Red sperm: possible causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, medical advice and treatment

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Red sperm: possible causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, medical advice and treatment

The health of the male reproductive system should be controlled by every member of the stronger sex. Some pathological changes manifest themselves as symptoms that are quite possible to notice on your own and consult a doctor on time. Sperm color plays an important role in the diagnosis of male health.

Qualitative characteristics of sperm

Qualitative characteristics of sperm

It has been proven that a full sexual life and high-quality work of the reproductive system is impossible if the body has failed in the process of producing healthy sperm. From a medical point of view, it is customary to distinguish several qualitative indicators of sperm:

  1. The amount of seed produced at a time.
  2. Color and consistency.
  3. The smell of male sperm.
  4. The quality of the sperm structure (determined using a spermogram).

The man is able to follow the first three points on his own, pay attention to deviations from the norm. If there are suspicions that the discharge has become too thick or liquid, a pungent odor has appeared, sperm has turned red or blotches have appeared, then these are the main reasons for visiting a doctor. You cannot postpone seeking medical help, this will cause the development of complications, the treatment of which will require more time and effort.

Red sperm can be a signal that a pathology has occurred in the genital area, inflammation is developing or an injury has been received. For what reason seminal fluid changed its color, the attending physician can determine , self-medication is contraindicated in this matter.

Normal color indicators

The quality, composition and color of the male seed are individual signs of a man. It is difficult to choose a single framework for all members of the stronger sex. However, it is generally accepted in medicine that white sperm (a slight yellowish or gray shade is allowed) is the norm.

Timely Health Examination

The seminal fluid consists of the following components:

  1. Secret of the prostate.
  2. Liquid of seminal vesicles.
  3. Sperm cells.

All three components in as a result, men form sperm color. Sperm give it a milky color, but with an active sexual life, the saturation of the shade can decrease. If blotches of pink, red or brown colors appear in the composition of the seminal fluid, this indicates the ingress of blood.

Such seminal fluid cannot be considered normal and requires additional examination. In about half the cases, this symptom is not dangerous, but you should not neglect its study.

What affects the color of the male seed?

It is customary to separate the factors that affect the color of the male ejaculate. Not always a color change indicates a dangerous disease. Before you panic, you need to find out the true cause.

A single appearance of red sperm can pass on its own, be the result of minor microtraumas. Most likely, the discharge will have insignificant inclusions in its composition, the ejaculate will not have time to completely stain. If the symptom has become regular, then a visit to the doctor is necessary.

An important role is played by the man’s lifestyle, his attitude to his own health and the quality of his sex life. If a sexually mature male person responsibly approaches these questions, then the risk of problems in the reproductive system is minimal.

Why is sperm red? This is the first question that will arise when deviations from normal white are detected. There can be many reasons for this.

Pathological causes of sperm discoloration

Red sperm can serve as a symptom of the development of the disease in the body of a man. The following pathologies are identified that provoke the entry of blood into the ejaculate:

  1. Inflammation of the prostate gland.
  2. Inflammation of the male urethra.
  3. Other types of inflammation.
  4. The presence of stones in the genitourinary system.

The entry of blood into the semen is a frequent occurrence in medicine, the main thing is to pay attention to it in time and seek help. In some cases, sperm takes on a rich brown hue, which in medicine is called “hemospermia”, which indicates a significant penetration of blood into the ejaculate. This phenomenon requires immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Statistics show that a man with an active sex life quite often encounters the appearance of sperm with a red tint. In approximately 50% of cases, this passes without additional intervention and does not pose any health hazard. However, regular preventive examinations cannot be neglected.

Red sperm: causes that do not pose a health hazard

Causes of the appearance may be safe for health, be temporary in nature and appear under the influence of external factors, rather than internal pathologies.

Among non-pathological reasons, there are:

  1. Genital injuries.
  2. Active change of sexual partners.
  3. Excessive physical activity of a regular nature.
  4. A large number of bad habits.
  5. Passage of medication echeniya certain character.
  6. The constant stress and accumulated fatigue.

These reasons do not endanger the health or life of the man, but to pass an additional examination is useful. Doctors say that with age, the quality of semen changes, the volume decreases, and the color becomes darker.

At what point to seek help, only the man decides, but this issue should not be postponed. This will help prevent any complications in the early stages.

Concomitant color change symptoms

Some diseases do not manifest themselves for a long time, affecting only the color of the seed ejaculate. Red sperm may be accompanied by additional symptoms that disrupt the quality course of male life.

related symptoms

Anxious symptoms:

  1. The presence of clots in the semen.
  2. Difficulty with urination, itching or pain.
  3. Pain during or immediately before ejaculation.
  4. Edema in the genital area.
  5. Pain in the lower back.
  6. Weakness or fever that speaks to the presence of an inflammatory process.

Any discomfort that has appeared in the area of ​​the male reproductive system requires increased attention. If alarming signs become regular, then you can not do without medical assistance. Self-medication will become useless or dangerous and will lead to the development of serious complications that threaten complete erectile dysfunction or infertility.

Diagnosis of the disease

The causes of red sperm can be different. Only a competent specialist based on the collected data will be able to draw a correct conclusion and establish a diagnosis.

Diagnosis of male health

The main measures for examining the male reproductive system:

  1. General analysis of urine and blood.
  2. Determining the level of blood coagulability.
  3. Spermogram (analysis of increased information content) helps to determine the qualitative state of spermatozoa.
  4. Sampling of a biopsy with suspected inflammation of the prostate.
  5. Ultrasound, which allows you to determine the quality of blood circulation, as well as the presence of mechanical injuries in the genital area.
  6. MRI and CT of the male genital organs.
  7. Instrumental examination of the bladder and urethra.

During the primary the doctor collects basic information from the patient’s words, examines his medical history, which allows a better history. Based on all the measures, the doctor determines why the sperm is red, which affected the blood blotches in the ejaculate.

Treatment of the pathology

The treatment regimen is selected individually, based on the results of the diagnosis. In case of an inflammatory process in the genitourinary system or infection, they resort to medical treatment.


The complex of medicines includes:

  1. Antibacterials.
  2. Anti-inflammatory.
  3. Antipyretic.
  4. Immunomodulatory.
  5. Painkillers if available concomitant pain syndrome.
  6. Vitamin complexes.

There are a number of indications that allow the doctor to prescribe surgery. The operation is necessary in the following cases of red semen:

  1. Prostate hyperplasia.
  2. Stones in the urethra.
  3. Problems with veins (varicose veins).
  4. Prostate Oncology.

The complexity and duration of the main treatment depends on the timeliness of the diagnosis. If a man drew attention to abnormalities in sperm on time, he will be able to restore health as soon as possible.

Methods for improving sperm condition

A man must take care of sperm health and quality before the first signs appear deviations. Modern medicine has all the necessary tools that support the health of the male reproductive system. In addition, it is important to make changes to the everyday rules of life.

Sperm health prophylaxis

Basic measures for sperm health prevention:

  1. Personal hygiene.
  2. Choosing a suitable underwear made from natural fabrics that does not compress the genitals.
  3. Changing your daily diet, the maximum variety of healthy foods.
  4. Regular exercise of a moderate nature.
  5. Open h from bad habits will have a beneficial effect not only on the quality of sperm.
  6. In the absence of a permanent sexual partner, use barrier methods of contraception.

Doctors strongly recommend passing at least once a year preventive medical examination, even if nothing worries. It is important to take a responsible approach to your own health, which will help to preserve it for many years.



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