The healing effect of rhodiola rosea preparations for women

21.05.2020 Medicine
The healing effect of rhodiola rosea preparations for women

Most often, women use the golden root preparations in the following situations:

  • for the treatment of menstrual syndrome;
  • for anemia due to severe bleeding during menstruation;
  • for diseases of the uterus accompanied by profuse discharge of blood (fibroids and uterine fibroids);
  • for neurotic conditions caused by overwork at work or in severe psychological situations;
  • in case of vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • in those cases when a woman has undergone abdominal surgery and is in need They are in additional energy sources.

Of particular note is the use of folk remedies with a golden root during the hormonal adjustment of the body of mature women. During this period, a woman is especially vulnerable, she often falls into depression, tearfulness, nervous breakdowns and mood swings become constant companions of life. Tea with golden root copes with the complex of neurotic symptoms that are characteristic of the climacteric state.

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Women of childbearing age often suffer from sexually transmitted infections. These pathogens cause inflammation of the vulva, vagina, and lead to the development of a purulent process. If the diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory tests, and the cause of inflammation is fungi of the genus Candida, ureaplasma or Trichomonas, then douching with a decoction of the golden root comes to the rescue. Such a procedure against the background of antibiotic therapy helps to quickly cope with unpleasant symptoms and normalize the vaginal biocenosis. Itching and inflammation, unpleasant odor and purulent discharge go away.

During pregnancy

Pregnant women using Rhodiola rosea are strictly contraindicated, as they can cause contractions smooth muscles of the uterus and lead to premature birth or early fetal loss. This is especially dangerous if gynecologists are diagnosed with the threat of miscarriage or gestosis of the second half of pregnancy. Even if the expectant mother has severe anemia, it is better to use iron preparations and vitamins for pregnant women to correct this condition.

Use for breastfeeding

Adaptogens have a good effect on the weakened health of nursing mothers. The only thing to remember is that extracts of the golden root increase the activity of the nervous system, so they can be used only in the morning, when a young mother needs a surge of energy to care for her child and her health. However, if during the administration of Rhodiola rosea preparations the child will behave very actively, the baby’s sleep will be disturbed, it is better to wait a bit using the golden root until the infant begins to switch to normal nutrition with infant formula and cereals.


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