The effect of alcohol on sperm and its quality

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
The effect of alcohol on sperm and its quality

Of course, each of us knows that alcohol abuse is extremely dangerous for our health, but despite this, the alcohol industry is still booming. Without alcohol, it is hard to imagine any celebration. People drink when they are happy, and vice versa - in order to calm their suffering. Excessive drinking is fraught with bad consequences. In this article, we will talk about how alcohol affects sperm. Carefully read this information in order to protect yourself and arm yourself, as well as have health and happy offspring. So, let's get started.

What is sperm

As you know, the process of conception does not occur by itself. For this, female and male sex cells are needed. Sperm is a viscous whitish fluid secreted by a man during ejaculation. It consists of seminal fluid and sperm. It is the sperm cells that take part in the fertilization process.

Sperm contains vitamins, minerals, antibodies, hyaluronic acid, well, Of course, information that will be transmitted by inheritance. Alcohol affects sperm and prostaglandins. Therefore, a man who regularly drinks alcohol may be responsible for the fact that his child will be born underdeveloped or with dangerous defects of internal organs.

How alcohol affects sperm

In order to prolong life on our planet, living things need to multiply. Moreover, the survival of the genus is possible only if healthy offspring are born. Of course, the health of the future baby will depend on the condition of both of his parents. However, a lot of attention needs to be paid to sperm quality. After all, it is it that provides the basis for life, so you should understand how alcohol affects sperm.

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Sperm cells are the most important building material that can be equated to the foundation. The better the foundation was built, the more reliable the building itself will be. Therefore, every member of the stronger sex who wants to see himself in the role of a good father should think about the state of sperm. The influence of alcohol on semen and its quality is very great. A man who abuses the use of alcohol significantly reduces the chances of reproducing healthy offspring.

Indiscriminate unprotected sexual intercourse, especially during alcohol intoxication, in many cases results in transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Alcohol intoxication can also lead to hypothermia, overheating, and other stressful situations for the body, so there can be no talk of good sperm quality.

How fast can alcohol get into sperm

If a man spoils himself with a little alcohol from time to time, this will not have a strong negative effect on sperm. However, the effect of alcohol on sperm will be negative if a representative of the stronger sex regularly abuses the use of alcohol-containing drinks. Typically, alcohol enters the sperm immediately after six to twelve hours after drinking.

What path does alcohol take in the male body

Every man should think about how alcohol affects sperm. After a person has taken an alcoholic drink, he passes through his digestive system and begins to break down in the intestines into ethyl alcohol and other no less harmful substances. Alcohol is absorbed by the walls of the intestine, where it enters the local bloodstream. And it gets into the sperm with blood.

What happens to sperm after drinking alcohol

Does alcohol affect sperm? This interests a lot of men. According to experts, this effect is extremely negative. Consider what can cause the frequent use of alcohol:

  • The number of healthy sperm is significantly reduced. With severe abuse of sperm, cells with pathologies will prevail, so there is simply a huge risk that the baby will be born with developmental disabilities.
  • Also, the use of alcohol significantly increases the chances of a miscarriage or premature birth.
  • Sperm lose their mobility, so a woman simply can not get pregnant. Sometimes this leads to conflicts in pairs, because a man thinks that his woman is infertile, while the reason lies in himself.

Alcohol affects the quality of sperm. This is very important to consider for men who want to have offspring. Over time, the male body will produce less and less sperm, which will lead to male infertility. However, it will be impossible to change such a state.

Also note that excessive abuse of alcohol can make you impotent. Not the most happy prospect.

What alcohol consumption can lead to conception

In this article we try to answer the question whether alcohol affects sperm. According to some experts, a drink taken immediately before sexual intercourse will not affect the state of sperm, as they formed over the course of two or three previous months. Therefore, in the process of conception, old cells that have already been developed by the body will take part. However, if a man drinks regularly, the updated sperm will not be of such high quality.

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According to scientific studies, even healthy person 25% of sperm cells have any defects. When using alcohol, their amount increases significantly.

It should also be taken into account that alcohol has a negative effect on chromosomes. However, how quickly does this happen? Sperm is updated every two to three months, so in no case do not take alcohol during this period if you want to get healthy offspring.

