Pita bread with crab sticks and Korean carrots: recipe, cooking features

01.09.2019 Food, Recipe
Pita bread with crab sticks and Korean carrots: recipe, cooking features

Some people remember very well how in the 90s of the 20th century they had to queue for long lines of bread. It is wonderful that in our time there are no such problems. Grocery stores have a large selection of bakery products. Lavash is very popular with many buyers. It is not only very tasty, but can also serve as the basis for the preparation of various snack dishes. Let's make pita bread with crab sticks and Korean carrots. You will also find some more simple recipes using Armenian bread in the article.

Essential ingredients

This dish has several advantages. Firstly, it is easy to cook. Secondly, it is very tasty. And thirdly, it takes very little time to cook. So let's go to the store and buy all the necessary ingredients. For pita bread rolls stuffed with crab sticks and Korean carrots we need:

  • Sour cream or mayonnaise - one package. Choose what you like best. We will need these ingredients for greasing pita bread.
  • Salt - half a teaspoon. It is best to take small.
  • Fresh greens - if any. With the addition of parsley, dill or green onions, the dish will turn out to be more juicy and aromatic.
  • Pita - one package. Perhaps only half of it will be enough for you.
  • Korean carrots. It is sold in every store. But you can cook it yourself.
  • And, finally, crab sticks. How much? One or two packages, depending on the number of people for whom you will cook.
pita bread with crab sticks

Pita bread with crab chopsticks and Korean carrots can be done very quickly.

The cooking sequence will be as follows:

  1. We release crab sticks from packaging. Please note that it is best to buy Snow Crab at the store. They have a higher nutritional value, as well as protein content. So, cut the sticks into circles. If they were frozen, then get them in advance. Fold the prepared filling in a small bowl, we will need it a little later.
  2. Take a plate or a tray. Spread pita bread.
  3. Lubricate with a little mayonnaise or sour cream. Pita bread should be well soaked.
  4. Take any greens and rinse thoroughly under warm water.
  5. Now finely chop the parsley, onion or dill with scissors or a knife.
  6. Spread greens on pita bread in an even layer.
  7. Put crab sticks on top. They can be slightly salted, but only if desired.
  8. We open the package of carrots in Korean. Spread on crab sticks. Also, we carefully level everything with a tablespoon.
  9. Now we begin to turn the pita bread into roll. You need to do this very tightly so that there are no empty spaces.
  10. Now take the plastic wrap, if not, then use a regular plastic bag. Wrap pita bread in it.
  11. Put the prepared roll in a cold place. Best in the fridge. Leave for an hour or a half.

Pita bread with crab sticks and Korean carrots is readyBon appetit

Lean pita roll: recipes

A delicious dish can be prepared with other ingredients. We offer you a couple more recipes in your home piggy bank:

  • With fried champignons and fresh cucumber. Finely chop the mushrooms, and then fry in a pan. Wash the cucumbers thoroughly. Cut them into small cubes or slices. Fill the prepared filling on the pita, and then smooth everything out. Roll pita bread.
  • With rice and green peas. Another lean version of the appetizer roll. You will need to boil a small amount of rice. Cool it and then mix with green peas. Well, then we do according to the old script.
pita bread with crab sticks and Korean carrots

Simple tips

  • If you want your dish to turn out not only tasty, but also beautiful, then use a sharp knife when slicing. Otherwise, you just doubt the pita roll.
  • For a change of taste, you can use boiled eggs, grated cream cheese, as well as other ingredients.
  • For a more spicy and aromatic filling, you should add favorite spices and seasonings.

In conclusion

Pita bread with crab sticks and Korean carrots is an excellent option for decorating the festive table. The dish is not only very quickly cooked, but also many people like it. Moreover, this snack roll will be eaten as adults. so are the children. And if you decide to get together for a picnic, then you can’t imagine a better option



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