Uralkeramika tile: quality and usability reviews, types, photos

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Uralkeramika tile: quality and usability reviews, types, photos

Ceramic tiles are a special type of decoration material. Most often it is used when it is required to arrange a hallway, a working area of ​​a kitchen or a bathroom. This type of finish is resistant to moisture, all kinds of pollution, and this material does not deteriorate from wet cleaning. Today everyone can choose Russian-made tiles. Reviews about Uralceramics show that this is an excellent choice.

uralceramic tile reviews

Popular collections

In this The production area has its own leaders, one of them is the Uralkeramika company. She has developed a large number of different product collections. Some collections are highly appreciated by professionals and, according to the tilers, Uralkeramika is a rather demanded product.

Thanks to the rich selection, it is possible to find the perfect option that suits:

  • appearance;
  • dimensions;
  • thickness;
  • price.


Customers who like natural and natural colors leave positive feedback on the Uralkeramika-Bamboo tile. The palette of this collection consists of the following colors and their shades:

  • brown;
  • beige;
  • green.

This type of embossed tile skillfully imitates bamboo. On separate tiles its volumetric image is applied.

bamboo tile

" Sirio "

Products of this series are made in such colors as:

  • blue;
  • gray;
  • white.

Thanks to these colors, the decoration looks weightless and delicate. Such a collection is considered universal, because it can be used in the design of rooms of various sizes. The tile is decorated with luxurious lilac branches, which makes the material more attractive.

sirio tile


Subject this type of tile - sea open spaces. Such material is a classic design of the bathroom and the bathroom. On some tiles, shells and other drawings are applied, giving the decoration picturesqueness and diversity. The border is decorated with patterns of sea shells and bubbles.

lagoon tile


This collection includes tiles in blue and beige colors. The decoration material is decorated with a picture of a lighthouse, which is located on a cliff. Some species are complemented by images of ships with luxurious snow-white sails. Thanks to neutral colors, the atmosphere in the room becomes soothing.

tile assol

" Lila "

The reviews about Uralkeramika of this collection are pretty good. It stands out for its incredibly beautiful light shades, decorative inserts, which depict flower buds. The series is supplemented with 2-color floor tiles and borders.

" Melanie "

This tile is made in beige and brown colors. This collection will give the bathroom an amazing and original appearance. The brand produces tiles imitating natural wood.

" Grace "

Do you like the original options? Buyers leave laudatory comments about Uralkeramika-Grace. This decoration material is great for decorating the bathroom. The series is made in the neo-loft style. A feature of such tiles is the color palette, which includes three shades of gray. This material has a structured surface that imitates a cement screed. Elements are made in large format. They are best to decorate spacious rooms. The collection is complemented by porcelain stoneware floor tiles, which have frost and wear resistance of class 4. Thanks to these qualities, it can be used in rooms with high traffic.

tile grace


The main advantages of Uralkeramika brand products are:

  • reliability;
  • high strength;
  • moisture resistance;
  • versatility;
  • safety.

The tile is not afraid of mechanical damage and external influences. A wide range allows you to choose decorative materials for modern and classic styles, and decorations and patterns will make it attractive.

Initially, the tile was designed for installation in the kitchen, steam room and bathroom. And in the subsequent this characteristic was paid special attention, because this material reliably protects the walls from the negative effects of water and resists moisture.

These products are very popular due to their high wear resistance, and, as a result, have a long service life. Amazing reviews about Uralkeramika concern that, at the very least, it can last 20 years. And if it is laid correctly, and in the future to properly care for it, this figure will increase several times.

The company's specialists have developed tiles that are ideal for the design of compact rooms, which are most bathrooms and toilets. If the finishing material is selected correctly, then the visual dimensions of the room will become large, the walls will become wider, and the ceiling will be higher.

One of the main criteria when choosing a tile is the price. This indicator of Uralkeramika products is available to most buyers. The cost of the product depends on:

  • sizes;
  • thickness;
  • the novelty of the collection.

Uralceramic tile ", Reviews of which are most often positive, made of environmentally friendly and safe materials. Therefore, it can be used in homes where young children and people with allergies live.

uralceramic tiler reviews

Customer feedback

After the market experts examined the finishing and building materials, relying on the data obtained and having read reviews about Uralkeramika, the experts made certain conclusions. Among similar products, this is very popular and all thanks to many positive qualities, including a huge selection of products that differ in:

  • style;
  • texture;
  • coloring;
  • cost.

Those who have been familiar with this finishing material for more than one year confirm its quality, long service life and reliability.

Opinions of professionals

Workers in the field of decoration and repair of premises speak well of Russian ceramic tiles Uralkeramika. Experts note that it is easy and convenient to work with it, after laying the finishing material for a long time does not lose its original appearance. But so that the tile is not damaged during the laying process, it is recommended to contact experienced craftsmen who will perform it in accordance with all the rules for this responsible work.



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