Velesov dream book: popular interpretations and interpretation of images

31.08.2019 Dream book
Velesov dream book: popular interpretations and interpretation of images

Velesov dream book is one of the most popular esoteric reference books of our time. The book gained such popularity due to the fact that it contains really valuable and truthful information. Our article contains the most popular interpretations of Veles's dream book, as well as interpretations of night images, which are most often people in the realm of dreams. With this information, you can not only draw luck to your side, but also avoid problems in the future.

Who should expect wealth, happiness and love?

If you have been expecting a favorable life for a long time changes, then, most likely, you have never dreamed a night time story, with which you can make an interpretation of the future. The list below contains only the most popular interpretations of images by Veles’s dream book:

A man is holding money.
  • change your partner - to betrayal by the beloved;
  • kiss a stranger - to meet with a soul mate;
  • to buy food - to little financial difficulties;
  • to catch a bird - to unexpected financial receipt;
  • wash your hands in golden water - a symbol of great wealth;
  • fly through the air - a sign of great happiness to come;
  • ride a horse - to gain great wisdom;
  • find money - to great financial difficulties;
  • to kill meyu - life will change for the better;
  • to see the Spider - a sign of great unhappiness

And it's really only a small part of those interpretations, which can be found in the popular book.. If you did not find the necessary information in the list, then it will most likely be found in the dream book itself. Fortunately, it is sold in almost every bookstore.

Household chores and a visit by guests

Of course, not all nightly images promise some grandiose changes that are waiting for a person. In some cases, the interpretation will not be so loud, but this does not mean that it cannot be used to change life:

  • to wash the dishes - for the imminent visit of an uninvited guest;
  • argue in a dream with mom about household chores;
  • there is a personification of fatigue in a dream.

For a detailed interpretation, try to recall as many nuances from the realm of dreams, to compare them with what is happening in the real world. Well, do not forget to take into account the voice of your subconscious.


We hope you now better understand that Velesov’s dream book is a very useful esoteric reference book that can help a person predict his fate, and also avoid failures. The most important thing is to correctly compare the information written in it with the real world.