Sponge cake in a pan without an oven: a simple and tasty recipe

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Sponge cake in a pan without an oven: a simple and tasty recipe

This dough of all existing types is the most moody. The process of its preparation requires taking into account a huge number of all kinds of nuances and secrets. And even more surprising is the question that can sometimes be found in culinary forums: is it possible to bake a biscuit in a pan?

About the relevance of the method

It turns out that it is possible. If there is a shortage of time necessary for heating the oven, as well as the addiction to open its doors prematurely, it will be very important to use some of the recipes for making biscuit in a pan.

It's no secret that many modern kitchens often equipped with all kinds of household appliances: dishwashers, multicookers, food processors, modern electric ovens, hobs. However, not everyone can afford such a technique, and old ovens often fail the hostesses. But if you want to create a delicious cake for the holiday, you can bake a wonderful and magnificent sponge cake in an aluminum pan directly on the stove (gas or electric). Many housewives use this method in the country, if there is reason to note something.

According to reviews, a biscuit prepared in a pan (without an oven) turns out to be unusually tender and airy, with a soft crust and a flat top. Some people prefer this method of traditional baking in the oven or slow cooker.

Lush biscuit.

A recipe for a simple fluffy biscuit

Ingredients used:

  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • 0.5 cups of sugar;
  • 0.5 cups of wheat flour.

It takes 150 minutes to cook. From the presented number of products, 6 servings of the dish are obtained.

How to make a device for baking?

To prepare a biscuit in this pan according to this recipe, you must first prepare the device in which the dough will be baked. At the bottom of a spacious pan put a small plate (which is not a pity). As a form for a biscuit, use a smaller pan. The bottom of the mold is lubricated with oil (sunflower, odorless). The walls do not need to be lubricated. A circle with a diameter equal to the bottom is cut out of the paper, and placed in a mold. In addition, you will also need a lid, which covers the mold during the baking process. It is wrapped with a cotton towel (this is necessary so that air does not get inside and condensation does not form). The improvised oven is ready.

Cover the pan with a lid.

Technology for making dough

Knead the dough for making biscuit in a pan so:

Squirrels separate 4 eggs from yolks. Beat them in a large bowl until white peaks, using a low speed mixer. Then increase the speed and beat to a thick hat. After that, half of the sugar volume is added a little. Separately, beat the yolks with sugar (remaining). Gently mix whipped yolks and squirrels. Then a little flour is added. Stir with a spoon, moving it from top to bottom.

Beat the squirrels.


When baking a cake for a cake in a pan, proceed as follows :

  1. The dough is laid out in a mold. Put in a large pan with a plate on the bottom. Cover the form with a towel wrapped lid. The large pot is also covered with a lid.
  2. Put it on the divider if they are preparing a biscuit in a pot on a gas stove. It will help to avoid burning the dough. Bake for 50 minutes on the smallest fire. If they cook a biscuit in a pan on an electric stove, they do without a divider. In the first half hour, it is not recommended to touch the improvised device, much less move it.
  3. After the set time (50 minutes), a large cover is opened a little, then a small one and then the biscuit is ready using a toothpick. The top of the cake should turn out to be white, not “fried”, there will be a brownish crust on the sides.
  4. The sides of the cooled biscuit are cut with a knife and removed from the mold.

Cut the cake in half, they impregnate coffee, cream, collect and decorate.

Cut the biscuit.

How to prepare a tall and tender biscuit for the holiday?

Some housewives bake this biscuit in a pan to the festive table, using it with different creams. It turns out completely different cakes, to the delight of guests and household. To bake a simple, fluffy biscuit according to the recipe described below, you will need:

  • For the test: 12 chicken eggs, two glasses of sugar, two glasses of flour, 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar.
  • For the impregnation: 0.5 glasses of water, two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of cognac (optional).

It is recommended to bake in an aluminum pan with a diameter of 16-18 cm. If you cook on an electric stove, it is recommended not to place the dishes on direct fire, it is better to put a heated iron sheet or a cast-iron frying pan of large diameter under it. The fire is reduced to a small one. The bottom of the pan is covered with parchment, the lid is wrapped in a towel. The pan is not smeared with anything.

Cooking cakes

Act as follows:

  1. Beat the eggs until the mass doubles in volume. Slowly add sugar, vanillin to it, whisk until sugar is completely dissolved. Then they work either manually - with a silicone spatula, or reduce the speed of the mixer to a minimum and gradually introduce flour (one tablespoon each).
  2. Pour the dough into the pan and cover it tightly. The pan with the dough is put on an iron sheet, the fire is reduced and baked for 45-60 minutes. The lid cannot be opened during baking.
  3. The lid can be opened when a delicious biscuit smell is felt. Immediately after this, check the readiness of the cake. With a palm, they gently touch the surface of the biscuit: if nothing sticks, the cake is ready. You can also check with a toothpick.
  4. Next, with a knife, separate the biscuit from the walls of the pan and pull it out, turning it on a tray or flat dish. Cool.


