Sebaceous glands on the penis: location, function, norm and deviation

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Sebaceous glands on the penis: location, function, norm and deviation

Inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the genitals can occur in a man, regardless of his age.

The disease is not particularly dangerous, since cannot move from one person to another. When unpleasant formations are found on the genitals, many men begin to worry and worry very much. It should be remembered that at the first stage of development, the disease is not so serious. Most often, neoplasms can be quickly and easily eliminated at home. The long course of the disease and symptoms that adversely affect the human body require mandatory consultation with a treating specialist. The surgeon should be consulted only if the formations on the penis become too large. After the examination, the specialist will choose a more rational method for treating inflamed sebaceous glands on the penis.

Description of the lesion

Talking about acne to the doctor, the man means tuberous formations that spread along the surface of the penis. Such rashes can be painted in pale white or bright red color. Inside the tubercle is purulent or transparent contents. Rashes form on the foreskin and on the head of the genital organ. Over time, the neoplasm spreads to the surrounding areas of the body.

The inflamed sebaceous glands on the head of the penis can be small in size. In the pubic area, they are much larger. In medical practice, cases have been noted when the male genitals were completely strewn with small rashes. The causes of the appearance of formations are identified by the attending specialist, based on their appearance.

Causes of the disease

Why is the sebaceous gland on the penis inflamed? There are many negative factors that can lead to the formation of rashes on the genitals, which over time will spread to the frenulum and under the head of the penis. White pimples can indicate the presence of a fungal infection in the body. They appear if the man does not follow the rules of hygiene or leads an indiscriminate sex life.

Causes of the disease

In some cases, inflammation of the sebaceous gland on Member speaks of a disease of a viral or infectious nature. Only a professional specialist can determine the exact type of the disease after carrying out diagnostic measures. White rashes on the genitals can indicate the presence of a sexually transmitted disease in the male body. If it begins to accelerate rapidly, it is important to immediately seek medical help.

There are a large number of common causes that can lead to the appearance of neoplasms on the genitals of men. These include:

  • wearing low-quality synthetic fabric underwear that leads to irritation and inflammation of the genital skin;
  • an allergic reaction to the soap or gel used;
  • circulatory problems in the genitals;
  • severe diaper rash.

Dangerous causes

The more dangerous reasons for the appearance of such rashes, doctors include pointed condylomas. Most often, the main problem lies in the rapid increase in the sebaceous glands on the skin of the penis. Young men who have reached the stage of puberty are susceptible to such damage. After 30 years, the lesion goes away on its own, without requiring a diagnosis or a long course of treatment.

Inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the head of the penis is a certain condition of the skin of a man.

With such a lesion, a man often has a large number of spots on the organ and expressed pimples form. Such formations are localized on the skin of the genital organ and hairy areas. If you try to independently eliminate the contents of such formations, then as a result a white secret will stand out, which in appearance looks more like pus. The formations can be small, medium and rather large.

Large formations on the genitals are more similar to other varieties of acne. Pimples can occur separately or in whole groups, and also develop constantly or occasionally.

Large glands are clearly visible on the head of the penis. But they are almost invisible on the very trunk of the organ, since in this area the skin is particularly dense.

Men with such problems have some problems with the opposite sex. For this reason, they prefer to avoid sexual intercourse so that no one finds out about their condition.

In adolescence, guys are often scared when they see such formations on the genitals. They are afraid to get a sexually transmitted infection and an inflammatory process in the body. They are nervous and worried, but they do not go to the doctor’s office. Photos of the sebaceous glands on the penis can be seen on stands and posters in specialized clinics or in the office of a dermatologist.

The appearance of white tubercles

Features of greasy glands

Sebaceous glands are present in almost every part of the body. They are responsible for the secretion of sebum, which helps moisturize the skin. In many men, these glands function correctly, which prevents various problems with the skin of the penis. Without sebum, the skin would be too dry, and would also be covered with numerous cracks.

