a general increase in libido.

You can purchase PRIUP on the official website, and you can also order this drug from sex therapists after consultation. It is not sold in pharmacies, so beware of fakes. Thus, as you can see, there are quite a lot of drugs for penis enlargement today. Let’s find out further what real consumers tell about them on the Internet.

Testimonials about effectiveness

I must say that the most positive reviews about Titan Gel penis enlargement cream. Many consumers admit that they use it regularly. As noted, a tangible result is noticeable after two weeks.

As for the drug "Penis XXL" - this tool is also popular, and, as men admit, it pleases them with its enlargement properties. But the main thing is to use it correctly, and then the effect will be noticeable in two weeks. It is reported that due to the application of the cream, the erection noticeably improves already about seven days after the start of use. At the same time, according to consumers, a constant effect is observed.

They write about the Persian Shah that the remedy also enlarges the penis well, which happens after using one tube. As noted, the growth in this case is about two centimeters. Men also joyfully say that after the course of such a drug, their genital organ literally sticks out of their pants.

It is better to familiarize yourself with reviews about creams for penis enlargement in advance. No adverse reactions have been reported, since most of the drugs have a natural basis.



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