Cream is prepared according to one of their favorite recipes. To prepare the syrup, the water with sugar is brought to a boil, cooled, brandy is added. Then the biscuit is cut horizontally into three parts.

Cut the biscuit.

The lower part is soaked in syrup, spread with cream, the next cake is covered with cream, spread on the third syrup-soaked cake, cream and decorated to taste.

Decorate the bisquit.

Another recipe (cook on a gas stove)

For you will need to prepare this biscuit in a pan:

  • chicken eggs (large) - 5 pieces;
  • flour -1 cup;
  • sugar - 1 cup;
  • frying pan (cast iron);
  • pan (aluminum) with a lid;
  • parchment sheet - for baking;
  • oil (vegetable) .


Prepare the pan. A circle equal to the diameter of the pan is cut out of parchment and covered with the bottom. Grease the parchment with oil (vegetable). Pan walls do not need to be lubricatedOtherwise, the dough will slide over them and, rising, form a hump on the surface.

The lid of the pan is wrapped with a towel and fixed on top with an elastic band or knot. Install the structure on the gas burner in the following order: put the pan on the cast-iron pan, which is covered with a lid.

Preparation of the test

As usual, separate the yolks from the proteins. Beat the proteins with a mixer until a stable foam forms. Continuing to beat, sugar is gradually added (in small portions). Then add the yolks (after each, be sure to whip the mass!). The mixer is put off, as it is no longer needed. Add flour (sifted) to the mass and gently intervene using a wooden or silicone spatula. The flour is intervened in several movements. After it is completely dissolved in the mass, you can’t touch the dough anymore.

Features of baking

Act as follows:

  1. The burner is turned on to a small fire, on which the pan is slightly heated. Then the dough is poured into it, covered with a lid more tightly and baked for an hour and a half.
  2. The lid must not be lifted during cooking. At the very end, after about an hour, the lid is lifted and the readiness is checked. In a raw biscuit, the top will be liquid. If it is baked and dry, the biscuit is ready, if not, the lid is closed and waiting for about half an hour.
  3. After the biscuit is baked, the fire under it is turned off and left to cool under the lid. After half an hour, the lid is opened using a thin knife, the biscuit is separated from the walls and the pan is turned onto a large plate.
  4. Then the parchment is removed from the bottom and the biscuit is completely cooled. Its shape should be perfectly cylindrical, with a flat surface, without humps.


After the biscuit has completely cooled, it is cut into three parts, impregnated with syrup (fruit or berry), smeared with your favorite cream and decorate as desired. According to reviews, a good option is a biscuit soaked in cherry syrup and smeared with curd cream (cottage cheese, rubbed through a sieve with icing sugar and whipped cream). On top of the cake you can decorate a cherry boiled with sugar for 5 minutes.

Another recipe for magnificent sponge cake


  • Eggs - 8 pieces.
  • Sugar - 8 tbsp. l.
  • Flour - 8 tbsp. L.
  • Citric acid - a pinch.

Preparation: step by step recipe

Act like this:

  1. Eggs divided into yolks and squirrels. In the latter, add a pinch of citric acid, whisk until a strong foam. Pour sugar into the yolks, beat until white foam.
  2. Add 0.5 part of flour to the yolks (whipped), knead, add the proteins, gently knead, add the rest of the flour to the mass and carefully knead.
  3. In a teflon pan put a circle cut out of baking paper on the bottom. Pour the dough. The lid is covered with a terry towel (necessary to collect condensate), and the pan is tightly covered with it.
  4. The pan is placed on the burner, which is the same size as the bottom. Set the average temperature and bake for 1 hour.
  5. After this time, open the lid, check the readiness with a toothpick.

Subtleties of cooking

The quality of the biscuit is determined mainly by the quality of the proteins. You can beat them in a strong, stable foam if:

  • use exclusively fresh eggs;
  • choose the largest ones with more protein;
  • gently separate the yolks from the proteins;
  • use exclusively clean and dry dishes for whipping (if there is even a drop of fat on the walls, all the work will go down the drain;
  • you can beat the proteins with quality by placing the dishes in which they are whipped, in a basin with ice, cold water or snow;
  • whipping can be improved with salt, a small amount of lemon acid or lemon juice.

It is necessary not to be lazy to sift the flour - with this simple action it is enriched with oxygen and further loosened, making the dough more lush. If you just sprinkle the biscuit with powdered sugar, you can eat it right away but after baking. But in order to use it for making culinary masterpieces, cut it, etc., first you need it to slightly dry out (at least for 4-8 hours). It is most convenient to bake a biscuit dough in the evening, and to collect cakes from cakes - after 12-24 hours. Then it will not crumble, will not get wet during the impregnation and will retain its shape. Cutting biscuit cakes into layers is better with a fishing line or knife.



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