What are some dangerous health mistakes in the spring?

01.04.2020 Medicine
What are some dangerous health mistakes in the spring?

After a cold winter, it seems that the heat should deal with all ailments. However, often everything turns out differently - the incidence is growing. This is due not only to objective reasons, but also caused by a number of prejudices regarding the season and stupidities committed under their influence.

Everyone knows about the spring deficiency of vitamins and slush that contribute to the spread of viral diseases. But for some reason, looking for wrong actions in one’s own behavior is laziness. There are a lot of those. Their root cause is a misperception of spring.

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Choosing a wardrobe

Dividing time into conditional days, months and seasons is a tradition in human society. The calendar has always served as a clue, however, nature always has a trump ace in its sleeve that can mix cards. If the weather began to play in the winter, then the calendar turns into a bad adviser.

Associations of the spring season with heat make it incorrect to estimate the air temperature. The same indicators in December and March cause completely different emotions. Under their influence, many fashionistas choose an outfit and earn hypothermia.

Fashion ideas for spring 2020

Fashion ideas for spring 2020

Having tuned in to good weather, you can incorrectly choose the option of spending time on vacation. The absence of stable cold or heat in the spring makes attempts to arrange the first picnic dangerous for health.

Avoiding hypothermia, which will help viruses and bacteria to master the body, is very simple. No need to be shy about winter clothes that can protect against sudden frosts. If you want to change the style in connection with your favorite season, do not refuse to buy warm clothes. You can give them a spring mood with the help of accessories, or by choosing a wardrobe in bright colors. Plan your outdoor activities so that there is always the opportunity to take refuge in a warm room. The cottage is perfect for creating an atmosphere of camping life, but at the same time it has a reliable roof and heating appliances.

Prevention of vitamin deficiency

The term "vitamin deficiency" is too serious in order to use it in relation to those problems that can be encountered in the spring. It’s more correct to say “hypovitaminosis”, however, in the folk vocabulary the wrong name for seasonal deficiency of vitamins has been fixed.

In order to avoid the lack of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet, people are massively changing their eating habits. The variety on the table is good, but the rejection of high-calorie dishes during a period when the weather is changeable and frosts have not yet receded is dangerous. Often, changes are so dramatic that the gastrointestinal tract begins to rebel. This is regarded as another sign of a lack of vitamins, and more exotic appears on the menu.

Products that can cause allergies

Some people ask for help not with grandmother's recipes, but with pharmacology. They go to the pharmacy for vitamins. It’s good if our heroes visit a doctor before buying a magic potion. The ability to prescribe to oneself, friends and relatives of pharmacy vitamins is the scourge of modern society. This is a direct way to allergic reactions, or acute hypervitaminosis, if the dose is exceeded.

Before you start the prevention of hypovitaminosis, you should visit the doctor’s office. Fresh fruits and vegetables, which until now were not in the diet, must be carefully introduced into the diet, especially for those who are prone to allergic reactions.

Long-term planning

For the human body, a week is already a significant period of time, a month is a huge time. You need to take care of your health daily. Attempts to postpone important matters for the summer, or at least wait out the unfavorable first months of spring in inaction, or by setting up dangerous experiments, turn into big troubles. All summer days for which such grandiose plans were to get rid of the results of spring trials can take.

If those who wish to strengthen their immunity can accidentally switch to almost vegetarian cuisine, those waiting for the beach season do it on purpose. They do not try to make the dishes on the table more useful, their goal is to lose the maximum number of kilograms in a few months. Strict diets do not bring benefits to the body, and in the period with changing weather and the threat of acute respiratory viral infections turn into an additional risk factor.

The most dangerous methods of losing weight are mono-diets

The most dangerous methods of losing weight - mono-diets

Bringing the body to exhaustion and spending time in bed with a high temperature, a person will not improve his figure. Physical education works much better, and it is often neglected in the spring. Any season is suitable for charging and hardening. If you choose the right place for sports and a program of hardening the body, then such self-care will help to meet the summer in perfect shape.


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