Fresh white cabbage

There are six varieties cabbage, but in Russia ordinary white "heads of cabbage" are most popular. However, the freshest vegetables should be selected for food, because they retain a maximum of vitamin C, which is destroyed during storage. In addition, fresh cabbage is saturated with such important trace elements as potassium, phosphorus and calcium. Thus, it is indicated for people with heart and vascular diseases, as well as for those who are tired of struggling with brittle hair, nails, teeth and bones.

The benefits of cabbage also lie in the low calorie content of fresh product and the almost complete absence of carbohydrates in it. It is not surprising that doctors recommend using it as food for patients diagnosed with obesity and diabetes.

For pregnant women, fresh cabbage is a source of folic acid, essential for the normal development of the fetus; it is indicated for ulcers due to the high content of vitamin U (aka methyl methionine); the presence of a rare tartronic acid that prevents the deposition of fat makes it a real find for those who care about their figure.

Fresh red cabbage

This cabbage contains anthocyanin - a substance that gives it a characteristic burgundy hue. Once in the human body, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, and also reduces the risk of blood clots. Also the benefit of red cabbage is high the protein content necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. And the presence of selenium in its composition has a beneficial effect on human immunity.


Usually vegetables, having passed any kind of processing, lose a number of valuable properties. But not sauerkrautMoreover, the benefits of cabbage cooked in this way go beyond the imaginable limits. Firstly, in fermented form, even during prolonged storage in the winter, it retains a shock dose of vitamin C, which is also transferred to brine. Secondly, it is enriched with lactic and acetic acids, which destroy harmful microorganisms that develop in the human stomach. Thirdly, sauerkraut is a cheap, natural and safe way to normalize cholesterol. And some scientists even argue that regular consumption of sauerkraut is an excellent cancer prevention.

For beauty

The benefits of cabbage are priceless not only when ingested, but also outside. The juice obtained from this vegetable has a slight whitening effect and prolongs youth. Sauerkraut masks will dry too oily skin and prevent acne. And for hair rinsing with cabbage juice is perfect: they will become stronger and get a pleasant silky shine.