What is ejaculation, how does it happen in men

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What is ejaculation, how does it happen in men

Men and women are different from a young age. Boys and girls begin to be interested in human physiology from the age of 13. Therefore, in schools they begin to study some of the features and differences of male and female children. gh school students answer questions about human physiology. One of these questions that interests young people is what is ejaculation or ejaculation. Let's try to figure it out.

What is ejaculation?

Ejaculation, it’s ejaculation is a process, as a result of which fluid is ejected from the male member. It is accompanied by a reduction in muscle tissue, a sense of satisfaction. It is also controlled by the nervous system and the brain - this is an orgasmic reflex. The final stage of ejaculation is orgasm and the desire for procreation. Accordingly, getting rid of sperm means for the body the end of the fertilization process. The emotional balance is restored, and the muscles tense during an erection relax.

Ejaculation in men can occur in a dream when an erotic dream occurs. Typically, such a reflex occurs in young people who can not cope with the "violent" hormones at such a young age. But such situations can occur in men of age. If ejaculation situations often occur during sleep, consult a doctor. After all, the body is designed so that a man controls ejaculation and orgasm. But such a phenomenon can occur suddenly. Such a reaction as ejaculation in a dream is called pollution. Such a process takes place at a reflex level, and it is impossible to control it. Pollution is another way to rid the body of sperm, as the process during wakefulness is controlled by the brain.

Sperm excretion after intercourse, masturbation, prostate stimulation, or under the influence of other stimuli, doctors have long studied.

What is ejaculation

How does this happen?

Before the sperm comes out, a viscous transparent lubricant is released - the pre-ejaculate. The secret is produced by two glands that exit with their mouths into the urethra. Lubrication is needed in order to moisturize the urethra and provide a safer exit for sperm. The pre-ejaculant also acts as a neutralizer of acidity. In the vagina of a woman, he neutralizes the acidic environment to an acceptable level of sperm vital activity.

Many questions and disputes arise in people's minds. The question often arises as to whether it is possible to get pregnant from a prominent lubricant before ejaculation? Doctors say that there are many components in the lubricant (more than 30), but no sperm were found in it. With interrupted intercourse, the probability of sperm getting into the vagina is minimal. But after the end of sperm excretion, part of the sperm remains in the ducts and urethra. When repeating the act of copulation after ejaculation within 24 hours, the likelihood of becoming pregnant is high. How many sperm do women live in? It depends on where they are located. If only in the vagina, then their life expectancy is approximately two hours. If they went further into the uterus, they are able to live there for a week.

Those who began an intimate life, you need to know how much sperm live in the body of a woman and use contraception. After all, protection from unwanted conception will help prevent early termination of pregnancy.

What is seminal fluid?

Seminal fluid is the secretion of secretions from the appendages, which is transported in the form of sperm into the urethral canal. In the prostate , the mixing process takes place liquids. These secrets are the main components of the fluid of the bulbourethral glands. After intercourse, sperm and urine never mix (except for diseases of the urinary system).

The sphincter of the bladder helps prevent the mixing of fluids. After the lubricating secretion and sperm are combined, the phase of the release of fluid through the channel of the male organ begins. Contraction of the muscles of the pelvis and urethra contributes to this process. Changes in the body during ejaculation are accompanied by the following criteria:

  • as a result of accelerated blood circulation, blood pressure rises, which causes the genitals to increase in size;
  • rapid breathing and a strong heartbeat indicate sexual excitement;
  • the head of the penis is moistened with a substance from the cooper glands, the volume of the testicles increases, and the blood fills the blood vessels of the organ;
  • muscle tissue tightens, pressure arises, which causes ejaculation.

After the end of the process, yes the phenomenon is stabilized, excitement passes, and the organ becomes a normal size. For the body, the need for reproduction is over.

Sexual intercourse lasts about 3-10 minutes. The yield of seminal fluid varies from 5 to 50 seconds, and is allocated by portion-intensive emissions. After a lapse of time with an interval of 15 minutes, copulation is not excluded. The final stage can be repeated ejaculation.

At the age of 18 years, the amount of ejaculate can be up to 10 milliliters, since the conception of offspring at a young age is the most optimal option for all living organisms. Over time, after the age of 45-50 years, the number of sperm in secret reaches a minimum amount. This fact significantly affects the continuation of the genus, since the conception of a child is minimized. The largest volume of sperm is erupted during the first sexual intercourse with prolonged abstinence from masturbation or sex. In subsequent repeated acts, the amount of seed will be less, which minimizes the chances of conceiving an unborn baby.

What determines the quality of the liquid?

In the seminal fluid, the quantity and quality of spermatozoa varies depending on the following factors:

  • A certain lifestyle of a man, how he eats.
  • How much food and drink are consumed man.
  • What is the level of hormone testosterone the body is melting.
  • Age category.
  • Testicular temperature and other environmental factors, which are very important for the production of “quality” sperm.

Sperm that come out with fluid during orgasm should be active, viable for the birth of a healthy baby.

Ejaculation during intercourse

What spermatozoa are there?

They are of several types: mobile, inactive and motionless. In the first two cases, conception is possible, but in the third - not. This phenomenon is called male infertility or azoospermia.

