Psychosomatics of prostatitis. The first signs of prostatitis in men and treatment

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Psychosomatics of prostatitis. The first signs of prostatitis in men and treatment

In the article we will consider psychosomatics prostatitis.

It is an ailment that affects mainly middle-aged men and those older. But recently, this disease has been gaining a young audience. Often they trace the relationship between the onset of symptoms of the disease and psychological deviation caused by a lack of stability in sexual activity. We will find out what are the first signs of prostatitis in males and consider various methods of treating the disease.

psychosomatics of prostatitis

Psychosomatics of prostatitis

As part of a study of this relationship, scientists note that psychological deviations are found in people with symptoms of prostate inflammation. When checking the statistics, it turns out that prostatitis affects mainly men who do not live sexually or very rarely have sexual intercourse. Against the background of diagnosis and subsequent treatment, this factor must be taken into account. Considering the psychosomatics of prostatitis, it is worth noting that the impetus for the onset of the disease can be erectile dysfunction.

Not only urologists, but also psychotherapists help in the treatment of glandular inflammation. Perhaps the second specialist will do even better.

Frequent experiences

The most common factors causing prostate diseases are considered to be the following:

  • The prostate is the gland that secretes the sap present in the sperm. It is directly related to the functions of procreation. For example, when men have worries about the health of their children or grandchildren, his mind will push this body to work much more efficiently on a subconscious level, as a result, it will quickly increase in size, from which it prostates, sometimes, begins to manifest itself.
  • The secretion of the gland has an alkaline composition in order to protect sperm in the acidic environment of the female vagina. When the sexual partner is too “sour” in physical and psychological terms, the unconscious mind is given the command to increase alkaline secretions in order to neutralize excessive excesses leading to an enlarged prostate. Simply put, the cause of prostatitis in young men is often a bad relationship in the family.
  • The juice of this organ contains components aimed at cleansing the genitourinary tract. In cases where a man is ashamed of his sexual adventures, for example, infidelity on his part, the prostate subconscious is pushed to the disease, solving the problem of cleansing not only a living organism, but also conscience.
  • Deep experience, bordering on stress. This gland is called the second heart in men. When a person experiences, this condition often develops into prostatitis or something more serious.

Consider the first signs of prostatitis in men and the treatment of this pathology.

The first signs of prostatitis

When the initial symptoms of prostatitis occur, it can be divided into the following three groups:

  • Urinary disorders in the form of frequent and painful urges to the toilet along with a feeling of incomplete emptying, pain in the lower abdomen, and so on.
  • Problems with sexual function in the form of soreness of the urethra, weak erection, premature ejaculation, loss of orgasm, and so on.
  • The presence of increased anxiety and nervousness.
    what causes prostatitis

Acute prostatitis usually begins with a fever of up to thirty-nine degrees with chills. Urination is difficult and very painful. Gland edema develops, causing an acute delay in urination. The chronic form of prostatitis proceeds calmly, but at any time, in case of adverse factors, an exacerbation may occur. An asymptomatic course is not excluded.

Conducting therapy

It is necessary to begin treatment at the first signs of prostatitis in men.

Usually, a bacteriological examination of urine is prescribed by the doctor, and, in addition secretion of the gland. To clarify the position of urinary tract infection, a study of urinary portions is performed. In addition, a mandatory method of establishing pathology is a digital examination. This procedure is not pleasant, but it is very informative. If necessary, computed tomography is prescribed along with cystoscopy, urography and examination of the enzymes of the gland.

As part of the diagnosis, it is necessary to exclude the presence of benign hyperplasia and prostate cancer. In order to quickly relieve pain in the presence of an acute form of the disease, analgesics with warm baths may be recommended.

What else does the course of treatment for prostatitis suggest?

Mandatory prescription of antibiotics is required, their selection is carried out according to the result of bacteriological seeding of secretions and determining the degree of sensitivity of pathogens to chemotherapy drugs. The non-bacterial form of this disease is treated with anti-inflammatory medications.

Drug therapy and antibiotics

The drug treatment of this disease includes, first of all, taking antibiotics, and, in addition, various non-steroid drugs, characterized by analgesic effect. Antibiotics for prostatitis in men are mainly used as a method of therapy for bacterial form. Most often, Tsifran is prescribed by doctors along with Tavanik, Amoxicillin and other drugs that have active ingredients, such as ciprofloxacin, penicillin and the like.

