The incubation period of coronavirus in humans

06.04.2020 Medicine
The incubation period of coronavirus in humans

The incubation period for a coronavirus is estimated to be 2 to 14 days, but there are times when it was equal to a month. This concept refers to the period of time from the moment of infection to the onset of symptoms of the disease. The time when a person begins to secrete a sufficient amount of infection so that their interaction becomes a threat to the rest is 24 hours before the symptomatic period.

Studies on the incubation period of human coronavirus

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Incubation the period of coronavirus in humans is still being investigated. According to data from American scientists, the incubation time is 5.1 days. Within 11.5 days, the symptoms of the disease appear in 97.5% of patients. Therefore, a quarantine of two weeks is considered reasonable. Some scholars disagree in American. They insist that this time should be extended to 19 or 24 days.

On 10 February 2020, WHO, responding to the question of how many days the incubation period for coronavirus, noted: a 24-day period may reflect double exposure (re-infection). The study, as a result of which such data were obtained, it was decided to accept in the context of the main conclusion.

JAMA in the study of February 21 reported an incubation period of 19 days. A unique case occurred in Hubei Province. So in humans it lasted 27 days.

The risk of getting sick during the incubation period of the coronavirus

The peculiarity of COVID-19 is that the latent period is shorter, than incubation. This means that a sick citizen becomes dangerous for others before the onset of symptoms.

The risk of contracting a viral infection is maximum at the stage of onset of symptoms when it appears:

  • fever;
  • dry cough;
  • sore throat and other signs of SARS.

For the first time that coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person until the first signs of the disease, said Xiaowei Ma, head of the PRC Health Department. This announcement has led to various disputes among American scientists. The matter was aggravated when such a case was described in Lancet magazine, and then the authors recalled the publication.

Japanese experts decided to investigate the contradiction. They checked information on 26 small groups living in the epidemic center in Wuhan. In them, infection occurred in the first weeks of the spread of coronavirus. Studies have shown that each new case occurs three days after infection. This confirmed that asymptomatic transmission of the virus is possible. Based on this, conclusions were drawn that the scale and speed of distribution were underestimated, which led to serious consequences around the world.


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