Safety and environmental friendliness of the laminate. How to choose a laminate for an apartment by quality?

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Safety and environmental friendliness of the laminate. How to choose a laminate for an apartment by quality?

Modern technologies allow you to create such a coating that does not require special care and is very easy to assemble. This is a laminate. It is resistant to temperature and mechanical damage, does not fade in the sun and is an excellent alternative to expensive parquet floors. There are many types of it. How to choose a laminate for the quality of the apartment, how to determine the one that best suits the interior of your house?

Laminate in the interior

Laminate class

The choice of a laminate of a certain wear resistance class is very important. This indicator determines the purpose of the room in which it will be used. The class is indicated by the numbers “21”, “22”, “23”, “31”, “32”, “33” and even “34”. The type of room in which the laminate is used is indicated by the figure in front (2 - residential, 3 - public space), and the second - the permissible intensity of walking on it.

Laminate of the thirties is actively used in residential premises, so As the higher the grade, the more expensive, more reliable and durable the coating. For example, laminate service life of the 33rd class when used in a living room can reach up to 20 years.

Safe laminate flooring

Laminate board thickness

When choosing a laminate, pay special attention to the thickness. This is a very important feature. Thickness varies from 6 to 14 mm. The thicker the floor, the higher the sound absorption, impact resistance and better thermal insulation. A quality floor covering must have a thickness of at least 8 mm. Keep in mind that installing a thicker laminate is much easier than 6 or 7 mm thick.

When choosing a laminate for this indicator, also consider its dependence on the area of ​​the room. The larger the floor area, the thicker the flooring should be.

Water resistance

If the question is how to choose a laminate for an apartment for quality, do not forget about water resistance. This is a weak point of even the highest strength, wear-resistant floor. The surface of the prefabricated parts withstands moisture penetration. However, if water or other liquid enters the joints of the laminated boards, this can lead to deformation. To avoid excessive costs for a new flooring for the kitchen or bathroom, where humidity is often high, manufacturers produce a practical version of a waterproof laminate. Also, it is recommended to use special water-repellent glue when laying, which will help laminate to get rid of such troubles.

The variety of colors of the laminate

Environment and safety

Laminate board includes:

  1. A layer of moisture-resistant paper.
  2. The basis is a high-strength panel of fiberboard, MDF, HDF.
  3. Film, increasing moisture resistance.
  4. Layer of decorative paper with high-quality pattern.
  5. Layer acrylic Atomic or melamine resin. Melanin resin is a type of plastic that is extremely durable. Multilayer photo paper coated with melamine resin provides a realistic texture and depth.

During direct high pressure, all of these layers melt together. Please note that formaldehyde is present in the laminate. It should not exceed the permissible limit so that this does not affect the environmental friendliness of the laminate for the floor. If the manufacturer indicated the safety class “E1” or “E0” on the package, then everything is in order, it was tested in accordance with European standards. Choosing a laminate, you can appreciate its smell, the floor should not emit glue or paint, but only a delicate aroma of wood.

Mounting method and substrate

The difference between adhesive or adhesive from a prefabricated laminate is the way the boards are joined. When laying the adhesive laminate, special glue is used, which reliably connects the floor components, but now it is almost never used. The prefabricated version has a locking connection and does not require additional bonding, which increases the environmental friendliness of the laminate: the panels are inserted one into the other and snap into place. This connection allows you to lay the floor yourself, replace the damaged part with a new one or completely disassemble the coating, if necessary.

Self-laying the laminate

The substrate is integral component. Its main task is to level uneven floors and provide sound insulation. The substrate is cheaper - polyethylene foam, more expensive - cork. All these materials have antibacterial properties, they are not afraid of insects and mold. Some types of modern laminate are made with a backing. It is already glued and has a higher sound insulation. This option is more practical and economical.


The interior of the room in which the laminate will be used determines its design. Manufacturers offer customers a floor covering that imitates wood, tiles, stone and depicting various abstract patterns. Laminate can repeat all natural textures and patterns. The structure of oak, alder or bamboo looks very beautiful. The floor in this design will look very natural and emphasize the environmental friendliness of the laminate.

In addition, it has a huge selection of artificial textures that emphasize the uniqueness and beauty of the interior. The surface of the laminate can be matte, textured, glossy or look like ceramic tile. Using a well-thought-out picture, the direction of lines and colors, a unique visual effect is created, as a result of which the room will become lighter and the room will appear more spacious.

Children's room

Children's room - a special place in the house. The floor here must meet quite a few requirements. It must be hygienic, low in pollutants, durable and contribute to a favorable indoor climate without any health risks. During games, there is always the danger of spilling or dropping objects. Mechanical damage that threatens the floor in the children's room is compared with the load in the hallway. Therefore, more and more environmental-friendly parents are choosing laminate flooring in their nursery.

This flooring is durable and easy to keep clean. The surface is antistatic, so children can slide and play on it without creating a disturbing electric charge. Laminate floors are considered “anti-allergenic,” and many families have children with allergies. With a laminate, you can always control the cleanliness of the floor, unlike carpets. Choose shockproof, scratch and abrasion resistant coatings of at least grade 32, such as Tarkett laminate. Its environmental friendliness is confirmed by certificates, it complies with all international quality standards. Although the laminate floor is moisture resistant, still explain to the child that if something has spilled onto the floor, wipe it with a dry cloth or tell your parents about it.

Do not forget also that the laminate is used not only for laying floors, but also in the decoration of countertops for kitchens, furniture and other interior items. This finish will look great in an ensemble with laminate floors.



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