Patients often ask how to cure chronic prostatitis.

Therapy of a chronic form of pathology

When the disease in question occurs, men may also be prescribed alpha-blockers. They are suitable against the background of chronic cases of the disease, in the role of reducing funds for prostate edema. Also in this situation, non-steroidal drugs may be used. Thus, in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, mainly patients are prescribed Finasteride with Alfuzosin, Ibuprofen with Aspirin, Paracetamol, and so on.

At a young age

Prostatitis of young men does not bother exactly until you have to deal with its complications of infertility in a married couple. It is proved that one out of every three males between the ages of twenty and fifty years has at least once in their life encountered inflammation of this organ. Considering that this disease does not always accompany vivid symptoms, it can simply go unnoticed and go into the chronic phase.

Causes of occurrence in young people

This disease usually occurs in young people due to with a very active sex life due to insufficient hygiene or frequent change of partners, as well as in those men who neglect condoms as the main means of protection against sexual infection. Prostatitis does not apply to sexually transmitted diseases, but bacteria that penetrate the genitourinary tract of young people may well provoke inflammation of the prostate or aggravate existing inflammatory processes.

At the same time, blind adherence to fashion, without regard to health, also plays an important role. Tribute to beauty in the form of too narrow, and at the same time compressing the crotch of trousers or swimming trunks inevitably leads to stagnation. Walking in the cold without warm underwear contributes to hypothermia of the lower body, resulting in a decline in immunity, and actively multiplying bacteria in young people provoke the onset of prostatitis. In addition, at a time when mothers from childhood teach girls not to sit down on cold surfaces so as not to get cold, unfortunately no one conducts such conversations with boys.

The male body is also fragile, like a female, and commonplace hypothermia is the cause of prostatitis among young men. In addition, a rare young man will be alarmed if he discovers symptoms in the form of light sipping and even pain when urinating or amid ejaculation, and he certainly will not go to the doctor and start the disease.

how to treat prostatitis at home

Nervous prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of such an organ as prostate gland. He wear noninfectious or infectious in nature. The latter occurs just very often against the background of an improper lifestyle, and, in addition, as a result of constant stress. In addition, the modern rhythm of life contributes to this.

prostate due to nerves

In medicine, the term" nervous prostatitis "is missing. This is a common definition of pathology, which is caused by disturbances in the activity of the nervous system. They do not explain the form of the disease, but its causes, we are talking about nervous excitement and emotional stress. Adverse psychological factors accompany the development of this ailment, which ultimately leads to a physiological malfunction in the body. The main causes of the onset of the disease are:

  • The presence of hard and exhausting work.
  • The emergence of family problems.
  • The presence of poor sleep and insomnia.
  • The presence of a lack of rest.
  • The presence of emotional tension.
  • The appearance of a depressed state.
  • The occurrence of irritability, temper.
  • The presence of problems of a sexual nature.

How to treat prostatitis at home, consider below.

Home Therapy

Treat prostatitis at home is possible only after conservative vnogo intervention. Healing plants cannot destroy pathogenic pathogens, even despite its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Moreover, infusions with decoctions can be harmful, drowning out the symptoms of pathology. Men, having felt some relief, will again postpone the visit to the urologist, which will be fraught with irreversible damage to the tissue in the prostate gland. It is possible to treat prostatitis at home during periods of rehabilitation. This allows you to quickly strengthen the immune system, as well as facilitate the healing of injuries. What is recommended for patients:

  • Use of 30 grams of crushed and dried aspen bark. The tool is poured with 50 grams of alcohol, insisting for fifteen days in a dark place. Daily use five drops of tincture, which is dissolved in 100 milliliters of water.
  • Thick honey in equal proportions is added to the sweet pulp of pumpkin. You need to use a spoonful of the mixture daily before meals.
  • Pour a handful of rosehip and juniper berries into a thermos, pouring a liter of boiling water into it. Insist five hours, filter. Take 100 milliliters of infusion three times after a meal.
    antibiotics for prostatitis in men

Change in dietary intake

Treatment of inflammation of this gland in men at home is in changing the nutritional diet. It is necessary to include fresh parsley with floral honey and garlic in the daily menu. These products contain a lot of volatile, which have a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system. In order to accelerate recovery, it is necessary to change coffee to tea from chamomile and fruit drinks from lingonberries. Such drugs help to normalize urination, increasing resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

We examined the psychosomatics of prostatitis, the first signs of illness and treatment.



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