Features of the defeat

In some cases, the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for the production of sebum, become clogged. At the same time, characteristic formations of white color, of special density, arise on the genital organ. They do not bring pain and do not affect the condition of the penis and testicles.

What you should know?


  1. This condition is not a disease. The appearance on the head of the genital organ of solid white formations is considered physiological processes. Most often they occur in men, but in some they are very noticeable, while in others they do not.
  2. An increase in the size of the endocrine glands is not as dangerous as it might seem, but only in cases where the formations do not provoke pain syndrome.
  3. Such tubercles are not sexually transmitted.
  4. Inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the penis is sometimes confused with a sexually transmitted disease, hermetic infection or genital wart.

Is it important to treat enlarged sebaceous glands?

This condition is not pathological. The sebaceous gland can not be treated if it does not progress, does not bring pain and other discomfort. Such formations in most cases pass on their own, although there is always a risk that they will appear on the member again after some time.

Seeing a doctor

If a man still decides to conduct treatment of the formations, then first he needs to seek help from a doctor who will make up professional therapy.

Can an inflammatory process occur?

In some cases, an inflammatory process begins in the sebaceous glands of the genital organ, which brings a large number of inconveniences and problems to a man. Often infected glands are hard. They appear marked inflammation, swelling, redness, from which the fluid comes out. In this case, it is important to see a doctor in time.

A man must remember that squeezing out the contents of the gland with the infection is strictly forbidden, as this is the result can lead to its active spread.

The following processes can lead to infection of the glands of the penis:

  • shaving the genital area;
  • using one towel or bedding with an infected person;
  • improper care of the genitals.

If there is such an infection, a person should take the following measures:

  • it is important to treat the towel with hot water to eliminate the infection;
  • the devices used to shave the genital area should be thrown away and replaced with new ones;
  • treat the penis with an antiseptic solution, which will help prevent the spread of infection.

It should be noted that men who have been circumcised do not have such problems, since they have an open area with active glands. Such glands protect the body from infection and provide lubrication.

Improper shaving

The main causes of blockage

Blockage of the sebaceous gland on the penis occurs under the influence of a large number of factors. Specialists highlight the main ones:

  • not following hygiene rules;
  • getting a bruise when shaving;
  • inflammation in the urinary canal;
  • the presence of a bacterial infection;
  • problems with the production of hormones.

Most of the causes described appear due to the fault of the man himself. It is very important to carefully and carefully monitor the condition of the genitals, regularly wash and conduct general hygiene procedures. If a person does not take care of himself, then there is a high risk that a large number of bacteria will accumulate in the genital area, due to which an active process of inflammation will begin in the sebaceous glands. Over time, bacteria spread and cause severe harm to humans, leading to dangerous diseases.

Places of distribution

Bubbles occur in the penis at different places on the skin. The place of distribution of education will directly depend on its type. Large rashes are located at the very base of the genital organ. Small acne - next to the head of the penis. The sebaceous glands, which are common in the hairline, can provoke an inflammatory process.

Condylomas, as a rule, form in the urethra. After a certain period of time, the inflammatory process passes to the head. The resulting formations bring unpleasant sensations, which can be explained by the fact that there are a large number of nerve endings on the head that provoke pain and send an impulse to the human brain.

Inflammatory process

Inflammatory process of sebaceous glands on the penis begins at a time when the amount of testosterone in the blood suddenly increases dramatically. Such a process adversely affects adipose tissue and its density. Coarse fat cannot be normally excreted, which leads to obstruction of the ducts. As a result of this, a pimple is formed.

Immediately after the appearance of the formation, the person does not bring pain and discomfort. But if you do not follow hygiene, then a quick inflammatory process begins.

Treatment of the disease

How to get rid of the sebaceous glands on the penis during inflammation? This will tell the doctor. Complex treatment of the sebaceous glands on the penis is rarely required. At the request of the man, the gland can be removed to completely get rid of the cosmetic defect.

Treatment of the lesion

If there are direct indications for treatment, then it starts right away. With the normalization of the condition and improvement of the hormonal background, treatment is not necessary.



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