Wall paint in Leroy Merlin. Novelties of the modern market

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Wall paint in Leroy Merlin. Novelties of the modern market

Leroy Merlin offers a wide selection of building materials and tools, as well as products for decorating and decorating the house, garden and vegetable garden. Finding the right wall paint in Leroy Merlin is easy. There is a huge variety of emulsions designed for both external and internal work. gh-quality paints are popular for interior decoration and decor, interesting modern variations are offered by manufacturers.

Textured wall

Relief paint interspersed with different grain sizes can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. A mass of white, gray or light gray. It is easily tinted independently, but it is better to use the service in the store. Using the hue palette from the manufacturer, you can select any one you like, and the machine will select colorants to obtain this color, and if it is not enough, you can easily recreate it again.

The textured wall paint in Leroy Merlin is represented by the following brands: DEXTER, DUFA, DULUX, BECKERS, TIKKURILA, Lacra, PROFILUX, V33, LUXENS, ZINSSER, PARADE, PRIMALEX, PARADE ICE, SOPPKA, JOBI, NEVEL SILVER, "Yaroslavl paints", BRITE.

If you intend to decorate the wall with this material, you need to carefully prepare the surface: after cleaning from weaknesses and filling, impregnate with an adhesive primer. Professionals recommend using materials of the same brand for all layers, so manufacturers guarantee the durability and resistance of the coating.

Magnetic wall

A one-component paint with metal particles after application to the surface can hold magnets. For a high-quality coating, it is necessary to observe the technology: pre-clean the wall, prime the base, withstand the time between layers. It is recommended to use a roller with a short pile (up to 5 mm), paint in three stages with an interval of 4 hours.

magnetic paint for walls in Leroy Merlin

The surface is gray, which is not always suitable for design. But the coating is compatible with any other paint and does not change its properties from this. Combining this material with marker or slate paint, you can get a multifunctional surface, which is ideal for children's rooms. Magnetic wall paint in Leroy Merlin is available in containers of various sizes for greater ease of use.

Marker wall

A special two-component paint - white or transparent - designed for drawing on it with markers on water based. The surface of the stain should be dried and coated with white paint. Only then can the marker be applied. If there is magnetic paint under the white paint - two properties are combined, the wall is multifunctional. To clean the wall, just wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

marker paint

Using imagination and markers, you can create any atmosphere in the room. And you can do this infinitely often, with any change of mood. Marker wall in the nursery is the dream of any child. Such wall paint in Leroy Merlin is presented in a white and transparent version.

Slate wall

Paint for blackboards is widely used in both home and office premises. Using it, you get a black matte surface on which you can write in chalk. It is safe for children's rooms and is even suitable for painting furniture. The color does not allow to cover the entire room, but to highlight areas or the whole wall is quite relevant. Leroy Merlin wall paint is also presented.

slate paint

A huge number of new products of various types of paints are presented on the market, and consultants will tell about their purpose. But it is better to study the properties of the coatings at home and already prepared to go shopping. A variety of modern material is very interesting and affordable. For the right combination of everything you like, you should contact a professional or use ready-made interior design options from Leroy Merlin.



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