Varicocele 2 degrees left or right: causes, diagnosis, treatment and consequences

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Varicocele 2 degrees left or right: causes, diagnosis, treatment and consequences

Varicose veins of the spermatic cord is a common male pathology, the medical name of which is varicocele. Statistics show that up to 15% of the stronger sex face this problem. Varicocele is a hidden threat to men's health. It is impossible to postpone treatment.

Description of the pathological process

Varicose veins of the spermatic cord does not in itself cause discomfort to the patient and does not pose a threat to life. However, complications that can lead to a limitation of a full life are still able to develop. So, varicocele of the 2nd degree on the left or on the right often leads to infertility. But the disease can also develop in young men who have not yet had time to start a family.

Patient at the doctor

The problem is that varicocele can be detected in young men. Statistics show that up to 19% of adolescents suffer from a disease in one form or another. Quite often, pathology does not manifest itself in any way, and patients do not seek help. It is possible to identify the disease during a medical examination before military service.

The anatomical systems of the testis on the left and on the right are different. In this regard, varicocele on the left is more often detected. The disease goes through several stages of development. At the initial stage, even an experienced doctor with the help of palpation will not always be able to identify the problem. It is possible to suspect violations only with the help of instrumental research. If one can feel the expansion of the veins only in a standing position, they speak of the development of varicocele of the 1st degree. Treatment should be started immediately if the veins are palpated both in the prone position and in the standing position. Most often, varicocele of the 2nd degree develops on the left. If the veins are visible to the naked eye, they speak of the 3rd degree of the pathological process.

Why does varicocele develop?

Venous valves are a special element of the human circulatory system. With their help, the reverse blood flow decreases with increased load (physical activity, upright position, etc.). The main cause of varicocele in most cases is a malfunction of the venous valves. This element cannot cope with increasing pressure during loading. As a result, varicose expansion is formed.

In patients at a young age, against the background of insufficiency of connective tissue forming the venous wall, grade 2 varicocele can develop on the right or left. The operation in this case will help restore the state of the vein, reduce the risk of complications. Of great importance is also the underdevelopment of the inferior vena cava even in the prenatal period. Such a pathology also almost always leads to the development of a degree 2 varicocele in a teenager (left or right).

Doctor's prescription

In adult patients, the disease most often provokes increased abdominal pressure from prolonged tension of the anterior abdominal wall. The disease often develops against the background of prolonged constipation, excessive physical activity, as a result of constant stay in an upright position. Varicocele often develops in movers, athletes, and military personnel.

Preexisting and concomitant diseases

Varicocele 2 degrees (left or right - not so important) may not bother the patient for a long time. Pain often develops after a man or teenager suffers a concomitant disease. Moreover, varicose veins of the spermatic cord can be aggravated.

Cryptorchidism is a congenital anomaly in which, at the time of birth, a male infant does not have one or both testicles in the scrotum. There is a delay in the passage of the organ through the inguinal canal from the retroperitoneal space. Hormonal imbalance in the expectant mother, bad habits, endocrine disorders can provoke the development of pathology. Significantly increases the likelihood of cryptorchidism if a boy is born prematurely. In such children, the likelihood of developing varicocele in the future also increases.

In adolescence or adulthood, the progression of pathology can be observed against the background of orchitis. This is an inflammatory disease of the testicles, which is manifested by severe pain in the scrotum, giving in the groin. Independent orchitis develops quite rarely (only in 5% of cases). Most often, this is a complication of other infectious processes in the body. Pathogenic microflora gets to the testicle by the hematogenous route (with blood flow).

Incorrect treatment of orchitis leads to the transition of the disease into a chronic form. Such a pathology is often accompanied by varicose veins of the spermatic cord on the right or left.

Varicocele of the 2nd degree is often detected in men against the background of sexually transmitted diseases. The patient seeks help from a urologist with unpleasant symptoms. Most often, complaints of pain in the inguinal region, problems with urination, redness of the urethra, purulent discharge come in. In the process of a thorough examination, the doctor also reveals varicose veins of the spermatic cord.

In rare cases, secondary varicocele develops against a background of kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, and other endocrine disorders.

Manifestations of the disease

The signs of the pathological process depend on its degree. At the initial stage, there are no signs at all. It is possible to identify pathology only during a preventive examination. If the disease was not detected in a timely manner, it gradually progresses.

Varicocele on the left 2 degrees in men or adolescents may already cause discomfort. Patients complain of pain in the scrotum, most often manifests itself with excessive physical exertion, prolonged walking or running. Some representatives of the stronger sex complain of the periodic appearance of sharp pain. However, many decide that they had to face a neurological disorder. It can also lead to a violation of the sexual function of varicocele 2 degrees. Treatment will allow the patient to return full sexual activity, relieve other unpleasant complications.

Some patients complain of the appearance of non-standard symptoms - for example, a burning sensation in the area of ​​varicose veins. On the affected side, the testicle drops, asymmetry is observed.

