In addition to traditional medication, certain foods must be present in the diet of a sick person, they will help relieve unpleasant symptoms and speed up recovery.

Most often, the disease is accompanied a complete lack of appetite, but food cannot be completely ruled out, because during an illness the body especially needs nutrients. Eating any unsweetened dish, you need to flavor it with garlic, because it is a natural antibiotic, therefore, it will help in recovery along with pills.

With nausea, ginger will be a real salvation. It can be added to food or make tea with it. In addition, the ginger root boosts the immune system and has a warming effect. Just do not forget that you should not use ginger at temperatures above 38 degrees.

Chicken broth is another tool that will alleviate symptoms and help in recovery, most importantly, remove from cooking chicken skin so that the broth does not turn out too oily. Chicken soup meat is also not recommended to be neglected, because protein activates the immune system.

Fresh berries, especially with a high content of vitamin C, should be consumed not only during illness, but also in prevention purposes. They can be eaten in pure form, added to cereals, made fruit drinks, etc.

When vomiting and nausea are used, whole grain bread toast will help calm the stomach. In addition, whole grain bread provides energy for a long time and does not strain the stomach.