Prostate fibrosis: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Prostate fibrosis: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Signs of prostate fibrosis on ultrasound are the presence of white spots, which indicate an increased density of tissues. The therapist in this case, on palpation, reveals several seals. There are additional signs of this pathology.

What is it

Fibrosis is scar tissue. It occurs at the location of the focus of the inflammatory process. For example, often diffuse changes in the prostate gland, fibrosis can occur in place of a small acne. The tissues here begin to thicken, this is a protective reaction of the body. And if on the face such a change can spoil the appearance, then on the prostate - the quality of life.


Foci of fibrosis in the prostate gland create several difficulties for a person. For this reason, they are removed. For example, scars are able to exert pressure on neighboring tissues, interfering with their normal functioning. If pressure is placed on the urethra, urine outflow is difficult. If it affects the ducts, the secretion of the prostate is produced much worse, like ejaculate. After this, a chain reaction can start. Thus, a situation arises when the site is compressed, an inflammatory process begins in it, which negatively affects the following areas. They also cause inflammation.

Manifestation of the pathology

Sometimes, foci of the inflammatory process are hidden in the prostate gland with areas of fibrosis. This is a large focus of bacteria, the forces of which are not enough to break through the body's defenses. The scar is a certain fence. The body is not able to get rid of these microorganisms. As a result, immune forces are weakened, which provokes an exacerbation of the disease. Antibiotics practically do not penetrate into focal prostate fibrosis. The thing is that the fabrics here are extremely dense.

In addition, areas of prostate fibrosis can replace useful tissues. And if the area is affected small, it will not create many difficulties. For example, microinfarctions in the same way provoke a “scar”, but the heart works further. While a large area of ​​prostate fibrosis can spoil the activity of the entire prostate.

Causes of the appearance

Inflammatory processes are considered the main cause of the appearance of fibrosis, calcification of the prostate gland. Sometimes they appear due to injuries, but this is a rarer case. As a rule, ordinary prostatitis causes pathology. The duration of the disease, which is needed in order for the tissue to heal, is several months. In cases where recovery does not occur over time, it is worth reinforcing therapy. Otherwise, diffuse prostate fibrosis is called the long-standing form of prostatitis.

The mechanism of tissue scarring is exactly the same as on ordinary skin integuments. Initially, after damage to them, a delicate layer of skin appears, which becomes denser, turning into a scar. If the damage is deep, the scar is able to remain for life. In the treatment of prostate fibrosis, the main task is to make the tissue more elastic so that it does not interfere with the normal functioning of the prostate.


Often this phenomenon occurs without any symptoms whatsoever. A person suffers from an inflammatory process, not suspecting that scar tissue has already begun. This is especially true of the chronic form of the disease, when it does not manifest itself brightly. This usually happens if a man has not had sexual intercourse for some time, and the area of ​​inflammation is located in a place that is not affected by anything.

Pain in case of illness

But as soon as the direct functions of the prostate are needed, the damaged tissue will manifest itself. Urination will be difficult, the stream of urine with a high degree of probability will be weakened. Sometimes periurethral fibrosis of the prostate causes bewilderment among doctors: inflammation has already been cured, no swelling is observed, and the stream is still weakened.

The same applies to the process of ejaculation. The inflammatory process is over, and the ejaculate ejection has not returned to normal. As a rule, damaged tissue does not affect an erection. But if sexual life becomes active, prostatitis begins to worsen instantly. It's all about prostate fibrosis.


In cases where the inflammation has passed, scars are not detected without a medical examination. Only during palpation or during massage do they become noticeable. The patient experiences obvious discomfort when touching these areas. The doctor may stumble on a "pea" that is not squeezed out. When passing tests, no pathologies are detected.

How old is fibrosis of the prostate gland is determined by its density. So, if the formation is mild, as a rule, this suggests that the disease is only 1-3 years old. With proper efforts, such scars will be completely eliminated.

Methods of treatment

In the treatment of prostate fibrosis, the most important moment is its timely start. Until the damage has solidified, the prognosis will be favorable. Here the requirements are exactly the same as for ordinary wounds on the skin. Once they heal completely, getting rid of them becomes much more difficult. But here there are procedures that turn rough scars into thin “threads” that are hardly noticeable.

But if the same scars are inside the body, the situation becomes much more complicated. Only concomitant symptoms speak of their presence - weakening of the prostate. The best solution will be to prevent the appearance of scars when detecting the first signs of an inflammatory process. In this case, the forecast will be most favorable.

Prostate fibrosis

If prostate fibrosis has already appeared, they usually resort to physiotherapeutic procedures. Scars are treated in this way in many areas of medicine - in cosmetology, gynecology, surgery. Laser therapy, massage, ultrasound, phonophoresis, and mud baths are also popular.

Means of treatment

Hormone medications help against prostate fibrosis. Most often used "Hydrocortisone." In this case, use it locally. It prevents the appearance of scars in the internal organs and on the skin.

Diclofenac and Meloxicam are also popular. These are known anti-inflammatory drugs. However, male patients tend to refuse to take these funds, learning about side effects. But keep in mind that drugs of this type reduce the likelihood that rough scars appear. In addition, they can have an analgesic effect.

Absorbable drugs

There are many drugs of this type. The most common enzymes. Substances that secrete some animal glands dissolve collagen, and it serves as the basis for fibrous tissues.

It is known that enzymes that break down protein can help cope with paraurethral fibrosis of the prostate gland. As a rule, they are used to cleanse purulent lesions. They help other drugs, such as antibiotics, get inside the focus of inflammation.


