Prostatitis: the first symptoms and signs, treatment at the initial stage

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Prostatitis: the first symptoms and signs, treatment at the initial stage

There was a slight difficulty at the moment of urination? Or maybe you noticed problems with an erection? Know that all these are symptoms of prostatitis. What hurts and why does this insidious disease appear? Let's try to understand the features of this pathology.

What is prostatitis

According to statistics, every second man of mature age encounters this unpleasant disease. But, despite this prevalence, the disease is far from always being detected on time and successfully treated.

If we talk about age-related features, prostatitis is often diagnosed even in young men at 18, but long-term chronic pathology is much more common in men in old age.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, the prostate is an exclusively male organ located near the bladder. This gland in the body of a man is often also called the "second heart." And all because she is responsible for a wide variety of functions.

What is prostatitis

Prostatitis is deservedly considered one of the most common diseases. For example, in the USA it makes up about 8% of all urological diseases.

The mechanism of development of this pathology has not yet been fully studied. It’s very difficult for doctors to say why the disease specifically appears.

The first symptoms of prostatitis are actually quite easy to recognize, but you should take into account the fact that in all men the disease develops differently. Sometimes the disease does not manifest itself at all, gradually flowing into a chronic form, invisibly to the patient himself. This pathology is considered chronic if its duration exceeds 3 months.

Features of the disease

Given the causes and symptoms of prostatitis, doctors conditionally divide it into several different forms. The disease is chronic and acute, bacterial and infectious, purulent, stagnant and calculous. Depending on the variety, the first symptoms of prostatitis can also be very different.

You can suspect the presence of pathology by sharp bouts of pain in the scrotum, a weakened potency and the difficult process of emptying the bladder. With the development of this disease, the quality of ejaculation and sperm itself is significantly impaired. This is exactly how the first symptoms of prostatitis in men usually look. What to do when such problems occur? Of course, consult a specialist - urologist.

The first manifestations

You can detect the problem by donating blood and urine for general tests. Such simple studies will determine the causative agent of the pathology. It can be infections: trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gardnerellosis and gonorrhea. Bacteria enter the focus of inflammation along with blood flow from the rectum or bladder. In addition, there is another form of the disease - non-bacterial prostatitis. It is impossible to identify this type of pathology with the help of analyzes, however, this does not mean at all that there are no pathogenic bacteria in the body.

The first signs of prostatitis can vary greatly, depending on the form of the course of the disease. It can be active and latent. The latter species is characterized by a mild clinical picture, but nevertheless certain signs can be noticed. This phase can last for several years, but it can be identified by several main symptoms. How does prostatitis appear in men at the latent stage? Typically, the patient is faced with pronounced discomfort in the area of ​​the scrotum, anus, and even the glans penis. True, many men think that ordinary fatigue is manifested in this way.

Signs of prostatitis

But when the pain becomes more intense, and urination begins to deliver major problems, it becomes clear that the problem is much more serious. Such signs indicate the progression of the inflammatory process and the development of the active phase of prostatitis.

The disease almost always proceeds through several stages. Initially, the very first symptoms of prostatitis appear - too frequent urges to urinate, and the process of emptying itself may be accompanied by burning and pain, pain occurs in the pelvis, lower back and groin.

Having revealed the first signs of pathology, you should visit a urologist or andrologist to undergo an appropriate examination. And do not forget that curing the disease at an early stage is much easier than with advanced forms.

Symptoms, signs, sensations in men with prostatitis

The disease manifests itself most often in the form of such problems:

  • regular urge to empty;
  • pain;
  • weak or completely absent erection.

So The main symptoms of prostatitis look. What hurts at the same time? A man may feel severe discomfort in the scrotum, anus, groin and lower back. By its nature, pain can be pulling, aching, pressing and even bursting. The cause of the pain lies in the irritation of the prostate against the background of the inflammatory process.

In addition, with the development of the disease, patients always encounter those or other problems during urination. Most often there is a weak pressure of urine, the appearance of pain at the time of emptying. Sometimes in men there is no outflow of urine at all. A similar symptom appears due to compression of the urethra, enlarged against the background of inflammation of the prostate gland.

Gradually, the rectum and urogenital system are involved in the pathological process, even the development of the tumor is not excluded.


How are the symptoms of prostatitis manifested? Usually, pain is accompanied by pathological discharge, which may have a different shade, texture and transparency. In chronic prostatitis, many men complain about the release of a small amount of sperm after muscle tension in the perineum or defecation.

With inflammation of the prostate, patients may have greenish purulent discharge from the urethra. They can occur with a latent form of the disease. Such discharge, fever, fever and soreness are an occasion to urgently see a doctor.

Features of the clinical picture

The first signs of chronic prostatitis are the occurrence of unpleasant sensations and soreness in the lower abdomen, sometimes in the thigh and lower back. In just a few days, sexual dysfunction develops. At the end of intercourse, a pulling pain may appear at the end of the penis, which disappears after a few minutes. A few days later, problems begin with emptying the bladder: pain and burning, which gradually increase.