Ejaculation orgasm


For checking male sexual health conduct a spermogram. A spermogram is a physicochemical and visual assessment of seminal fluid. It is examined under a microscope.

Control ejaculation

Why is it needed?

To assess his own sexual health, a man must know your individual body criteria. And if you suspect that the ejaculation processes are not working properly, consult a doctor on time. Criteria for ejaculation can be characterized by the following factors: flow rate of seminal fluid, the volume of the same fluid, as well as the quality of the ejaculate and the degree of satisfaction after intercourse.

fertilization of the egg

From the outside, the assessment of this process looks ridiculous, but only for those who have not encountered problems and diseases of the reproductive system. Sperm volume depends on the time of abstinence, the emotional and hormonal background of the man, as well as on diseases of the urinary system.

General characteristics

During ejaculation during intercourse, sometimes the sperm beats "at a distance of 30 to 60 centimeters, this does not sluggishly draining fluid from the canal of the penis. This “surge” is necessary to shorten the sperm path to the egg. If the sperm fluid leaks sluggishly, the causes may be:

  • weakness of the pelvic muscles;
  • inflammation of the genitals or glands;
  • prostate tumor or many ejaculations.

The quality of seminal fluid depends on the healthy functioning of the sex glands. The color and smell of the secret can vary from foreign matter in inflammatory diseases. And the detailed characteristics of sperm are revealed using special equipment (spermograms). Excreted sperm is usually of uniform consistency. And sometimes in it you can find white or transparent lumps in the form of a jelly-like mass - this can be the norm or pathology. Normally, lumps may appear due to long abstinence or due to the peculiarity of the ejaculate. Since sperm is contained in a man’s body in liquid form, it can thicken after an eruption. But inside the partner’s body, she liquefies again. And pathological manifestations in the form of jelly-like lumps are accompanied by:

  • pain;
  • brown or yellow;
  • pain after ejaculation;
  • unpleasant odor.
  • >

In order not to start the disease, you do not need to be ashamed of consulting doctors. They will help cure pathology, and in some cases prevent impotence. A violation of ejaculation is a pathology, and without the intervention of doctors it is problematic to get rid of an ailment. The functionality of the male reproductive system depends on the timely release of sperm with a sufficient number of sperm. Prolonged or rapid ejaculation refers to the disruption of the reproductive functions of the body.

Types of ejaculation

After you understand what ejaculation is, you should learn more about its types. The reaction is divided into three types of ejaculation: delayed, accelerated and premature, as well as false. As for a very long sexual intercourse, it can end without the release of seminal fluid.


What is a premature ejaculation? The reaction is absolute, as well as relative ejaculation. In one case, the seminal fluid is released after the introduction of the genital organ into the cervix or a few minutes before the act. Relative ejaculation includes sexual intercourse, as a result of which a man does not have time to satisfy the needs of his partner. He ejaculates before her. Embarrassment occurs due to the inexperience of a partner, long sexual abstinence or overexcitation, as well as in the process of preliminary caresses.

Prolonged sexual intercourse depends on factors such as:

  • violation sensitivity of the head of the penis;
  • the psychological nature of the disease.

In this case, ejaculation is either absent or sluggish, which makes the man uncomfortable, intensifies pain. Diseases such as prostatitis, diabetes mellitus, decreased organ sensitivity, and the use of antidepressants can signal male inflammation.


Belated ejaculation in men of pre-retirement age is the norm. But the delay in ejaculation in young men requires consultation with a specialist. After all, it can be a harbinger of various diseases.


False ejaculation is divided into two subtypes:

  • retrograde - sperm enters directly into the bladder;
  • objective - sperm is not ejected due to complete or partial obstruction in the ejaculatory ducts.

Causes of the absence of ejaculation can be congenital defects of the spermatic ducts, malfunctions in the endocrine system, damage to the reproductive system organ or inflammatory diseases occurring in an active form. The absence of sperm from the body can be observed at any age, with the exception of childhood. In this case, this phenomenon is rare, but not the norm for men's health.


It is worthwhile to understand what ejaculation is of an objective type. It is most often associated with disorders of the reproductive system - anejaculation. This disease is characterized by several signs:

  • Primary - the body does not secrete sperm.
  • Secondary - ejaculation is achieved through masturbation.
  • Full - includes several forms of diseases.

Forms of complete anejaculation, there are several subtypes: aspermatism, accompanied by a lack of orgasm, as well as a violation of ejaculation.


Few people know what a retrograde type of ejaculation is. It is described as the process of ejecting seed into the bladder. The last subtype is detected when there is a violation of the flow of seminal fluid into the urinary system. When the seed is retained in the ducts, a weak orgasm occurs. As a result of such disruptions, inflammatory diseases develop in the body, which can be accompanied by pain, pain and discomfort in the organs of the inguinal region.

As practice shows, men are embarrassed by their diseases, so they postpone a visit to the doctor for a long time. Because of what the problems are aggravated, additional diseases begin to develop, which can lead to the most terrible diseases - impotence and infertility. And then you should improve potency and prolong sexual intercourse. Preparations for this are different. But at the heart of each is sildenafil. To prevent this from happening, you must make an appointment with doctors such as andrologist and urologist. They will conduct a series of body examinations, write a referral for analyzes, and also suggest making a spermogram. They will then be offered adequate treatment.



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