Sleep: passport. Lose your passport, find, search and see – what is dreaming of, what to expect?

31.08.2019 Dream book
Sleep: passport. Lose your passport, find, search and see – what is dreaming of, what to expect?

In a dream, losing passport due to passions is almost the same nerves as in harsh reality. But besides this, this night vision can carry some other semantic load. What does the night story mean with a passport, with its discovery, loss and other manipulations? Some well-known and not quite famous dream books will tell us about this. We begin to decipher the signs from the Universe in order to use them for our own benefit.

Interpretation of the vision from Tsvetkov

dream passport

In a dream, getting a passport is not a good sign. He warns that your affairs are now going wrong. All unforeseen circumstances are to blame. Something will hinder at first achieving what you want.

If you are in a hurry to leave the country with a partner (partner) when you receive your passport, then such a vision indicates your desire to legitimize relations. Probably the partner does not share your zeal. Especially if in a dream the passport fell only into your hands.

What medium Hasse will say

The passport here is a prototype of the "I" of a sleeping person. Everything that happens with this document happens with its owner. For example, if a passport is lost in a dream and the dreamer (dreamer) rushes about in his search, in real life this person has to play by the rules of others, forgetting about his own needs and desires.

A dirty passport predicts gossip about the owner (mistress) of the night story.

Show a fake passport in a dream instead of the present? In reality, you are playing with a different personality. They buried their true feelings deep in their souls. It would be a big mistake to think that everything will just get away with you. The subconscious mind will take its toll, and then the sleeping person will bitterly regret forgetting his own desires and aspirations.

Weekly dream book

dream found passport

The interpretation of the dream about the passport depends not only on manipulations with it, but also on the day of the week before which this dream appeared.

On Monday day dream - about its loss. The dream has a different interpretation for ladies and gentlemen. After such a scenario, a woman should be more careful and lower the degree of passion around her. The fact is that something will happen that can become dangerous for this woman. The lady herself will contribute to harming her own person.

In a dream, a man began to look for a passport (on Monday) - in reality there will be serious changes in his life.

Tuesday. A woman sees this document in her vision - in real reality, she will experience inconvenience associated with officials.

For a man, a dream about a passport that night is a hint of speeding up the decision. Hurry up.

The dream that visited you on Wednesday - to the loss of self-control, regardless of gender, age and religion.

Thursday's dream is empty and does not carry a meaning.

Friday is an important day for revealing the sign of the Universe. Find someone else's passport in a dream - someone from your close people needs your help. Try to do a good deed unnoticed, and you will see that the reward will not be long in coming.

The dream that happened on Saturday calls for decisive action. If until this moment you doubted whether it is worth doing so, and not otherwise, now the time has come for actions. Do not check - do not know.

Sunday. Dreaming of a passport, one’s own or another’s, hints that the lifestyle of the dreamer or dreamer will soon be changed.

Interpretation of Terenty Smirnov

In his dream book of a wanderer, this is what they say about night dreams, in which there is an image of this document.

If a woman dreams that she forgot somewhere and lost her passport - in real life one should be careful with strangers. There may be many false friends around you right now. All of them will run away, like famous animals from a sinking ship, as soon as a period of failure approaches you. The message of the dream is as follows: cleanse your society of people who are not real friends.

Attempts to hide a passport, with banknotes embedded in it, is a profitable trip. Probably, a fruitful business trip awaits you soon.

Dream: looking for a passport (new) or getting it in your hands will start your life from scratch.

Losing a document for a man means losing influence on what is happening in his real life.

Become a victim of a thief and be without a passport in a dream, at a time when he is urgently needed. I’ll be lucky to have you, you should not be upset by such a nightly scenario.

When a person found a passport in a dream, and in it someone else’s photo next to the name and surname of the dreamer (dreamer) - in the real life of the owner (mistress) of this visions want to deceive evil people. Be careful not to leave a chance for attackers.

From Natalya Stepanova

Keep a new passport in your hands - life gives you many new chances. Do not miss them and take advantage so that in the future you will not regret past successful moments.

An unmarried lady sees in a night dream that she has forgotten her passport and has not returned for him. Relations with the opposite sex do not sparkle with optimism and happiness. You need to wait two or three months, and today do not rush headlong into new love adventures.

Lose your passport in a dream and not find a loss. It is likely that in order to fulfill a desire or carry out a plan, you will not have enough of some minor trifles. The dream interpretation advises to be more persistent (persistent) - to continue moving forward. If you pass a strip of strength tests, the coveted reward will fall into your own hands.

In spots, the passport in your dream is equal to your reputation stained. Soon you will have to justify your actions and defend your honest name.

A fake passport instead of a real one - the situation is not what you think it is. You have been misled.

Dreamwalker Denise Lynn

dream look for the passport

Travel and business trips await you literally from day to day - if in the night dream you had the image of a foreign passport and visa.

A new document, atypical - life gives the dreamer (dreamer) all chances to create what he dreamed about.