The first symptoms of prostatitis

Acute prostatitis Men are follicular, catarrhal and purulent. In the second case, the disease is characterized only by difficulty urinating. If the patient develops a follicular form of the disease, the symptoms are supplemented by pain in the scrotum and fever. If purulent prostatitis is diagnosed, the patient has prostate abscesses and a pronounced clinical picture.

Causes of occurrence

Until now, doctors can not say what specifically leads to infection of the prostate gland. Pathogens can enter the prostate through the urethra or rectum.

Just ten years ago, prostatitis was considered a sexually transmitted disease. But now doctors say that men rarely get infected with pathology through sex.

Causes of prostatitis

The high-risk group includes men who:

  • have anal sex;
  • have an abnormal form of the urinary canal;
  • have an enlarged prostate from birth;
  • underwent medical procedures with using a catheter;
  • a history of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

In addition to everything among other things, the following factors affect the development of prostatitis:

  • autoimmune defects;
  • malnutrition;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • hypothermia;
  • prolonged sexual abstinence;
  • chronic constipation;
  • various injuries.
Causes of prostatitis

Most often, prostatitis is the result of bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle.


Therapy for the prostate is aimed at stopping the inflammatory process and congestion in the prostate gland. You can start treatment only after passing the examination - it is necessary to determine the initial cause of the disease. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the disease and the characteristics of its course.

Young men are faced with prostatitis most often due to banal hypothermia. It is because of this that men often develop an acute form of the disease. To eliminate it, potent antibiotics are used. If prostatitis was triggered by emotional overstrain, the patient is referred to a neurologist. Such men are shown taking vitamin complexes, electrophoresis and relaxing massage sessions. Without identifying and eliminating the initial cause of the problem, getting rid of prostatitis will not work.

Most often, doctors try to cure the disease according to the standard scheme.

  • Antibacterial agents are a key component of therapy. Drugs should have a wide spectrum of action.
  • Alpha-adrenergic blockers - these medicines are used to improve blood flow and speed up the healing process.
  • Hormonal drugs are often recommended to normalize hormonal levels.
  • Muscle relaxants help relieve tension in the muscles of the prostate gland.
Treatment of prostatitis

Features of therapy

If conservative treatments do not bring expectations effect, the patient may be shown surgery. In some cases, it becomes the only possible treatment.

Prostatitis in men can be treated with laser therapy. This modern technique helps to restore the damaged prostate and improve the properties of immunity. The chronic form of the disease is best treated with a laser and medication.

In addition, it can be treated with folk remedies. Symptoms of prostatitis in men can be eliminated with a variety of herbs and plants. Only preliminary should be sure to consult a doctor. Alternative medicine can be combined with traditional medicines.

Treatment of prostatitis in men with folk remedies

Symptoms of the disease can be completely eliminated without potent medications, using alternative means. But you should not abuse such recipes - keep in mind that it is impossible to completely get rid of the pathology with herbs alone, especially when it comes to the bacterial form.

Pain, discomfort, problems with urination - with "grandmother" recipes can get rid of such symptoms. Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies is in no way inferior to traditional medicine, and makes it possible to significantly improve the well-being and condition of men.

  • Pumpkin seeds. This is one of the most popular drugs that is actively used to treat prostatitis. Every day, half an hour before the meal, you should eat at least 3 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds. Men who have tested the effect of this remedy on themselves speak positively of it.
  • Parsley. Another popular remedy used for alternative treatment of prostatitis. Symptoms of the disease subside after only a week of regular use of the prescription. To prepare the medicine, you need 2 tablespoons of parsley seeds, pour a glass of boiling water, put on low heat and cook for 15 minutes. Then the product needs to be cooled, filtered and taken 5-6 times every day in a tablespoon. True, such a medicine is contraindicated in men suffering from gout, jade and urolithiasis.
  • Coniferous baths. Another common remedy that successfully fights prostatitis. To prepare a therapeutic bath, you need to boil needles and just swim in the resulting broth. It is not necessary to take a bath in its entirety - it is enough to steam painful places. The needles effectively fight inflammation of the prostate, relaxes it, relieves pain and allows you to establish the process of emptying the bladder. The water temperature in the treatment bath should not exceed 40 degrees. Bathe in it should be 10-15 minutes. Such a remedy is considered equally effective in both chronic and acute course of the disease.
  • Decoction of hazel. To prepare a medicine for prostatitis, you can take the bark or leaves of this plant. A tablespoon of the crushed plant should be poured with a glass of boiling water, after which it is necessary to cover the product with a lid and leave it on the side for half an hour. Then the medicine must be filtered and taken 4 times a day in a quarter cup.
Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies
  • Juice Asparagus For the treatment of prostatitis, traditional medicine recommends drinking this healthy drink every day. Moreover, you need to drink it as much as you want, without forcing yourself. However, to obtain a noticeable effect, it is advisable to drink at least 0.5 liters of juice during the day. After a week, you can feel the first results of such therapy.


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