"The role of food in our lives is much wider than just replenishing energy resources," says psychologist Ekaterina Milushina . - For example, we use food to interact with others, we try to control stress and mood with it. Thus, eating habits are formed - behavioral programs that always “work out” in certain conditions. Like any other, eating habits can be both good and bad, and the latter include: impulsive food, evening overeating, tea or coffee with lots of sugar, bread with each meal and others. A useful morning setting is considered to be a daily morning breakfast, as well as fractional nutrition and the use of large amounts of water. ” According to the expert, it is necessary to cultivate eating habits from childhood. Scientists from Cornell University proved (1): the more parents insist on clean plates (the famous “So that nothing remains on the plate!”), The more children will eat up something harmful outside the home, exercising their freedom. “Therefore, it is important to start with the most important thing: to instill in children a culture of family meals, develop curiosity in relation to their nutrition, interest in studying the composition of products, which, in fact, is the key to health,” says the psychologist. “We will significantly change our approach to food if we choose products only from natural ingredients.”

To adjust eating habits, the psychologist suggests starting with one, a maximum of two “wrong” food settings. “Create an image of“ ideal ”behavior. Next, determine the period when you plan to achieve the goal, and assign yourself a reward for achieving the desired result, ”says Ekaterina Milushina. The next stage is the gradual introduction of changes and fixing them in their behavior. It is important to remember that strict diets and food bans lead to breakdowns, lead to the formation of food dependence. According to the expert, the formation of a “new” habit on average will take from 21 to 28 days. “Among people who adjust their diet, there is a myth about the dangers of sweets, they limit themselves, which will inevitably lead to poor mood and breakdowns,” the psychologist continues. - Many forget that some sugary foods are good for your health, in particular ice cream. From a psychophysiological point of view, it contains important amino acids that stimulate the production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness. Add ice cream to your family diet and get together with family and friends for your favorite dessert more often. This wonderful family tradition will help improve mood and strengthen family values. ”

Dietitian, member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists Elena Tikhomirova believes that ice cream is a nutritious snack and light dessert for children (2) and their parents. “100 g of ice cream contains only 232 kcal, 15 g of milk fat and 20 g of carbohydrates,” says the expert. - For comparison: 100 g of chocolate contains more than 500 kcal, in 100 g of marshmallow or pastille - 350 kcal, in 100 g of puff pastry, about 500 kcalEven in the lowest-calorie diet, there is a place for 223 kcal - this is 100 g of ice cream, which contains no artificial and identical to natural flavors and colors - only milk, butter, sugar and other 100% natural ingredients. You can easily find such ice cream in the store, for example, Golden Standard ice cream . " According to the nutritionist, the ice cream contains milk fat, which contains the necessary polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3), which prevent the development of atherosclerosis, lecithin, which lowers the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood and is involved in the burning of fat, as well as arachidonic acid necessary to maintain immunity. “In my opinion, the Golden Standard ice cream is ideal for the proper diet of the whole family. In addition, it is difficult to imagine a tradition better than spending time with your favorite dessert among your family, ”says Elena Tikhomirova .

“ Choose your favorite ice cream from a wide assortment tastes of Golden Standard ice cream (3), - says Julia Stepochkina, chief technology officer at Unilever Research and Development Department . - We add blueberry puree, prunes, dried apricots to the ice cream, which increase the content of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and have an excellent preventive effect on the whole body. The ice cream industry uses the latest automatic equipment and modern technology. A classic taste familiar from childhood is a distinctive feature of our ice cream, the secret of which is in fresh and 100% natural ingredients (4), and strict quality control at all stages of production. Golden Standard ice cream is packed in airtight packaging on special equipment, which ensures the safety, quality and preservation of product properties, which is very important for the health of the whole family. We care about our customers, so in 2013 the first International Unilever Ice Cream Research and Development Center in Russia was opened, which is developing new recipes and formats for a sweet product, as well as improving production technologies, selecting new types of raw materials and packaging. ”

Ice cream Gold standard

Change your habits towards a healthy diet and give preference to products with a natural composition. And what could be better than ice cream? A tasty, natural, and entirely approved by the healthy nutrition experts product that makes us happy.

(1) “Strictness at the table creates bad eating habits in children”, 03/10/2009 - http://medstream.ru/news/16373.html

(2) It is not a baby food product

(3) Gold Standard ice cream is produced in accordance with TU 9228 -001-44041224-04. Ice cream classic briquette "Golden Standard" (190 g) is produced according to GOST R 52175-2003.

(4) All types of ice cream-ice cream TM "Golden Standard", bearing the icon "100% natural product" on the packaging .