Rosehip for men: useful properties, contraindications, common recipes, reviews

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Rosehip for men: useful properties, contraindications, common recipes, reviews

Rosehip is a wild-growing shrub, one of the most useful plants that is used in folk medicine. Most of us have known about the healing properties of rose hips since childhood. Decoctions, infusions, syrups from its bright red berries are widely used to treat many diseases. In the article, we consider the useful properties of rose hips for men.

In folk medicine, such a tool is valued for its unique healing properties. Proponents of non-traditional methods of treatment are recommended to take products made from the roots and fruits of the plant in order to restore and maintain the health of men. What are the beneficial properties of rose hips for men? Are there any contraindications for its use?

Beneficial properties for the male body

Rose hips contain vitamins, minerals, organic acids, essential oils, tannins, volatile substances and many other important for the human body substances. In folk medicine, this product is valued for its very rich chemical composition that defines unique healing properties.

Many people know the beneficial properties of custard rosehips for men. This modest plant can provide:

  • Increase of the immune forces of the human body.
  • Restoration of the general tone with strengthening of blood vessels.
  • Normalization of cholesterol in the blood in combination with improvement of the digestive and nervous system.
  • Anti-inflammatory and wound healing functions.
  • Activation of the metabolic process, restoration of appetite.
  • Pain relief for arthritis and other joint diseases.
  • Carrying out the prevention of colds and vitamin deficiency.

What else is the benefit for men

What else are the beneficial properties of rose hips for men? Medicines made from this plant are used to prevent diseases that affect the stronger sex:

  • We are talking about myocardial infarction and other pathologies of the cardiac and vascular systems.
  • Protection and prevention from diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis.
  • Increased cholesterol and disorders of the genitourinary system.

Everyone knows how rose hips are good for men.

This wonderful plant can restore and maintain men's health. For therapeutic purposes, this product is very effective only as part of complex therapy, which should be prescribed by a doctor. Folk healers rank the rosehip to the means that restore potency. But this plant itself does not eliminates male problems. Using it in combination with other treatment methods, good results can be achieved. For example, against the background of sexual arousal, the tonic effect of rose hips improves blood vessel plasma patency.

Speaking about how rose hips are useful for a man’s body, one cannot but mention recipes.

Common methods of harvesting fruits

Fresh or dry fruits are used as part of the preparation. Berries must be picked during their full ripening (from August to October, which depends on the variety and weather conditions). The fruits are removed along with the stalks: after drying, they are usually very easily removed. Rosehips are dried in several ways:

  • Place a baking sheet with the fruits spread on it in an oven preheated to forty degrees for one hour. After that, increase the temperature to sixty degrees. As a rule, it takes six to eight hours to dry the berries in this way.
  • Rosehip is placed in the oven preheated to one hundred degrees for five to ten minutes, then the fruits are dried at a temperature of seventy to seventy-five degrees.

You can always buy dried rose hips at any pharmacy.

How rose hips are useful for the male body

Harvesting the roots

Harvesting of this raw material is carried out in autumn, when the leaves fall ( from September to October), or in the spring before the sap flow begins. It is necessary to dig out and cut off one of the shoots of the plant, after which try to separate the small roots from the main root. Then they clean the shoots from the ground, washed well and finely cut. For medicinal purposes, you can use this raw material fresh or dry the roots in an electric oven or dryer (first set the temperature to forty degrees, and then gradually increase to sixty).

How can I use the properties of rose hips for men?

Rosehip infusion

In order to overall strengthen the male body and improve prostate health, the use of rosehip infusion is well suited. In the evening, the berries of the plant are crushed and two tablespoons of the raw material are placed in a thermos with a glass flask. Pour prepared raw materials with 0.5 liters of boiling water. In the morning, such an infusion is filtered and drunk three times during the day at any time. For the best effect, honey can be added to the drink. In the evening, a drink is prepared again. The course of use is one month. After two to three weeks, the use of the drug can be repeated.

Recipe for a decoction

To strengthen the male body and prevent the corresponding pathologies, decoctions of rose hips are useful. To do this, chopped fruit is poured into a heat-resistant container, after which it is poured with boiling water, observing a ratio of one to ten. Next, cover the container with a lid and keep on a quiet fire for sixty minutes.

In the event that the water decreases during the cooking process, add boiling water to the original volume. Then they wrap the pot with broth and insist for twelve hours, filter. They take the resulting medicine for one month, 200 milliliters before a meal.

Fortifying tea

Pour the crushed rosehips (two tablespoons) with one liter of boiling water and insist for twenty minutes, filter. To enhance effectiveness, just before drinking such a product from rose hips, for men, you can add ginger root (on the end of a knife) ground on a grater.

Herbal preparations in the presence of chronic prostatitis

The following collection options are used to prepare herbal infusions for prostatitis:

  • As part of the preparation of the first collection, the berries of hawthorn and wild rose (ten parts each) are combined with chamomile flowers, clover grass, chopped dandelion, lingonberry leaves and knock up. Herbs are taken in one piece. Mix well. In a thermos brew a mixture (two tablespoons) in 0.5 liters of boiling water. After six to eight hours, it is filtered. Drink from five to eight times a day, 70 milliliters. They use the product only in a warm form.
  • In the process of preparing the second recipe, mix two parts of rosehip berries, hawthorn flowers with wheatgrass roots, hop cones, St. John's wort and meadowsweet. All plants are taken in one piece. Brewed in 400 milliliters of boiling water two tablespoons of the collection. Wait sixty minutes, filter. Drink half an hour before the meal, half a glass four times a day.

