The glycemic index value for normalizing body weight

26.04.2020 Medicine
The glycemic index value for normalizing body weight

Characteristic of the glycemic index

All foods along with proteins, fats necessarily contain carbohydrates. These groups of compounds determine the caloric content of food. Another indicator of nutritional value is the glycemic index. In the medical literature it is abbreviated to the abbreviation "GI". The glycemic index reflects the rate of breakdown of a particular food, at which the carbohydrates of the product turn into monosugar, in particular glucose. This carbohydrate metabolism product is the main source of energy for building the membranes of body cells, all biochemical processes that ensure the normal functioning of organs and systems. The GI reading will be higher the sooner glucose is formed.

Classification of products according to GI level

Science dietetics clearly distinguishes all the products that are used by modern man , into three groups: Foods with a low glycemic index. These are slowly digestible complex carbohydrates. Foods with an average level of glycemic level. gh GI foods. The main representatives of this class of products are fast-digesting simple carbohydrates. The glycemic index of glucose is taken as 100 units. From this indicator there is a calculation for all product groups. Depending on the composition and nutritional value, the GI of the product may exceed this indicator for glucose or be less than 100 units accepted for glucose. For example, beer has a glycemic index of 110 units and a flesh of watermelon is 75 units.

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The effect of GI on weight gain

As well as the calorie content of foods, the glycemic index of foods that are common to a person’s diet affects the degree of obesity or the success of losing weight while reducing caloric intake. When carbohydrates enter the body through food, the blood glucose concentration rises. The pancreas reacts to this change by releasing a large amount of a hormonal compound that regulates the level of glucose in the blood. This is a well-known insulin. Due to hormonal regulation, glucose is evenly distributed throughout the tissues and systems of the body. It provides each cell with energy potential. If insulin does not affect glucose metabolism, unspent carbohydrate reserves are deposited as reserve ballast in the cells, leading to visceral obesity. If you eat foods with high GI, jumps in glucose concentration cause excessive production of the hormone insulin. If with such a diet there is no corresponding physical load, then the energy of chemical bonds in glucose molecules is not spent optimally and this compound goes into body fat. When insulin “distributed” sugar to organs and systems, the concentration of glucose in the blood decreases. The receptors responsible for the feeling of hunger react to this - a person has an appetite and a desire to have a bite. For products with a low glycemic index, prolonged splitting is characteristic, glucose enters the organs and tissues slowly, without causing an abrupt release of insulin by the pancreas. They seem to spare this sensitive organ. When consuming foods with low GI after a regular meal, there is a prolonged feeling of satiety. The energy necessary for the vital activity of body cells comes from the breakdown of fat molecules. Therefore, any diet aimed at weight loss and the fight against obesity must necessarily be based on the selection of foods with a low glycemic index.


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