Daily use

It is very important to study in detail how alcohol affects sperm quality. After all, not only your own life, but also the life of your future baby depends on you. According to doctors, daily drinking of alcohol, even in small amounts, will lead to fetal alcohol syndrome in a child. This is a very dangerous phenomenon, which is fraught with the emergence of various diseases.

Pathologies in development

Consider what deviations in development can result from the frequent use of alcohol by the father.

  • Incorrect fetal skull formation. This may include deformation of the eye sockets, malformation of the cheekbones, and shortening of the nose.
  • Pathologies of the nervous system are considered very dangerous. A child can lag significantly behind in its intellectual development, and may also suffer from nervous disorders. In some cases, there may be a risk of underdevelopment of the brain.
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  • Incorrect formation of internal organs. This includes a pathology such as congenital heart disease, as well as abnormal formation of the spinal canal.
  • In some cases, the babies had very serious joint pathologies. Sometimes children simply cannot move normally.
  • Young patients may also experience abnormal skeletal tissue formation. Growth can be excessively large, or vice versa small, and the body disproportionate.
  • A child can be born with very small body mass, which will be a serious obstacle to his continued survival.

True, similar pathologies are sometimes observed even in those children whose parents did not suffer from alcoholism.

The influence of alcohol on the result of a spermogram

As you know, a lot of factors influence the way a baby is born. This includes the health of parents, as well as the presence of bad habits. If you are preparing to become a father, be sure to think about how alcohol affects sperm and offspring.

Today day there is a procedure that allows you to determine the quality of sperm in a representative of the stronger sex. A spermogram is considered such a procedure. With it, a man can find out how much his sperm is suitable for conception. Of course, the results that can be obtained as a result of this procedure depend on many factors, and one of them is the use of alcohol.

Therefore, in order to get the most accurate results from the spermogram, you need to adhere to some rules. In no case do not drink alcohol before the procedure, as it lingers in the body for a long time, which means it can have a negative effect on the results of the examination. Moreover, the ideal solution would be if you refuse alcohol-containing drinks a few months before this procedure. So you get the most accurate results.

If you do not adhere to this rule, then the results of spermograms can be extremely deplorable. The number of sperm will decrease significantly, while most of them will have pathologies. Also, they will lose their ability to move, so a man is recognized simply as childless. Therefore, if you want to get the most accurate result from this procedure, prepare for it in advance.

Basic rules for preparing for a spermogram

In order to get the most accurate results of the study, it is very important to observe some regulations. Consider which ones:

  • We have already said that you can not take alcohol before the procedure. Throw away even the lightest liquor completely a few days before analysis. But do not forget that the longer you abstain from alcohol, the more accurate the results of a spermogram will be.
  • A few days before the procedure, refuse to use any medications. However, the exception is those medications that must be taken constantly to maintain vital activity.
  • Three to four days before the procedure, stop having sex, and also do not overcool and do not overheat.
  • Give ejaculate only in the hospital, using special laboratory glassware.
  • To accurately determine the result, you need to put all the semen into the glassware.

Effect on the testes

We have already found out whether alcohol affects sperm quality. The use of this product has an extremely negative effect on male germ cells. But, besides this, alcohol-containing drinks also negatively affect the testes. Under the constant influence of alcohol, they become smaller, and at the same time, the lumen of the tubules through which the sperm begins to narrow. That is why a very large number of defective cells appear in semen. They may not have a flagellum or head, due to which they will practically not be able to move. If sperm has a very large number of germ cells with various defects, then it is simply impossible to conceive a child.

Important estimates of scientists

According to scientific studies, a man taking a small amount several times a week alcohol, the number of healthy sperm per year is reduced by twenty percent. If the sperm with defects could fertilize the egg, this will lead to the child being born sick or the woman will have a miscarriage.

Impact on sexual function

A man who constantly drinks alcohol suffers from malfunctioning of the hormonal system. So, even its single use can reduce testosterone production. It takes five days to restore normal synthesis of this hormone.

It happens that someone who constantly drinks alcohol simply does not wants to have sex, as the level of libido drops significantly. In some cases, a man becomes impotent, and getting rid of this condition will be very difficult.


In this article we talked about how alcohol affects male sperm. Therefore, draw conclusions for yourself if you want to get healthy offspring. Do not forget that alcohol-containing drinks have a negative effect not only on the quality of sperm, but also on the life of the man himself in general. Therefore, take care of your health, and get rid of bad habits. Be healthy



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