Tarkett Idyll linoleum: features and care

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Tarkett Idyll linoleum: features and care

One of the most popular flooring is linoleum. Today, this material is produced in such quality that it does not change its size during the entire period of operation. The Swedish company Tarkett Idyll linoleum is in constant demand.

tarquette idyllic nova

Tarkett product features

The Tarkett company makes this flooring on the basis of polyvinyl chloride, therefore it is often called vinyl or PVC coating. Rare technical characteristics are achieved through the use of high technology and a multilayer structure. Products of Tarkett Idyll Nova stand out:

  • beautiful appearance;
  • durability;
  • versatility.

This coating is resistant to wear, and if properly looked after, it will last more than 25 years. It can be repeatedly restored. Tarkett linoleum fully complies with the Russian standards GOST and SNiP. It is easy to care for, the material does not absorb dirt.

One of the main features is the presence of refractory properties, it is noted that the products released during combustion are not toxic. Such a floor covering has a rough surface, so it is impossible to slip on it. The range of Tarkett Idyll linoleum is very diverse, there are coatings imitating:

  • tile;
  • marble;
  • natural stone;
  • stone chips;
  • wood .

There are four categories of linoleum manufactured by Tarkett, which differ in the degree of strength and scope of use.

Household linoleum

This type of flooring is a budget. It is used in rooms where there is a slight static and mobile load. Household linoleum has a large selection of colors and textures. The wear resistance class is 21-23, and the web thickness is from 1 to 4 mm. This species lasts approximately 2-3 years.

Technical or special linoleum

Linoleums of this category are produced under certain conditions. They are made for use in vehicles, industry and other places. For example, in the manufacture of coatings for medical facilities, antibacterial and antifungal components are added. Linoleums intended for use in gyms should not be slippery, they have an additional protective layer containing quartz chips.

Commercial and semi-commercial

Commercial flooring has a maximum protective layer and significant indicators of wear resistance. It is placed in rooms where increased cross-country ability is provided. The service life is 15-25 years. The range is not rich in color and palette.

Semi-commercial linoleum in its structure is similar to household, however, it has a thick protective layer. It stands out with its rich coloring and structure, wear resistance class 31-34. Widely used in schools, offices and in private homes. It can last about 10 years.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous linoleum

Tarkett Idyll linoleum is homogeneous and heterogeneous in structure. The first type is a homogeneous canvas up to three mm thick. It consists of:

  • granules of polyvinyl chloride;
  • lime;
  • dyes;
  • plasticizers.

It has a single layer structure and a simple pattern, which is located throughout the thickness. Of the shortcomings, the appearance of white streaks is noted, which are difficult to remove.

The heterogeneous coating is multilayer - from 2 to 6 layers. It is based on PVC. The canvas has a thickness of 6 mm. This type of linoleum has a rich color.

"Idyll Nova"

The Tarkett Idyll collection will decorate any home, thanks to its incredible strength and additional textile base. It provides the coating with resistance to temperature extremes. It is pleasant to walk on it barefoot, it will not be damaged by hairpins and sharp legs. Products have improved heat and sound insulation properties. The collection has an assortment of species, many of them are very popular. One of those linoleum is light "Tango 4". It has a relief surface with imitation wood. Another popular coating is Tarkett Idyll Nova Oxford 1.

tarkett idyll

Semi-commercial linoleum" Tarkett Idyll Nova Oxford 1 "

This high-quality floor covering has:

  • excellent durability;
  • density;
  • resistance to pollution;
  • a rare design.

Double base - textiles and foam, give the material improved sound and heat insulation qualities. Thanks to the felt base, the Tarkett Idyll Nova Oxford 1 linoleum is frost-resistant, so it can be laid in country houses.

The material resists the impact of furniture on casters and heels. It has a non-slip coating, and an extra layer of Extreme Protection protects the structure from dirt and makes it easy to maintain. The service life is 15 years.

Care for linoleum

Care for such flooring consists in daily dry or wet cleaning. Dry is carried out using a vacuum cleaner or microfiber mop, and wet with a wet flat microfiber mop with a detergent designed to care for the PVC coating. The manufacturer does not recommend cleaning Tarkett linoleum:

  • with solvents;
  • with abrasive materials;
  • with chlorine-based, bleaching and universal products.

Experts advise to protect this material from damage, put felt, cardboard or wooden linings under the thin legs of furniture. If you have to move heavy furniture, so that the Tarkett Idyll linoleum is not damaged, you need to use soft and durable bedding material. Hard to remove stains accidentally appearing on its surface must be immediately cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or its aqueous solution.



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