Useful herbs for men: list, properties, recipes

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
Useful herbs for men: list, properties, recipes

There are various useful herbs for men that help restore men's health and strengthen potency. In addition, they help get rid of inflammation of the urogenital sphere, as well as increase fertility.

According to folk healers, each plant has certain healing qualities, it is only important to properly prepare the medicine and use it as intended. However, it is worth remembering that men need to use beneficial herbs carefully, as the effect can be exactly the opposite. Only a competent approach to treatment will help strengthen the body and restore many important functions for men.

The principles of herbal treatment

Even official medicine confirms the effectiveness of herbal infusions and decoctions, which are used to increase an erection. However, doctors believe that herbal treatment helps only after revealing the truth of the cause of impotence, in combination with medications. You can get the maximum benefit from herbal medicine only by fulfilling conditions such as:

  • buy plants only at the pharmacy;
  • do not self-medicate;
  • exclude alcohol ;
  • do not overwork;
  • eat properly and fully.
Indications for herbal medicine

Useful herbs in men increase potency and improve health, without harming the body as medications, but their effect only occurs and regular use and completion of a full course of therapy. You can expect an instant result only with a one-time consumption of a large dosage of the drug, but this should only be done as a last resort and very carefully.

Herbal medicine for men

Normal potency gives confidence, enhances self-esteem and self-worth.

Men are often subjected to stress, the influence of bad habits, which negatively affects their erectile abilities. Uncontrolled intake of medications can lead to bad consequences, therefore it is recommended to use alternative medicine, which is as safe as possible and give a good result.

Herbs useful for men should be used regularly, since with a single dose the required therapeutic effect will not follow . Medicinal plants almost do not lead to side effects, and their effectiveness is comparable to pharmacy medicines.

Advantages of herbal medicine

Herbal treatment has gained great popularity for treating men and increasing potency. Among the main advantages of their application, it is necessary to highlight such as:

  • effectiveness;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • the absence of side effects.

Unlike many medications, herbs have a positive medicinal effect and make it possible to forget about an insufficiently good erection, decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation. The only condition is the rejection of bad habits, the regular use of unconventional methods, a balanced diet.

Such therapy is available to absolutely anyone, since herbs are inexpensive. Another plus is the absence of side effects (or their minimum number).

Best herbs for potency

When answering the question, which herbs are useful for men, I must say that such herbs have proven themselves well plants like:

  • ginseng;
  • Dubrovnik;
  • St. John's wort;
  • galangal.

Ginseng has long been known for its ability to increase libido. As practice shows, after taking ginseng root in men, there is such a result as:

  • a desire appears;
  • the frequency of sexual intercourse increases;
  • a sense of orgasm becomes stronger and brighter.

The result is achieved due to the vasodilating action of this plant. There are many healing products with ginseng root, but the simplest and most effective is the use of tinctures and tea from the plant.

St. John's wort

It has worked well for men grass hypericum. The beneficial properties of the plant are due to its rich composition. Zaeroboy is a strong aphrodisiac, which is why it is successfully used to increase potency.

As practice shows, the greatest result from taking medicinal tinctures will be if the disorders are caused by chronic depressive and stressful conditions, as well as fatigue syndrome. / p>

It is important to strictly observe the dosage of drugs prepared on the basis of St. John's wort, since their use can cause a deterioration in erection. The plant has pronounced vasodilating properties. Regular intake of decoctions or infusions stimulates the activity of the prostate gland, thereby increasing the secretion of male hormones, which is good for potency. The effectiveness of St. John's wort is always the same, regardless of the dosage form.

Scientists have long proven the benefits of green tea for men. It is rich in zinc, which is considered a good building material for male hormones. However, you need to take a drink in dosage, as it contains much more caffeine than coffee. Tea must be drunk necessarily hot.

The galangal plant has unique properties and great strength. Decoctions from this herb increase the rush of blood to the genitals of a man, resulting in a significant improvement in erection. This plant will help those men whose potency is reduced due to psychogenic factors, since the plant has antidepressant properties. An alcohol tincture is prepared from galangal, which must be drunk daily. After a month of such therapy, a marked improvement in potency occurs.

Method of application

It is important not only to know which herbs are good for men, but also how to take them correctly. You can prepare on their basis tinctures, infusions, decoctions.

The most common form of healing products is considered a decoction. Take 1 tbsp. l healing plant, pour 1 cup boiling water, heat for 5 minutes. If the roots are brewed, then you need to boil for 15-20 minutes. When the healing agent cools down a little, it must be filtered, carefully squeezing the raw materials. Drink only when the healing broth is infused and cools.

Preparation of the medicine

The infusion is a rather quick-acting remedy. Take 1 tbsp. l medicinal plants, pour 1 cup of boiling water and put in the infusion for several minutes or hours. Sometimes a thermos is used for this.

For tincture, a plant and alcohol are used. Often, at least 4 tbsp. l herbs. All components must be mixed and left for several days. The tool should be shaken regularly. This is especially important if the medicine contains the root of the plant.

Folk recipes

Many people wonder what herbs are good for men for potency, and how to use them correctly to achieve a good result. treatment. Helps improve erection ginseng. However, to prevent complications, you need to properly prepare the drug. Take 1 tbsp. l dry root, crushed to obtain a powder, pour 200 ml of alcohol with a strength of 70%. Put infuse for 7 days. Drink 20 drops daily.

Ginseng Root

Take 25 g of ginseng root powder, mix with 700 g of honey. Put the finished product for 10 days. Then drink 1 tsp. daily. The duration of therapy is 2 months.