"Wobenzym" or "Flogenzim" is used in tablet form. Preparations of this kind are able to exert a systemic effect on the foci of the inflammatory process, even in hard-to-reach places. At the same time, the effectiveness of their impact is questioned by many experts.


It is believed that diet has an effect on scarring of tissues. If you limit the use of certain foods, protein foods, the patient's condition improves. This is due to the fact that collagen production is reduced. It is known that in the wild, animals are able to resort to this method of treatment on their own. Having been injured or burned, they stop eating for a couple of days after this, which reduces the likelihood of scarring.

If chronic prostatitis, a diet is unlikely to be effective. And they resort to it only as a last resort, when other methods did not have the proper impact. In such cases, the patient begins therapeutic fasting.

But it must be borne in mind that nutrition does have a role in the course of the inflammatory process in the gland. And a serious diet, which the patient adheres to according to the doctor’s recommendations, can reduce the chances that inflammation will develop and scars will appear in the prostate.

Alternative methods

Often patients do not seek to use traditional medicinal products funds, preferring traditional medicine methods to them. It is believed that they are harmless to humans, because these are environmentally friendly products. It is important to start therapy as early as possible.

Even the chronic form of this disease, according to experts, is treated with the use of honey therapy. It is necessary to first exclude the presence of an allergy in a patient to beekeeping products, diabetes mellitus. Otherwise, you will need to use other recipes. It is necessary to eat at least 200 g of honey with tea per day. It is important to consider that in this case sugar is not eaten - it is replaced with honey. This valuable natural product contributes to the establishment of urination, getting rid of pain. To recover completely, it is best to resort to this method in courses, periodically repeating them as a prophylaxis.

It is believed that pumpkin seeds are the oldest treatment for inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. They are very affordable, they have a high zinc content, and this element is necessary for patients suffering from prostatitis. You need to eat 30 seeds per day before eating. In this case, the body will be provided with the daily allowance of zinc.

The next folk recipe that can help the body cope with prostate fibrosis is a decoction of hazel. Both bark and hazel leaves are suitable for use. Please note that brewing the bark will last twice as long because of its stiffness.

Herbs in medicine

To prepare a healing potion you need to take one tablespoon of raw materials, and then pour a glass of boiling water. Having closed the broth with a lid, it must be insisted for half an hour. Having stretched, the drug is taken in a quarter cup. It is recommended to take new raw materials each time, and not to brew the same thing several times. They drink the drug 3-4 times a day, before eating. As a rule, after 7 days of such procedures, the inflammatory process in the prostate gland passes.

Stages of treatment

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the spread of the inflammatory process. The faster the patient gets rid of prostatitis, the better. It must be remembered that quick healing from this ailment leads to a decrease in the lesion area, which means that the potential scar will be less.

In the treatment of prostatitis, massage of the gland, exercise therapy, Kegel exercises is used. It is important that bowel movements occur on a regular basis. Indeed, in this process, a natural massage of the prostate is provided.

At the second stage, tissue scarring is slowed down. Inductothermy helps here. Procedures of this kind are combined with massage, which leads to a decrease in the level of the inflammatory process, even if the lesion has become already quite large.

Laser therapy also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate gland. Most often, this method is recommended for elderly people due to the fact that it is actually harmless.

Microwave therapy is carried out using special equipment. It acts both rectally and on the perineum.

Medicines for patients suffering from a chronic form of the disease, as a rule, are used for severe inflammatory processes. It must be borne in mind that they also have an analgesic effect. This is the advantage of this method of treatment, but at the same time, an important disadvantage. Indeed, sometimes anesthesia masks the most distant foci of the disease, and they remain unattended during therapy. And if they remain, this leads to negative consequences.

At the third stage of treatment, the effect is directly on fibrosis. It recommends ultrasound treatment, as well as mud procedures. Ultrasound is a powerful procedure, it affects the prostate at a depth of a few centimeters.

Mud procedures help absorb even old scars, as they say Patients in reviews. As a rule, they are not resorted to at the beginning of the course of therapy, they are effective closer to its end. If you use them at the beginning, this can lead to an exacerbation of the inflammatory process.

There are several ways to use dirt to get rid of scars. One of them is special tampons. As a rule, they are offered to patients in many Russian sanatoriums. Special mud trousers are also on sale.

Mud candles are also widely used by patients. As patients note, their effect is weaker than that of tampons. It is recommended to use from 20 candles in one course. The advantage of this method is that, as a rule, propolis is also present in the composition of suppositories. Thanks to this, they can be used even at an early stage of treatment.

At the fourth stage, it is important to engage in prevention. If at the previous stages individual foci of the inflammatory process have not been identified, by this time they can make themselves felt. But if you do prevention, be examined again, scarring can be prevented.

Surgical intervention

Surgical removal of scarring tissue is carried out in the rarest cases, if there is a chronic form of inflammation of the prostate gland. This method of treatment is resorted to in cases where damaged areas are pressed on the urethra, making it difficult for urine to flow out.

The disadvantage of this method is the trauma. And it is important to consider that if the body has a tendency to form scars, with a high degree of probability fibrosis will occur again in the newly operated area. And if the surgery is actually carried out, it is necessary to pay more attention to the damaged areas, to more actively engage in the prevention of prostate fibrosis.

Required consider that leaving tissue scarring without medical intervention is not recommended. And even if the anti-inflammatory treatment has already been carried out very carefully and there is one scar that does not increase, no one can guarantee that it will not begin to grow in the future.

In this case, it can create additional problems with hypothermia periodically become inflamed. And still have to return to his treatment. The quality of life will be markedly reduced if the body suffers from constant inflammatory processes.



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