When treating prostatitis with traditional healers, it is recommended to use wild rose in combination with hawthorn.

Useful properties of custard rose for men

Treatment with herbal infusion with honey in the presence of acute prostatitis

B During the preparation of the preparation according to this recipe, two parts of the leaves of a large plantain and birch are combined with rose hips (two parts) and motherwort (one part). Three collection spoons are placed in a thermos and pour 0.5 l of boiling water, filtered after three hours and add honey to taste. Drink in the form of heat half a cup three times a day. You need to do this twenty to thirty minutes before eating.

A decoction of rosehip roots in the presence of prostatitis

Pour three tbsp. tablespoons of crushed product roots with 300 milliliters of boiling water, after which they are kept on low heat for five minutes. After cooling, filtered. Consume 70 milliliters a quarter of an hour before a meal. The duration of therapy is up to five to six months. Rosehip roots are very effective in treating prostatitis. A decoction of the roots in the presence of this male ailment is also used for external treatment. It can be added to the bath. It is necessary to carry out such procedures from one to two times a week.

The useful properties of rose hips for men can not be overestimated.

Broth for the fight against prostate adenoma

Burdock leaves are poured (two tbsp. tablespoons) with a ready-made broth of wild rose and simmer the composition for a quarter of an hour in a steam bath. Remove the container from the fire, wrap it well with a blanket and insist for four to eight hours. Drink two tablespoons immediately before eating.

Properties of rose hips for men

Preparation of a decoction from premature ejaculation

Mix pour three-leaf watch and calendula flowers (one tablespoon each). There are added rose hips with motherwort leaves (also 1 tablespoon each). An additional liter of water is poured into the collection and the medicine is kept in a steam bath for half an hour. Then remove the container from the fire and insist for at least sixty minutes. Drink the medicine twice a day, three tablespoons before a meal for three weeks. The benefits of rose hips for men are huge.

How to drink rose hips to restore potency

In order to restore potency, do the following:

  • Mixed parsley seeds are ground ( 30 grams) with chopped rose hips (1 tablespoon) and aloe juice (150 milliliters).
  • In a separate bowl, combine 250 milliliters of honey and red wine. A mixture of rose hips, parsley seeds and aloe is introduced.
  • Remove the container for fourteen days in a dark place.
  • Use three times a day in a tablespoon immediately before meals.

To prepare the medicine, you need to use wine that is of high quality.

It is understandable why rosehip is useful for the body of a man. But this tool also has contraindications.

Rose hip contraindications for men

Who should not be treated with rosehips

Taking rosehips for men is usually strictly contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Against the background of the development of cirrhosis of the liver.
  • In case of kidney disease.
  • When stones and sand appear in the bile ducts.
  • If a man has diabetes.
  • With constipation, gastritis and ulcers.
  • With a tendency to form blood clots.
  • Against the background of Vyshen acidity in the stomach.

rosehip Contraindications for men must be strictly observed. With great care, medicines that are made from this plant are taken with hypertension. After using a home remedy with wild rose, rinse your mouth with clean water. The fact is that the acids that are contained in the plant can destroy tooth enamel. As part of the alternative, you can drink the drug through a special tube.

What else could be the harm of wild rose for men?

Compounds with this plant should not be taken immediately before bedtime, since their tonic property may cause insomnia. Reception of infusions and decoctions with wild rose in the evenings can be the cause of insomnia. Before using the described plant for medicinal purposes, it is imperative to consult a doctor. If it is used in combination with other ingredients, then the contraindications of all the elements that make up the product should be taken into account.

Fruits with rosehip roots are used to strengthen the male body. In addition, they are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the male half of the population. However, it is not worth considering this plant as a panacea. In order to improve it, it is recommended to use it as part of a comprehensive treatment prescribed by a doctor.

We learn what doctors and patients think about the beneficial properties of rose hips for men and contraindications.

Briar for men

Opinions of doctors and patients

In the reviews, patients respond positively to natural therapy using rose hips to maintain health, in the presence of impotence, prostatitis and other male diseases . However, doctors in their comments on the use of this drug warn that not all men should take rose hips.

Experts advise to abstain from it with low blood pressure, high secretion of gastric juice, prolonged stagnation of the intestines and cholelithiasis. Bladder. Doctors emphasize that in the case of hypotension, taking rose hips can aggravate the disease.

Patients add that during treatment with rose hips they sometimes had allergic reactions. This plant has too much ascorbic acid, which can affect the condition of the skin and respiratory tract. In the event of an allergy, therapy must be stopped.

We have found that rose hips are a source of many useful components for men. It helps in the work of the most important body systems. There is an erroneous opinion that only the fruits of this plant are useful. In fact, in the field of pharmacognosy, the use of leaves and shoots of this useful shrub is provided. They make various medicines that affect the activity of tissues and organs in the male body.

We examined the medicinal properties of rose hips and contraindications for men.



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