If timely treatment of varicocele of the 2nd degree on the left (as well as on the right) is not carried out, the disease rapidly progresses. With 3 degrees of varicose veins, the connection between physical activity and pain disappears. The patient begins to feel discomfort almost always. Sharp battles can occur at night, at rest. Asymmetry of the scrotum becomes pronounced. When viewed even without specific tools, large clusters of veins are visible.

Diagnosis of varicocele

For a qualified phlebologist to make the correct diagnosis is not difficult. Even during a simple examination, a degree 2 varicocele can be detected on the right or left. Is the operation required in this case? It all depends on the factors that provoked varicose veins. If the varicocele is secondary, the therapy of the main pathology is initially carried out, the normal blood flow is restored. To determine the circumstances of the development of the disease, the patient is questioned.

A palpation examination for varicocele is necessarily performed in the supine and sitting position. Only in this way can the doctor determine the degree of the pathological process. Diseases that cause secondary expansion of the veins of the spermatic cord are determined using ultrasound, CT or MRI. Adult patients are prescribed a spermogram. Often with varicocele, reduced sperm activity is detected.

Treatment of the disease

Therapy of the initial stage of the pathological process is carried out conservatively. It is possible to restore the state of the veins by reducing stagnation in the pelvis. The patient needs to reconsider his lifestyle, start moving more, get rid of extra pounds. Excessive exercise is contraindicated. Particular attention must be paid to nutrition. It is necessary to refuse products that cause constipation (fast food, convenience foods, canned goods).


Elderly patients with initial the stage of varicocele may be assigned to the suspension. This is a special support dressing for the scrotum. In this way, it is possible to stop the further development of varicose veins.

Surgical treatment of the disease

Grade 2 varicocele with ileofemoral discharge (left or right) is a reason for surgery. Only surgery is carried out therapy and at 3 degrees of the pathological process. There may be other indications for surgery: lag in testicular growth during puberty, pain. Surgical intervention can also be prescribed if the patient feels well, but the quality of his sperm is significantly reduced. The operation in this case is the only way to avoid infertility.

Several methods of treatment of varicocele of the 2nd degree on the left can be performed in several ways. The operation is almost always performed under general anesthesia. Embolization of varicocele is the most effective method. Artificial occlusion of the dilated vein is performed. Using special equipment, an X-ray substance is introduced into the lumen of the vessel. Next, a lesion site is detected, the vein is "pulled". Such an operation is considered high-tech and is performed only in modern medical clinics.


In public institutions, classical excision of the affected veins is most often performed. Intervention is performed endoscopically through three incisions in the abdominal cavity. The ligation of the testicle vein and its excision are performed. This technique can significantly reduce the likelihood of varicocele recurrence.

If there is a high risk of relapse, microsurgical revascularization of the testis is performed. With this intervention, the affected veins are completely removed, and then restored by plastic surgery. Almost immediately after surgery, normal blood flow is restored in the testicle. Plus - a complete exclusion of relapse. Minus - high complexity of surgical intervention. The patient needs to be in the hospital for at least a week.

Alternative methods of treating the disease

People with this diagnosis are interested in whether it is possible to cure without surgery, alone, varicocele 2 degrees to the left. The consequences of home therapy can be dire. However, immediately after the intervention, or if the pathology is at the initial stage of development, it is quite possible to stop its progression using traditional medicine recipes. At the same time, a specialist consultation is required.

It perfectly restores blood flow and prevents the development of horse chestnut varicose veins. You can purchase a ready-made tincture and use it according to the instructions. A good medicine can be prepared at home. For this, 50 g of fresh chestnut skins are poured into 500 ml of vodka. The product should be infused in a cold, dark place for two weeks. The finished medicine is taken in 30 drops with a meal. The course of therapy is 4 weeks.

Horse chestnut

Good results, if you believe the reviews, shows an ointment based on St. John's wort. Fresh grass is ground and mixed with any vegetable oil in a proportion of 1:10. The mixture must be kept in a water bath for 3 hours and insisted for another 6 hours. Then the ointment is filtered and used to treat the affected veins.

Varicocele 2 degrees on the left and the army

A very interesting question. Many people believe that a case history of grade 2 varicocele (whether on the left or on the right - it does not matter) makes it possible to avoid military service. It is impossible to be sure that varicose expansion will save the army. The decision is made individually in each case. The factors that provoke the disease, as well as the characteristics of the body of a young person, matter. If a man is healthy after surgical treatment, he is not exempted from service.

Possible complications

If therapy is not started in a timely manner, the disease will progress. As a result, severe pain will appear, the risk of blood clots will increase. Patients with grade 3 varicocele cannot fully engage in sexual life, are unable to recognize the joy of fatherhood.

Erectile dysfunction

Surgical treatment will avoid complications. However, unpleasant consequences are possible after surgery. A number of patients may develop relapses or dropsy of the testicle. There remains a risk of cancer complications. Patients who have already experienced varicocele once should visit a doctor regularly for routine examinations. Varicose veins of the spermatic cord are easily eliminated if diagnosed in a timely manner. It is periodically recommended to visit a urologist in the absence of any complaints.



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