Sperm update: full update period, recovery process

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Sperm update: full update period, recovery process

From the state of sperm, you can judge men's health. After all, if germ cells are not produced correctly, then this indicates the presence of serious health failures. In this article we will talk about the process of sperm renewal, and also learn about the importance of this process for men's health. After all, high-quality sperm is a guarantee that a woman will be able to give birth to a healthy baby. Therefore, it is very important to know when sperm renewal occurs in order to increase the chances of a successful conception. Carefully read the information provided in order to arm yourself and protect yourself as much as possible. So, let's get started.

The important role of sperm

Each student knows that in the process of fusion of the sperm and the egg, fertilization occurs, as a result of which the baby is born. However, it is also known that conception is not always successful, and this largely depends on the sperm update process.

From the quality of male sperm depends on the health of the unborn baby. If there are serious pathologies, then the risk of having a child with defects is greatly increased. Since sperm provides the foundation for a new life, its quality plays a very important role.

The process of formation of new germ cells

Sperm renewal in men is a very important and lengthy process. After the boy began puberty, the sperm production process started in his body, which will accompany the man until the end of his life. The produced sperm enter the epididymis and begin to accumulate there actively.

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To update seminal fluid in men, certain conditions must be created, which is why the testicles are taken outside the body and placed in the scrotum, which is able to control the necessary temperature for the sperm renewal process. Typically, the temperature in the scrotum is two to three degrees lower than body temperature.

How often is sperm updated?

In fact, a complete sperm update takes a very long time. In order for the sperm from the original cell to be able to turn into a full-fledged mechanism with a full set of chromosomes, it takes about 72-74 days. Usually, after three ejaculations, the appendages remain completely empty. In order for them to fill with new sperm, it takes a full three days. If the man does not have sex, sperm begin to break down and be absorbed by the testicles.

It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the sperm update cycle is two and a half months. Therefore, if a man decides to have a baby, he needs to wait this period, provided that his body succumbed to such harmful substances as radiation or excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Negative factors

In fact, there is simply an incredibly large number of different factors that can significantly impair sperm quality. They must be taken into account by each representative of the stronger sex who wants to become a father. Consider what exactly has such a bad effect on male germ cells:

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  • use of various medications, especially here you need to include hormonal medicines and antibiotics;
  • x-ray exposure;
  • work in harmful conditions, as well as abuse of bad habits;
  • work also has a negative effect on sperm quality associated with the use of paints and varnishes.

Also, it should include the conduct of an improper lifestyle, poor nutrition, ignoring the implementation of physical exercises and much more. Men who lead a sedentary lifestyle can also face problems. Indeed, in this case, blood circulation in the pelvic organs is impaired, which means that the sperm renewal process is also impaired.

What is a spermogram?

A spermogram is a very effective analysis method that can be used to determine the state of male germ cells. Using this analysis, you can determine whether a man is able to have children at all. This procedure allows you to determine the quality of sperm, namely:

  • ejaculate volume;
  • the number of viable spermatozoa in it;
  • the number of germ cells with pathologies;
  • as well as the speed of sperm movement.

Men's health depends on these factors , as well as its ability to reproduce offspring. This procedure is strongly recommended by doctors to every couple who wants to have a baby.

Sperm counts are normal if there are about twenty million viable sperm cells per milliliter of fluid. It is also very important to determine how fast the sperm can move. If the results of this procedure were unsatisfactory, the doctor will ask the man to come to the hospital one more time in a month and repeat the analysis. This will help determine what the sperm renewal time is.

Features of male reproductive cell regeneration

If a man is completely healthy, even after exposure to negative factors in his body, sperm can recover on its own. If a man plans to become a father in the near future, doctors recommend that you follow a few simple, but at the same time important recommendations.

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First, you need to completely abandon bad habits. Even beer can can have a bad effect on sperm quality. It is also very important to give up smoking. According to the results of the spermogram, sperm is updated well two weeks after a man refuses to use tobacco products.

Proper nutrition

In order for male sperm to be very high quality, a man must eat properly, fully eliminating junk food from your diet. The daily diet of each representative of the stronger sex should include foods such as fish, vegetables, meat and fruits. When planning a child, it is very important to drink a vitamin complex for men, which helps to accelerate the process of sperm production.

How often do you have sex for a long-awaited pregnancy?

Many men are interested in the question of which with the same frequency to have sexual intercourse in order for pregnancy to occur. Indeed, for the process of fertilization of the egg, it is very important that the amount of seminal fluid is sufficient. Therefore, for the purpose of pregnancy, you do not need to have sex on a daily basis. Take a break in a few days, and then your body will have time to develop enough sperm cells to conceive.

What will help to get pregnant?

Of course, pregnancy is a very important and long-awaited moment in the life of many couples. However, not everyone has, and not always, the process of conception is successful. But not all young people want to experience the harmful effects of medical chemicals. Some folk recipes that allow couples to have a baby also have a good effect. Let's consider what needs to be done in order to accelerate the process of a long-awaited pregnancy.

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In order to normalize the work of the ovaries, experts recommend women to drink tea from linden flowers. But in order to improve sperm quality, as well as increase cell motility, men are advised to take an infusion prepared on the basis of carrot seeds.

Also, do not forget about the important effect on the organs of the reproductive system of folic acid. Increase the amount of products containing this microelement. Such foods include onions, lettuce, cucumbers and parsley. Also, start taking vitamin supplements containing folic acid.

Another advice from doctors is the need for a woman after intercourse to raise her legs up and lie down in this position for several minutes. This will increase the likelihood that the sperm will quickly move towards the egg.


If you want to have a healthy and happy offspring, be sure to think about the period of sperm renewal. After all, the health of your future baby will depend on its quality. Before planning a pregnancy, be sure to make a spermogram. It will help determine whether you are ready to become a father for health reasons, and also tells you what needs to be adjusted.

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Watch carefully for his state of health. Eat well, and do not ignore the exercise, especially if you are sedentary. Taking care of yourself, do not forget that you also care about the health of your future baby.



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