Rules for a safe summer holiday in 2020

09.06.2020 Medicine
Rules for a safe summer holiday in 2020

Having accepted the fact that the vaccine against COVID-19 has not yet been invented, you can begin to plan for the near future. The forecasts regarding the development of this critical weapon against infection are cautious. Sometimes the earliest possible date for creating a robust defense against infection will be the end of the year. Significantly more optimistic specialists of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. Gamalei. The head of the scientific institution, Alexander Gunzburg, said that the vaccine will be ready by the end of summer 2020. He himself took part in a test of his development.

The scientist’s words inspire confidence, but most of those who wish will not be vaccinated against a dangerous disease in August. The risk groups will be the first to receive the vaccine: doctors who work in the infectious diseases wards of hospitals, and older people with chronic diseases.

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Protection against COVID-19

Until each person can be vaccinated against coronavirus, those who have not suffered the disease will have to independently monitor their safety pastime. They should avoid:

  • crowds in poorly ventilated areas;
  • trips to countries where medical care is not credible;
  • attempts to be treated for what you can take for a cold at home.

If a person has had a mild coronavirus and is immune to the disease, he may not be afraid of contact with potential carriers of the infection. However, he should not relax either. SARS-CoV-2 can proceed without symptoms, but have a negative effect on the respiratory system. During computed tomography, patients with coronavirus were diagnosed with lung tissue lesions. How quickly health will be fully restored is not known. How big is the risk of getting a complication in the form of pneumonia, the causative agent of which will be fungi and bacteria, is also not known. Any ailment should force people who have undergone coronavirus to seek professional help in medical institutions.

Prevention of coronavirus infection


The version that one of the causes of the severe course of the disease is hypovitaminosis did not materialize. You can buy vitamin preparations in a pharmacy without a prescription, but you should take them only after consulting with your doctor, otherwise there is a great risk of causing serious harm to your body. Cautious comrades will try to "strengthen immunity" by leaning on vegetables and fruits. Such a diet is also capable of causing trouble. If the diet moves towards the vegetarian, this will negatively affect the protective functions of the body. Exotic fruits can cause allergic reactions.

No need to experiment with your eating habits. It is worth preserving the tradition of eating hot homemade dishes, which developed during the period of self-isolation. Stocks of cereals should not be left in pantries, or spilled out on the street to the delight of birds. It is better to wait for the winter period when the birds really need food. "Charitable dining rooms" for birds contribute to their crowded living, which negatively affects the health of the population.

A man feeds pigeons


The one who did not forget to do exercises at home will be glad to have the opportunity to walk around the city and not fall off from fatigue after 2 steps. A mistake awaits our athlete: his strength does not correspond to the request for new impressions. It is not worth starting with a walk that will significantly exceed the duration of what a person did before the introduction of restrictions. Fatigue at the end of the day is not the most pleasant impression of the first sip of freedom. It is also worth considering a route, running along the highway will not add health.

The need to spend days in four walls associated with the coronavirus epidemic can benefit most people who previously neglected walking in the fresh air. To enjoy your stay on the street, you need to avoid a long stay in direct sunlight and not try to squeeze into the square, where there are so many people. Stadiums, including those located near schools, were never crowded, so they are ideal for physical education.

Training at the stadium


In connection with the epidemic of coronavirus, international traffic was practically stopped. Many Russians planning to spend summer vacations abroad are forced to change their plans. They try to seduce them with tours to domestic resorts. You can agree to such an offer, making sure that on the way to the place of residence it will be easy to follow the precautions that prevent the infection of COVID-19. Crowded transport, lack of sanitary facilities and access to medical care at the place of rest is an unacceptable extreme.

king can be a good idea for the holiday season this year. The only sad thing is that this type of vacation has many limitations. An alternative to camping can be a trip to the country. Outings in nature, whatever their format, do not abolish the need for personal hygiene. The coronavirus does not live in the forest, but, having forgotten to wash its hands before eating, or to boil water from a stream, or a well, you can also earn an illness there.


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