Radiator brush: dimensions, purpose, application features

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Radiator brush: dimensions, purpose, application features

If it is time to paint the heating radiator when the house has cast-iron batteries, you need a high-quality radiator brush of the appropriate size and heat-resistant paint. Today, there are many models of such equipment. We’ll deal with the features of choosing a paint brush for such purposes.

Features of the choice

The radiator brush is one of the varieties of painting tools specially designed for painting the bends of a cast-iron battery. Not every such tool can perform a similar procedure.

A radiator brush is characterized by the presence of a long handle, medium hardness of a pile and a sharp tip. Then it will be possible to cover with a layer of paint the entire area of ​​the battery, getting to hard to reach places. On the advice of experienced craftsmen, it is better to use several types of such products.

Radiator brush

Using the handbrake

This tool is characterized by a round shape. A metal rim connects the bristles to the handle. It is the length of the handle that is an important factor for successful work with the tool. The pile length may be more or less short. When using a brush with too long bristles, rubber wrapping is practiced. This simple technique will help in reducing the area of ​​the bristles. Then the paint will be applied more precisely, not smudged.

Using a handbrake is well suited at the beginning of paint work if the object has wide sections. Such a tool has a diameter of 25-50 mm. Experts believe that the best choice is a brush with bristles up to 38 mm in length. Then the painting will happen quickly and without splashing.

Classic radiator brush

This tool reports its purpose by the name itself. Radiator brush - an excellent product for painting hard-to-reach spots of a cast-iron battery. With the help of a long handle, the device easily gets into bends and crevices. The quality of the pile varies from medium to hard.

The bristles of the brush are 20-100 mm in length. A radiator brush 50 mm long is the best option for successful work.

Expert advice

To stain the batteries with the highest quality, it is recommended to listen to the recommendations offered by professional painters. The tips are pretty simple but effective:

  • Painting is done in the warmer months when the heating system is not in use. On a hot surface, the paint will spread and will not stick. The use of such advice promotes uniform application of paint and a neat appearance of the painted radiator.
  • When buying a brush, it is important to study which company is its manufacturer. The product must be equipped with a quality certificate in accordance with GOST standards. This advice will help you avoid buying low-quality tools, the villi of which can remain on the painted surface. Or a poor-quality tool will surprise you with the departure of a metal rim, a weak handle nozzle. Attentive attitude to the choice of the tool will protect you from the listed troubles.
  • Despite the direct purpose of the radiator brush, which involves painting the battery, it’s recommended to use several types of such tools of different sizes for better results. For hard-to-reach spots, a curved narrow brush is chosen, and the outer surface is painted over with a wider brush.
  • The choice of brushes with natural pile will allow for a better coating, and synthetic pile will have a longer period of use. Such products are more durable.


In addition to the finer points of choice paint radiator brush, it is important to consider the features of the performance of paint work. Expert advice will also help here:

  • When starting work, the tool is soaked using warm water and a soap solution. This helps soften the pile, removes dust and dirt, and the painting becomes more even and soft.
  • The paint must be pre-prepared in the required amount, which will be enough to carry out painting work.
  • If combine among themselves several paints of different colors and production, the result can upset the painter. Then, in addition to the spoiled product, the surface will also be poorly painted.
  • In order for the result to be high-quality and durable, the radiator is painted in several layers. It is recommended to start work from the top of the battery.
  • To save the brush, it must be cleaned of paint as soon as possible. For this purpose, a special solution is used. The tool is washed with kerosene, and then the remnants of this liquid are washed off with soapy water. The dried brush must be wrapped with paper to ensure long-term storage of the tool.
Round brush

Flush brush

This tool has a comfortable handle. Badger hair is used to make bristles. Flute radiator brush has a flat shape with a length of 25 - 100 mm. Such a tool is ideal to eliminate smudges that occur after staining with other brushes. Since experts recommend using several types of tools, this option will work well with a curved brush.

Quality tool

The form matters

Most people have to economically manage their resources using old tools. This cannot be called the correct method. Such savings are not rational, as it takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of a small brush with a round bristle, it is better to use a large flat brush, which with one movement can paint an impressive area of ​​the surface.

Using a round small brush is best when you need to paint a small work surface. Such a tool covers areas of special places, for example, round pipes.

Inaccessible places are painted with so-called corner brushes. This can save a lot of time.

Color the battery


It is made from natural bristles having a light color. The dimensions of the radiator brush of this model are 50 mm. A natural tree was used to make the handle.

Due to the elongated shape of the handle of the tool, you can paint all sections of the battery as comfortably as possible. This brush is best used when working with paints based on solvents.

Using a special ergonomic shape that is characteristic of the handle, the paint will not flow by hand. Working with such a tool is convenient, simple and reliable. This form is also a guarantee of a comfortable grip so that the tool does not slip out of the hands.

For the handle itself, a wooden material of hard rock is selected so that moisture is not absorbed inside. Such characteristics provide an extension of the operational period.

In the manufacture of the tool body, a high-quality metal alloy is used, which protects it from the effects of corrosion . No hair will fall out of such a brush, as they are firmly fixed.

Using a brush makes the most comfortable use of a special hole on the handle. The tool can be hung up for long-term storage. This product is made in accordance with GOST. The Stayer Radiator Brush is a great choice for cast iron battery stainers.

To summarize

To achieve a productive result, you need to use high-quality painting tools. If the task is to paint a cast-iron battery, then even this, not the most exciting, exercise can be done comfortably.

Experts advise choosing several types of brushes. For penetration into hard-to-reach places, an angular radiator brush is perfect. This tool can be made of natural or synthetic material. The former provide a more uniform application of paint. The second is more durable. Stayer radiator brush is a rational choice of a product created according to all the requirements of GOST. Better to use products from a reliable manufacturer.



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