Spill liquid on the passport or simply splatter dirt on its pages. The script indicates unwanted and dangerous acquaintances. If you already have new friends in your environment, then you should keep your own plans and secrets with you. Such forethought will save not only disappointments, but also from very great material hardships.

A worn out passport in a night history - in reality, a sleeping person needs to do something with his life today. You need to change it and change yourself. Analyze what you would like to remove from your life and behavior, what would you like to add? As soon as everything becomes clear - proceed with actions. There is still time for a new, better life.

Explanation of the image of the passport from Sigmund Freud

The psychiatrist has always been distinguished by unconventional thinking. And the interpretation of dreams from his works has a similar property.

For example, if in a dream you stole your second half’s passport and issued a document for your personal one, in real life you strive to manage a partner (partner). You don’t really care how your half is feeling at the moment. After all, the main thing is that you feel greatStop parasitizing and turn into a sane person if you saw something like this in your dream.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Losing a passport in a dream is an excuse. You once did something not very favorable to others. The moment of truth will soon come and the secret will be revealed. Your attempts to clear your own reputation will not have the proper impact on society.

Stealing someone else’s document is also not a good sign. But so far it carries a warning value. Soon a very strong temptation will arise in front of the dreamer or dreamer. Be careful not to fall for it. The fact is that the offer is a trap. The most real problems with the law are possible.

Buy someone else’s passport in order to falsify it and pass it off as your own personal identification document - you do not want to show your true face to others. And do not do this. If your inner "I" is weaker than you present - detractors can learn about your weaknesses. They are very likely to use your fears against you. And if "I" is stronger than others think, then you should not reveal all the cards.

Female interpreter of night dreams

Do you find a seal in your passport? If the stamp is fresh, then a romantic relationship is possible. Moreover, for unmarried girls, such a dream is a sign of an approaching marriage proposal.

A torn page with a stamp about marriage - you want freedom from today's relationship. Subconsciously, I want to break free from bonds with a specific man who is now near you in real life.

The loss of a document draws the attention of a lady to today's problems with her work. If you forgot your passport somewhere, sleep is also not very favorable. At the moment, there are squabbles or other difficulties in the dreamer's life. Do not wait for their speedy removal from the horizons of life.

Assumptions from Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

A passport in a dream means distrust and doubt of a sleeping person.

Someone to you presented your passport - you will soon doubt the abilities and honesty of any of your friends, relatives and colleagues in the labor shop.

By the way, presenting your own document in your own dream, the same is not the best idea: you will fall under the suspicion of others. Perhaps the culprit will be the rumors circulated about your person. But also, it may be that your actions will entail certain thoughts and actions on the part of friends and relatives.

Loss of a document in a dream - incidents and a misunderstanding on the part of society in relation to your person.

Modern interpretation of passport dreams

dream forgot passport

Have you stolen a document from your bag in night history? In fact, there is no reason for waking up. You are lucky in something - a dream says it.

But the loss of an identity document serves as fertile ground for panic. The same thing in a dream. Lost your passport - expect difficulties, while being in a panic of bewilderment. But the fact is that you need to exhale, pull yourself together and act. The panic will pass. And you will find that what is happening around you is a new road that appears under your burdens, leading to a brighter future.

But when you yourself spoiled your passport in a dream, stained it, tore it up - waking life will take a negative turnover dangerous for you. Double your vigilance; don't fall for the tricks of dishonest people. They want to use you, get rich and leave you with nothing. In addition, there may be acquired problems with the laws.

Interpretation from the New Era collection

Buy a passport, steal, or otherwise obtain a document in your own night history. You want to be an individualist. You would like to change the circle of communication and, in general, change a lot of things in your own life today.

Hold your passport in your hands or present it to someone. The subconscious mind screams that you would like to leave the place where you live now. Desire refers to both a change of residence and the desire to go on a trip.

The dream of losing a passport indicates the lack of independence of the dreamer or dreamer. You are used to throwing your own difficulties onto others' shoulders, for this very reason the cherished dream does not come true. Take control of your own life, stop expecting something from outsiders. Start acting and then everything will work out

Pocket Dream Book

If your passport in your dream looked very new and clean - a dream portends successes in almost every business that a dreamer (dreamer) will undertake.

Tearing your own or someone else's document in night history - in real life a series of quarrels and scandalous revelations are coming. After such intrigues, you will not soon be able to find peace of mind.

To issue a passport in a dream - in reality the owner (mistress) of such a dream wants to travel.

Law enforcement officers are asked to present a document in a dream, and you show them your (or someone else's) passport. Do not rush to change your life. You still cannot escape from yourself.

Change your passport for money - your career will skyrocket. But for promotion you will need to pay your own time. You will take this time from the family. Be prepared for the fact that you will not see much with them in connection with work.

A pile of passports to find strangers - pay attention to their condition and appearance. If the documents are new, life will give the dreamer or dreamer some additional chances. An old stack of passports marks a strip of trouble.