Parsley is considered a good remedy, as it tones the body, stimulates the adrenal glands, which is very important for improving potency. This is a natural aphrodisiac. Grind parsley seeds until powder is obtained. Take 1 tsp. this remedy, pour 1 cup boiling water. Wrap and infuse for 12 hours. Then filter and drink daily 50 ml three times a day. Contraindication is urolithiasis and kidney disease.

It has beneficial properties for men. For potency, it has been used since ancient times. Its rich composition stimulates the reproductive system. The main advantage of this plant is the absence of contraindications. Take 10 asparagus roots and the same amount of bitterness. Stir and grind to a powder. Take a pinch between meals. Thanks to the beneficial properties of bitterness grass, a man can quickly achieve a good result.

Oregano herb

Oregano is widely used to treat women. But oregano grass has more beneficial properties for men, since it has a long and pronounced calming effect. It helps to increase sexual activity, as well as get rid of the negative effects of stress. For treatment, you can drink tea with oregano, but it is worth noting that its prolonged use can cause a decrease in libido and sexual impotence. To prepare the medicine you need 1 tsp. plants pour 250 ml of boiling water. Let it brew and drink in small sips. Useful properties for men of matryoshka grass, or oregano, are due to its truly unique composition.

Take 1 tsp. flowers of hawthorn, pour 1 cup boiling water. Strain in a steam bath for 15 minutes. Put infuse for 1 hour. Filter and drink ¼ cup three times a day.

Grass thyme

Answering what is useful grass thyme for men , it must be said that this plant contains useful substances that help maintain sexual function at a high level. This tool is a good prevention of prostatitis, improves sperm motility, and also increases sex drive. Take 1 tsp. oregano, thyme, peppermint, pour in a thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Insist night and strain in the morning. Drink in small sips throughout the day. Despite all the beneficial properties for men, thyme grass has certain contraindications. These include ulcers, problems with the kidneys and liver, arrhythmia.

Herbal preparations

It is best for men to use useful herbs for the body, as this will help to achieve a much better result in treatment. Take 2-3 tbsp. l clover, nettle, mint, hypericum. Put them in a container, pour 1 liter of boiling water and put in a cool place for 1-2 hours. Filter off the cooled substance and drink it according to 1 tbsp. 3-4 times a day.

To increase potency, take 50 g of calamus root and fenugreek seeds, as well as 100 g of yarrow leaves. Grind all these components to a powder. Take 3 tbsp. l dry raw materials, pour 500 ml of boiling water. Put infuse for 1 hour, drink three times a day, 250 ml.

Take 4 tbsp. l thyme, 1 tbsp. l rosemary, 2 tbsp. l peppermint. Grind all these components carefully to get a homogeneous mixture. Then pour 200-250 ml of boiling water. Drink the tincture after it has cooled to 3 glasses.

Plants for infertility and prostatitis

It is important to know what herbs it is useful to brew men if there are signs of prostatitis or infertility. For treatment, you can use the root of Rhodiola, which successfully copes with male health problems. Regular use of tincture helps:

  • normalize sexual function;
  • improve sperm quality;
  • eliminate inflammation;
  • increase sperm activity ;
  • destroy pathogens;
  • get rid of difficulty urinating and cutting.

Take 1 tsp. crushed rhizomes of Rhodiola and pour 1 cup boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes, let it brew for half an hour, then filter, add 1 tbsp. l honey, a leaf of mint and a slice of lemon. Dilute with water and drink.

Valerian grass

To improve potency and treat infertility, take 1 cup of dill seeds and 2 tbsp. l valerian. Add 2 cups of honey and transfer to a thermos, pour 2 liters of boiling water. Put on the day and drink 1 tbsp. l daily.

With a decrease in libido, you can drink tea from the fragrant rue in the morning and evening. To do this, grind the root of the plant to a powder. Take 1 tsp. the resulting raw material and pour 1 cup boiling water. Put infuse for 10 minutes in the heat. Add honey, lemon and mint.

Feature of the use of herbal medicine

Even the most useful herbs for men can cause side effects, which is why when using them, you must be careful and follow certain rules. The use of medicinal infusions and decoctions must be agreed with the attending doctor. Initially, you need to undergo a full examination to make sure there are no contraindications.

This rule is especially true for middle-aged patients and elderly people, since in addition to sexual dysfunction, they often still have a number of chronic and asymptomatic pathologies.

It is not recommended to use herbs that are aimed at increasing potency, simultaneously with homeopathic remedies. These drugs are simply incompatible with certain medicinal plants.

Alternative therapy is recommended to be carried out separately from drug treatment. The components of drugs and medicinal herbs interact poorly with each other. As a result of this, a man’s health can be seriously affected.

The use of alcohol is strictly prohibited during alternative treatment. At the same time, it is advisable to revise the usual diet, eliminating harmful products from your menu. When treating with herbs, one must strictly observe the dosage of the product and not exceed it. If there is discomfort or pain, then you must abandon the use of this tool.

Basic recommendations

So that products prepared on the basis of plant materials are beneficial and do not have side effects, they need to be correctly apply, taking into account the recommendations of the doctor. Herbal medicine can only begin after an accurate determination of the cause of the decrease in potency. When choosing plants to enhance an erection, you should always consult a doctor.

In some diseases, herbal medicine has a positive result only in combination with physiotherapy. Experts say that a positive result of herbal treatment can be seen only after a long time of their use.


Reviews about folk remedies for treating problems with potency are quite contradictory. Some men do not recognize this therapy, as it takes a long time to get the desired result. Others, on the contrary, are very pleased that the phytochemicals are inexpensive, and the effect continues for a long time after the cessation of therapy.

Many patients report a good result from the use of ginseng, while others say that tincture helped them hawthorn.



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